Saturday, 26 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 27

 i woke up around 5 in the morning, i was on markos chest,i realised i slept over night,he was still sleeping,i looked at him,he looked so sweet,i looked down at his chest,it was so big,i knew what i was gonna do,forget about connor,chris and everyone and start a new life,start a new life with marko,i want to move away,move abroad,a whole new begginging.
i was naked when i woke up, i tried walking as quite as possible,the made a 'crack' sound,you know that sound when you move on an old bed,i walked up to his chair and found aplain white t-shirt,it was bare long,i put it on and walked downstairs,i didnt even know where tula was,she best not be at some random bre's yard,i still have to have wordings with that girl,i walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to get some milk,i was so thristy,i opened the fridge and the light blinded my eyes.
"arghhh" i put my hands over my eyes.
someones hadns came round from behind, and kissed my neck.
"What you doin up so early Shan" I giggled as he kissed my neck and started sucking on it.
"markoooo" i giggled "stoppp", i turned around.
he was smiling, he looked even nicer when he wakes up,he kissed me."bruvv movee" i pushed him off.
he laughed.
"morning breath unoo" i sighed and started spitting in he sink,it tasted frass.
he scratched his head and went into the bathroom,i drank my milk and put it on the table,i couldnt be asked to rinse it.
"marko hurry up yh i wanna go in" i shouted across the room.
"itee yhh man,wait im having a shower"
"hurry uppp".
i walked up the stairs again and turned the lights on in his room,it was bare dark,like around 6 but the sun hasnt risen yet,i turned his ipod dock on and put it on full volume,i clocked the window was open,i went and closed it,so coldddd.
vybz kartel- wine fi me nuh was playing,that tune gets me movinggggg boy.
i started wining bare..... 'squeeze me tight like u na go let go' someones hands squeezed  around my breasts,i was going to scream,they put their hands around my mouth ,his hands were blick,i was getting so scared i acctually felt piss coming out,he whispered,their voice was SO DEEP.
'listen,your gonna come meet me at glendale avenue park at 7,if you dont its peak for you,sket'.
they pushed me onto the floor,i banged my head bare hard and started coughing bare.
i turned around,no one was their,the window was open again,i ran downstairs and into the bathroom,i banged open the door,and marko was drying himself with a towel,i hugged him so tight,my arms were hugged around him tightly.
"woahhh shaniqua what hapened"
i couldnt speak.
"shaniqua?!" he hugged me tighter, he body was so warm.
“markoo,markoo someone came behind me and sai-‘ i gasped for breath ‘said i have to be at the park by 7 or its peak for me’
He let me go and held me by my arms so i was facing him ‘shaniqua are you sure,have you been seeing things ‘ he gave me a confused look.
“no no i actually felt him,he touched me marko,he even sa-“
“shan were gonna take a visit to the doctors tommorow’ he kissed my forhead and walked out.
I stood their,i was gonna cry,why? Why cant i be happy for one day? What have i done,whys god so angry with me.
“were gonna go shopping yeah” he called out, “get ready”
I sighed and walked out the bathroom,maybe i was seeing things after all, all this drama couldn’t be happening.
I walked upstairs to get changed,still thinking about what happened,i was so confused, what if he was gonna get me?
I walked into marko’s room when their was a lovely top on the bed laid out with some really nice black tight skirt,i got angry.
“MARKO!” i shouted,he heard from downstairs,”yeahh shann”
“WHOS clothes are these” i examined them.
“oh i brought dem for you,you fell asleep bare early yesterday i went out”
 I smiled to myself,”did you like them then” he called out from downstairs.
“Awww yeah thank you baby” i was grinning,the top was beautiful,it was this one:
And it was this skirt:
I took off his top i was wearing and got naked standing in front off a mirror,i looked at myself closely,my breasts were growing, and my pum was going back to normal,it looked chueng,i touched it and my figners hit my clit it felt so good but no i cant,i aint that sad to fignger myself right now, i looked around the room and saw my bra under his chair by his desk, i walked over to get it and put it on,it was getting abit small,i put my hands over my boobs,i think i was turning into an e, i couldn’t even find my knickers so i went into marko’s draws and got some boxers out, calvin klen with a gold outline,dunknoe!
They were bare baggy,his dick was too big thats why.
 i put the top on and the skirt, then let my hair out,and then did it again in a messy bun, i looked so cheung,the door opened.
“shann whats taking you so fucking lo-“ he stopped talking and his face was bare shocked.
 I smiled “ you like it” i looked down onto myself.
“woahhhhh you look beautiful shaniqua” he came and held my waist,i wsa getting shy and put my head down,he lifted my chin up, “ ive never seen anyone as beautiful as you” he looked into my eyes,i wanted to cry,then he gave me a peck.
“shan come we go now” he held my hand and smiled, we walked out the house together and jumped in his bmw,we drove to brentcross shopping centre,when we went into the shopping centre,bare heads were clocking us,true say i was in a skirt and some reaveling top when it was autumn,bare cold,i was shivering,we was walking into next “marko man why did you have to buy me dese clothes” i kissed my teeth.
He looked me up and down “what,i think it looks nice”
I kissed my teeth again,we walked into next and i was looking at some things, i turned around to see some shop assistant who was PALE with no tits or bum was bare asking marko if he needed any help , i butted in “excuse me, i think i can assist my man on what he wears,he don’t need your help”, marko laughed.
“oh im sorry” she walked off,with her greasy face.
 I turned around and looked at marko with my hand on my hip.
“what man she was only tryna help”
“hmm yeah she was” i rolled my eyes.
All my shopping in next cost around 3 bills, brought half off next uno,oh well, my mans bawlinnnnn.
Some things i got included  this dress :

And this lingerie for tonight with marko,he picked it out for me, aw so sweet :

We was gonna go into primaark cuz i needed accessories,i was feeling for some new braclets and ting but i was hungrey so we decided to go to mcdonalds,it was so packed ! marko was carrying all my shopping,we was standing behind everyone in the que,the que went outside mcdonalds and into the shopping centre,it was so long but i was gonna have my mcdonalds,end off.
I turned around to see marko sulking,he looked at me i started cracking up so hard “ shut up bruv,you knnow mans doing htis for you” he kissed his teeth,i gripped onto his cheeks and twaddled them “aww your so cutee” then grinned.he put the bags down “ ite you know what yeah big man ting,im gonna get our meal”.
“erm no you wont,look at the que man”
“yeah and what” he winked, i laughed.
“erm 5 cheesburgers please and a coke” i grinned.
His jaw opened “ you fat shit”.
“and what bruv ive always had cravings for cheese burgers” i gave him the look.
He laughed and pecked me on the cheek.”ite kl say nuttin 5 cheeseburgers cumin up” he dashed in front off the line, i didnt even see him,i got the shopping bags and started walking out off mcdonalds,just at the entrance so he would be able to see me when he came out, i took one off the bags and just looked in it, admiring my new heels i brought,they were so sexy, 4 inch black heels with a big bow at the front,then just then i felt a hand grab onto mine,he came to my ear from behind.”scream or say anything then your dead” i felt a gun poking into my back, i turned around, he pulled his hoodie down.


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