Friday, 18 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 24

"what should we do with her chris?" abbie said.
he walked up to me and looked at me half battered and bruised on the bed,he was smiling,he had no soul in his eyes,he was so cold,i thought he was different,i thought,i actually thought he loved me.
i started bawling on the bed,abbbie came up to me and stuffed her bandana in my mouth and punched my mouth,my jaw hurt so much,it felt like it was bleeding.
"shut up you sket,you deserve it" he looked at me.
i started crying even more,in my eyes it showed my pain,i hope he saw it,i hope he shoots everyone in the building and rescues me,i want my baby back,i want him back.what have i ever done wrong to him?
he turned to abbie,"where is monisha".
"shes in the room nextdoor" she said,i heard abbie's footsteps walking out off the room, i still didnt dare to look back,i was getting abit shook,it was silent,then from the corner off my eye i saw chris walking up to the bed,i turned my head around,i saw him sitting down on the side off the bed looking at me.
he looked back at me,it was just me and him in the room.

he didnt say anything,tears started rolling out my eyes again,i was in a ball shape facing him,hugging my knees and shivering.
"WHY CHRIS,why?"
he wiped my tears.
"because i love you"
i lifted my head up with the energy i had,and looked at him confused and wiped al my tears away.
"you what?"
"i love you"
"your doing this because you love me?" is he crazy?
"chris,im sorry" i started bawling,i put my head down "im sorry chris i love you" i started bawling even more.
he got his rope out from some adidas bag he brang with him, "im sorry shaniqua,this has to be done,i dont want you to take me as a prick anymore,i have to show you a lesson,every bitch deserves to be taught a lesson", he tied my hands to the bed then he came to my feet and tied them to the bed poles.
"chrisssssss ! im fucking sorry" i was screaming with tears down my cheeks,my legs were aching,my arms were aching,everywhere was aching he turned around and started walking to the bag again.i wanted connor.
"im sorry shaniqua" he got vinegar and a knife out off the bag ,with what looked like black pepper "some things have to be done".
i started screaming,i struggled to get my hands out but he'd tied them firmly,he started walking up to the bed.
"im sorry baby girl" he put the vinegar down on the pillow along with the knife and started taking my clothes off gently,i wasnt even struggling,i let him take my clothes off,i wasnt even crying,i was just looking up at the ceiling with no emotion,i didnt know what to feel,what to say,or what to do, i looked down at him taking my p'js off. "i love you chris" i smiled.
he looked up at me like i was a  mental child, and looked back down,i started laughing,i started laughing like their was no tommorow,i think i was going mad,"chrissssssss mummys got prawn cocktail crisps in the fridge" i laughed,he looked up and screwed his face,i was going mental,he finished taking off my clothes,i was on the bed with nothing,i looked down onto my body,it was all red,my pum was red and bruised,my breasts were pink with marks on them,i didnt even know where they came from.

"kill me chris,kill me,i don wanna live" i smiled like a mental child.
"are you sure shaniqua"
"yeah im sure,kill me slowly,so i could feel pain,so i could feel everyones pain,the ones ive hurt,the ones that suffered cuz off me" i looked up to the ceiling "kill me,kill me for davontae".
he stopped opening the can off vinegar and looked at me,he looked like he had a soul in his eyes now.
i stared back,he had a tear coming out off his eye and his face looked scrunched up like he was going to cry.
"that guy was man" he put his head in his left hand,he started bawling,maybe he would let me off,maybe he would feel sorry for me, "chris...he was..he was my brother" he looke up at me and wiped his tears away and sniffed.
"dont lie".
"yeah i aint lying,he was my brother chris"
he put his head down in his hands for a bit a got back up and took the vinegar and the knife with him,i had to get out off this place,i had to go to connor,i wanted to leave the country,chris stopped walking and turned around.
"na na na,why should i be setting you free,man hasnt taught this sket a lesson,and yeah i will kill you, i'll kill you for davontae".
"dont be stupid chris"
"does man look like mans having a joke ? " , he opened the viegar bottle,maybe if he killed me it would be alright,everyone would be better off knowing shaniqua the sket was dead,i wasnt no use to this world,i only provided people with my pussy and they gave me their dick,it was an only option for me in life.
i closed my eyes as he poured the vinegar all over my body,it felt so soothing.
he poured it,sprinkilng everywhere,from my head to my toes,it felt so cold,it stinged abit,it was strong vineger,i opened my eyes,and saw him above me.
he looked down on my body,he rubbed my breasts and sucked them while he was looking up on me,it hurt.
he stopped and starting lipsing me,i didnt stop him,he was gonna end my life anyway,whats the point off doing anything. he got up and took the knife out off his pocket,and started floating the knife around my breasts "say you love me ".
i kept quite, "SAY YOU FUCKING LOVE ME " he cut a mark on my breasts.
i screamed,the vinegar was oozing downwards into the cut.
i screamed louder,he started laughing.
"you havent told me you love me yet shaniqua" he cut another mark on my right tit.
i screamed louder "I LOVEE YOU CHRIS" i screamed harder.
"na i dont like the sound off your voice" he cut abit deep into my stomach,i screamed and screamed,the vinegar was oozing into my fresh wounds,he cut another mark,on my leg,on my arm,on my cheek,on my hands,my feet,my batty,my breasts,i was full off cuts.
i heard a scream,like an animal,i realised it was me.
he was still cutting me.
"chris stop,for gods sake,stop im sorry"
"i have to make sure you learn your lesson" he cut me on my hip,i screamed.

the door FLUNGGGGGGG open.


it was connor,my baby,my boo,my life,my everything.
he rushed up to chris and gave him a dirty box to the face,i started crying even more,one off connors guys came up to me and un-tied me while connor and other people circled chris and started battering him.
one off connors boys came to me and started un-tying me quickly.
connor came out the boys,i heard chris screaming the wrod sorry,i didnt know what they were doing to him.
"shaniqua my baby girl,whats dis man done to you" he shouted and came and hugged me so tight,i started bawling,i couldnt hug him back,my body was full off blood and vinegar,i was still doing small screams becuase off the vinegar inside me.
he looked down onto my body,he looked at my pussy,i felt so,ashamed.
he got a towel from somewhere idont even know,he wrapped it around me and hugged me tight,"oi jordan,get my gyal in the car now bruv,while i sort dis battyman out,dis wastegash is supposed to be my guy aswell"he kissed his teeth while looking at some white boy,he wasnt hench,he looked like a black man wannabe.
"no dont leave me connor"i started bawling and kissing his handthen pressed it to my face,i loved him so much,"shan i cant,i cant get out dis block,their are people on dis road,der after me shan,ill explain everything to you when i see you next" he kissed my forhead,he was rushing for some reason,he handed me over to jordan before i could say anything,he put me in his arms and carried me down the stairs before i could say anything to connor. i screamed his name as we were going down the stairs and started kicking my legs going mad.
he came out the room to the door,i was halfway down the stairs.
jordan took me outside,and opened his volvo,it smelt off beer i wanted to be sick,he put me at the back and started the car.

"you cool yh"
i didnt say anything.
"yh im cool,can we just get to my house please"
"connor told me to drop you off at tatiana's place"
it would've been safer if i went to tatiana's place.
"yh ite kl"
"you want anyfing to eat"
"na im ite"
can dis yute stop talking to me please,it was starting to get annoying.
the whole journey was silent,i was in pain everywhere,blood was leaking from everywhere but not alot only btis off blood,i wiped all the vinegar off me,but it still stinngs abit.
15 minutes later we got to a house,im thinking it was tattiana's he dropped me off on the pavement,prick.
im in pain everywhere and this prick leaves me on the road and drives off
"watch when i tell connor you bastard!" i shouted at the car as it drove off,i couldnt walk,i fell to the floor,i was right in front off her house aswell.
i started crying "tatianaaaaa" i screamed,she opened the door,she looked so shocked,iw as naked in a towel on my knees in front off her house.
she ran up to me,"shaniquaaaaa whats happened  to you my darling?!!" she hugged me and took me inside,she closed the door and put me on her couch,and sat next to me "oh shaniqua,let me get you something",she came out the kitchen with a long fluffy dressing gown. and put it on me,i was shivering,it was so cold.
i looked around her house,pictures off connor everywhere.
"shaniqua,my darling shaniqua,what happened?"
"he,he-" i started bawling.
she hugged me "oh come here,its okay", "we can talk about this later" she looked at my body "what have these criminals done to you shaniqua"she said in horror.
i felt so ashamed,its all because off me everything happened,all because off me,everyone died,its all because off ME.
i started bawling harder.
"shhhh now,its okay shaniqua,your with me"
"i want connor tattiana" i shviered even more "i want connor" she hugged me tighter.
i remembered monisha is STILL their in the house !
i started shivering and got myself up "TATTIANNA I HAVE TO GO,MONISHA IS STILL THEIR" i got up and started limping to the door,she started bawling,"shaniqua please come back,your unwell shaniqua,you dont understand,look at the state off you".
i fell to the floor,i felt sick,"shaniua,are you okk darling,get up"she held my arm to help me up,i vomited and she backed away "shaniquaaaa !",argh ive had enough off this woman calling my dutty name, i looked up "WHAT".
she silenced,............."shanqiua,are you pregnant?" i got quite,i think i was pregnant,but i was vomiting alot recently,could i be,whats going on?
"teenagers these days,theirs 90% chance off them being pregnant when they vomit" i rolled my eyes,my skin wasnt sore anymore,i was surprised,she took my hand,and took me upstairs,step by step,she was so caring.
she lead me to her room,i sat down on her bed and closed my eyes,it felt so nice and cold.

i looked up.
it was a machine off some sort,"technology knowadays" she laughed "shaniqua this machine will tell you if you are pregnant,and who you are pregnant with,if you are pregnant" it looked like some next ting like some chocolate bar with holes in it,like 4 holes,what was she doing with that?
"shaniqua name four people you've been in contact with recently"
what was this woman saying? i might aswell just do it
i was still confused but i sat down and thought and thought and thought,then four names popped up.
"termaine..,connor and Smurkz"
"have you got any off their DNA?" i didnt want to say chris,i hated him,i thought to myself 'forget him'.
i started laughing,"what you on about dna how am i supposed to have any off their stinking DNA?"
she rolled her eyes and got out a suitcase from under the bed,i was still wearing her dressing gown.
she opened the suitcase,wait,i swear these are my clothes?
"tattiana,WHAT are my clothes doing here?"
"you brought them last time you came round to visit remember" i didnt really remember but i though ok.
"right,have you got any DNA off these people?"
i got even more confused "what the fuck do you mean tattiana?your pissing me off"

"any hair,dandruff or any part off their body on your clothing?"
i looked at her then looked at my suitcase,i did have DNA off these people.
i rumiged through my suitcasse taking all my vests,tops and jeans i had.
i finnally,strangly termaines hoodie in my suitcase along with Smurks'z gloves from last year which he gave dem to me,i still havent worn them yet.
and connors plain white socks.
i didnt find anything off connors,i looked on all my tops and dresses and found nothing,but i saw the dress i had when i went to dinner with connor,i looked closly examinging it,every single bit off it.
"found anything yet?" tattiana said being impatient.
my eyes came over a piece off hair,a very short curly one.
"BINGOOOOOOO" i smiled and jumped up on the bed and tatianna was literally clapping,retard.
itook it gently into my hand and put it in one off the holes.
i took smurk'z glove and put it into one off the holes,i took a piece off dandruff aswell from termaines hoodie,and connors little dandruff on the back off my dress.
swear too many people have dandruff nowadays.
i put all three pieces off evidence into the little holes separatly.
"gimme a sample off your urine,she took out a cotton bud,i screw faced the cotton bud and put it against my pussy,i pushed myself,a little bit off urine came out, i put it in the main big hole,tattiana walked to her cuboard and added some next watery soloution to all the holes.

"is it gonna tell me tattiana?"
"yeah it is"
we were both quite until she turned around,it was so quite,she walked up to me, i was biting my nails hard,i was getting so impatient,she showed me the machine.

smurkz'z bit off glove was glowing red.

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