Friday, 11 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 1

boy i need to get dis bbm sorted out,kmt dumb thing" i was trying to bbm my gyal abbie seeing as i had no credit left!it was round 8pm as i was walking back from the shops in my pj's to my yard munching on my kitkat chunkyy i was acc munching like a pig on it but i really didnt give a shit i was hungry.
i was nearly at yard when i heard someones foot steps behind me, i put my hand in the 'punch mode' and turned around to give dis dutty perv a punch but den i turned around and i saw some booooooooooom lighty!

he started laughing,boyy his laugh was sexy! i put my fist down with a little smile on my face.
"wagwun b"he said in such a sexy way my pussy started getting wet.
"wagwun sexy"i said.
dis boy was chuengg!a mix of chris brown and trey songz, wid chueng green eyesss! he was a bit taller than me,i was average height so it was kl,his canerows were sexy,i swear everything about this boy was perfect i just wanted to lips him.
" your quite beautiful you knoe,so you gotta man" he said wid his cheung eyes staring back into mine.
"ermm na b" i said.
he grabbed my hand and started lipsing me,hardly knew this boy and he started lipsing me,i didnt care i wanted to fuck him right on the spot.
he started feeling up my breasts through my silky betty boop pj's,my nipples were becoming erect.
he stopped and said "whats your name babe".
i said "shaniqua,yours?".
"jheeeeeeeez some sexy name,and my names connor".
"ahaaa thanks and kl, anyway i gottta go mums waiting for me at yard".
"ah klkl but first drop man your digits init"
i took his phone and put my number in.i kissed him on the cheek and said call me;).
boyy i wanted dis guy in my bed right naw!i was gonna link him tommorow no matter what,i got back tu my yard den said hi to my mum and walked upstairs into my room.i heard my phone go off.."mi ah tell you seh me ah beg you a fuk"jheez hard ringtone;)

i picked it up and it was my gyal abbie "yo b what you sayin" she said.
"wagwun you orite chick?" i said.
"yeye im all bless,anyway man heard ders gonna be a shubsz at tashards yard tomorow you on it ye,dwaynes gonna be der una,aha u cant resist him!"
this boy was FINEE (dwayne) i liked him for time buh he didnt realise so i said fuk it dis might be my chance.


  1. ohhhhhhhhhh getting juicy

  2. Oh my days this is so interesting already!

  3. I swear this story is like cassidy the sket look it up is a good story trust :D