Friday, 11 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 7


he rushed in side and grabbed me by my throat and pushed me against the wall,he satrted kissing me roughly,i tried to get him off,but he was too strong,he bit my lips harddddd,they started to bleed,he got off me and i didnt know what to do,my head was mixed with emotions? he stood der in front off me,he looked like he was about to cry,i looked at him deeply.
his mandem was raiding the house,i didnt give a fuck i just wanted to run and never return,but i couldnt.i suddenly felt a jolt off love for him? wtf was i doing,why do i feel love for him? "connor,why are you doing this to me?".
"wtf do you mean why am i doing this to you?,shaniqua i love you,i could never do anything to you".he said calmy.
i started to laugh."lool yeye stop lying man,after MY MOTHER was your 'gyal', you give me jokes connor,please leave me alone." i said with my eyes starting to waater up,i didnt want him to leave me aloen,i wanted himm to hold me and tell me everything was ok,i wanted him to make love to me,i wanted him.
but WHY did i want him?!why did he just drop 'he loved me'?wel,he was the one who took my virginity,i simply dunno how i feel.
he let go off me softly,"ye orite,ill leave you alone shaniqua but my mandem will company you init,i coudltn forget what YOUR FUCKING BROTHER done to me today,in front off my own fucking mother at my own house,i aint gonna say nuttin more init,Rampz,Kay,oi you mandem take care off dis hoe for me i gotta go".
"hmmmm shes boom yaknoe maybe we could make good use off her"one off dem mans said,all off them started laughin.
i was tooo pissed off right now.
just as connor was turning around and all dem mandem started coming towards me i said "oi connor".
he turned around and i gave him one BOXXXXXXXXX in the face!sheeeeeshh!i didnt know i was THAT STRONG he tumbled over.
sheeeeeet,iwas in trouble.
he looked at me like he was gonna kill me.
"rightttttt,you man can go ill deal wid her".shittttttttttt,i was so shock right now, but i had to keep a brave face on, i didnt say anything. all his mandem started walking out da house bare gossiping and chatting and den looking at me.
right, iwas realyyyyyyyyyyy shook now.
when they all left and the last one shut the door connor started walking up to me then talking his top off,wtf was he doing?.but sheeeeeeeet!he looked sexyy,my pussy started getting wet.
he grabbed me by my hand ,my pussy satrted getting even more wet and he took a chair and put it in the middle off the living room.he directed me to go sit their.i decided to do everything he said because he looked really scary,his vains were popping out.:/.
i sat down and he headed to the kitchen, i wanted to make a runner but i knew if i did my life would be fucked! i just had to listen to him.
he came back with rope,he tied me hands and feet and then he tied me to the chair, i didnt know what to say or do.
he took a chair and sat on it with the back off the chair facing me and him turned around,he sat straight up close to me.
"right,what shall we do with my babylove?"
"connor,seriously,wtf r u doing,y u doing this,just do whatever your gonna do to me and get it over and done with waiting man,im done with my lifee!",he just looked at me then ...BOOOOOOMMM! he started giving me blows to my face.thenn...BOOMM BOOOM BOOM,he sarted giving me punches in my belly,i was coughing blood,i managed to get out "connorr,im m m m sorrry,sto..o.op",he started slowing down eventually he stopped.
their was a knock at the door
he looked down on me with the chair with no sympathy in his eyes then went to go answer the door,i heard all these boys laughing and coming in to reveal my fucked up self in the middle off my living room.
then,Luca came in,the one that texted me to open the door for him,but it was connor i saw at the door, not him.
wtf? he was with connor all along.
Luca and connor started walking up towards me and laughing.
"loooooool shaniqua you sket,you beat my DAD last week,now its time to get paybackkkkk!"Luca said.
all the boys started laughing and bussing jokess.idc his dad was boom doe still,tall,hench,black(not blick) with grey eye,mmmmm,me and his dad had a ting going on for timeee!thats how i got to meet Luca. i closed my eyes, i couldnt take it anymore,i felt a hardd slap to my face.
"wake up bitch" connor saiad.
thay untied me and kicked me while i was on the floor,my body was aching like mad,Luca pulled me by hair and put me onto the sofa and lay me down,he started stroking my hair."ttutututut,poor shaniqua".
i slapped him,i didnt know i was that brave.
he started getting vex and started giving me blows.shit.i couldnt take any off this!i wanted to die,my jaw was swelling.
"oi luca man stop now,we still need her to have energy for us" connor shouted at ihm.
"kmttt"luca said,and go toff.
all the mans started circiling me as each off them one by one put their long john in me,my punani was started to bleed but no one took notice of it, i started to cry, cnnor slapped me and told me to shut the fuck up, i did as i was told,with tears pouring out my hands were still tied from behind.
they were still doing it to me,it hurt so much, but i clocked connor standing their at the back just watching me,i looked at him with pain and hurt in my eyes,oh my,connor had a tear down his cheek,he colcked me looking at him and walked out the house.
the pain off them dicks was un bearable,all different sizes going into me,long,skinny,fat,deep,thick.i couldnt take it anymore. i blacked out.

i woke up later,finding my self on the floor,naked,the house was empty,i tried getting up,i couldnt move,my body ws aching too much and my punani had gone red with little cut marks on it,what had they done to me?DICKHEADS,wehere the fuck was davontae?!i needed my brother.
i was on the floor silently crying to myself whenthe door slowly was connor,again.
but this time he was crying,he walked up to me and sat down on the floor were i was,i looked away, i didnt want him here,i wanted him to go,i couldnt forget what he had done to me today,never.
he lay himself down on the floor with me,it looked like we was laying down together in a bed but on the floor.
i turned around to look into his eyes,i could see he regreted doing that to me,i could see he was sorry but i didnt think i would ever forgive him.
he looked at me with guilt in his watery eyes,he touched my chin, i didnt stop him,after everything he had done i think i did really love him.he started stroking my hair,and then our lips passiontly met together,my lips was hurting bcause off when he bit me but i wanted to kiss him,kiss him passiontly.
i started bawling.
"shhh bbygirl shhh iloveyou,dont cry".
he took my head and put it on is chest,"iloveyoutwo,why though connor?why did you do that"i looked up at him.
tears started to pour out off his eyes but he kept his mouth shut,then he said "i..i..i did that cuh.."

THEN BOOM the door opened.
it was davontae,"IT WAS YOU YEH YOU FUCKING BATTY BOT FINKIN U CAN TOUCH MY SISTER",he took a gun out,his guns always had a silencer,he aimed it at connor,"noooooooooooo" i said as i took all my strenght and jumped onto connor as davontae pulled the trigger.

blood starting pouring out off my belly.......iwasnt ready to die yet.

i blacked out.

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