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Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 23


i looked her her,she looked different,she cut her hair shoulder length with a bow at the front, had a nike puffy jacket on with armani jeans,she looked like a bre.
she walked through the door pushing me aside and got comfortable on the sofa.
"abbie,how did you find me".
she was looking for the remote for the tv.
she looked at me "WHAT".
"how did you find me".
she started laughing "dont watch that init".
"i got told,i got tol-"
"what did you get told?" she said while leaning back and getting out her phone out off her jacket pocket.
"that,that you wa-"
"that i was dead?hmmm monisha told you that alie,dont gas" she said while putting her phone away and looking up at me.
i nodded,i didnt wanna be protected by lies,i wanted the truth to come out and everything to be over and done with,ive had enough.
"yeah she told me,please abbie can you get out,we're finished already,stop asking for more trouble".
"ME?asking for more trouble,honey you were the one who got monisha on me,she tried putting my house on fire,the bitch thought i was dead,i escaped init,and your the one gwarning about no more trouble when you started all the trouble in the first place"she laughed "im sorry to say shaniqua,their will be more trouble,i dont let bitches put my house on fire and get away with it,wouldnt you?you dont understand how it feels shaniqua,you odnt understand what its like,being told your own bestfriend set you up,the girl you grew up with,the girl you wanted to grow old with together" she got a shank out and touched the tip off it "you dont know how it feels,do you?"
i started moving back towards the stairs "abbie please,you were my bredrin from day,why you fucking up things? we could sort shit out, we could be bestfriends again,remember them times,our sleepovers our chats,we could parr off every man or gyal their was,we would go out late at night just to look for stars,abbie why would you wanna fuck up our freindship?why wou-"

"shut the fuck up shaniqua ! i dont wanna hear anymore off your likkle stories,it was you who fucked up in the first place getting people on me when i never done shit to you,YOU told monisha to come and kill me,its YOUR fault" she stood up and slowly starting walking towards me.
"abbie i never got anyone to kill you ! it was chris who got monisha to kill you" oh shit, my big mouth had to open,fuck my life.
she stopped and looked up " whos chris? "
"someone you dont need to know off " i felt brave.
"getting lippy now shaniqua , i never knew you could" she walked up to me,right up close.
"im sorry abbie" i gave her one dutty box in the face and she fell back,i started running for my life upstairs into monisha's room.
"you fucking bitch",she shouted fom downstairs,i ran into the room and locked it,put a chair on the door and a cuboard aswell,i was pacing up and down the room i didnt know what to do,i looked out off monisha's bedroom window,their were two black range rovers, i didnt wanna risk anything happening so i decided to not jump out off the window, i got under the bed  and pulled the sheets up on me.
then,just then i heard footsteps up the stairs i started crying to myself,my hands were shaking,i dug myself deeper into the sheets,i heard abbies voice from outside the door,she was on the phone to someone.
"yeah im shes wiv me.......yh ite ill be you outside yh..ite ima coming to open tha door for you", her footsteps went back downstairs again,i jumped out and looked around,my eyes caught a massive bok shelf,i ran up to it and knocked all the books out,i heard abbies voice again from downstairs.
"yoo,the bitch upstairs you kl yh",some next bre's were talking all in deep voices.
i started rushing even more and dragged the book shelf  towards the door,i threw the chair acroos the room and took the little cuboard away and pressed the book shelf across the door and stood with my back pushing it,some people were running up the stairs.
"oi what room she in?"some deep voice said.
"this one"she punched the door.
then all off a sudden everyone was punching the door,i fell back from the door onto the carpet,"its locked they have no way off getting in" i kept on whispering to myself and closed my eyes and ran into the bed and pulled the sheets on me,they smelt off cum but i had no choice.
i was wrong,someone fly kicked the door open,i heard the door smash onto the floor.
it was silent,i got even more scared,someones footsteps were coming closer and closer i started crying to myself.
"shaniqua,you might aswell just come out the sheets,your gonna die either way if you dont so you might just do it,your wasting time babe" i heard abbie's voice right above me,i saw her figure through the sheets,she was right,i wa gonna die either way so i might aswell jsut do it,im better off dead , i dont belong in this cruel world. I took the sheets off me to see all these black boys at the door and abbie in front off me.

"hey baby girl" she smiled and gave me a dutty box in the face i fell from the bed to the floor.All these boys were cracking up from behind and started coming towards me.i started crying "abbit im sorry,im sorry for the pain ive given you,im sorry for the pain ive ever made you feel,im sorry" my head was in my hands on the floor,i really was sorry,i loved abbie.
she kicked me on the floor "im sorry to say,i dont fucking accept your apology" she gave me another kick to my stomach,all the boys starting running up towards me and starting punching and kicking me,my legs,my arms,my head,myface,my breasts,my pum,everywhere,my head was bleeding and i was coughing alot,my body was aching so much,i wanted everything to stop,i wanted my life to stop.
a bre grabbed me by my hair and dragged me to the bed,i was screaming,i managed to open my left eye to see abbie lipsing some guy,while the man was fingering her in the cornor,she made me sick.
he put me on the bed,"open your mouth sket" i was in too much pain i couldnt even open my eyes,with all my strength i opened my jaw,i didnt want to get hurt anymore i thought it would be best to do what he said,ive had enough,he whipped out his dick and put it in my mouth all the way down,"suck on it den what the fuck you waiting for?" he grabbed my head from behind and made it move back and forth while all the other bre's were laughing and bashing themselves off.
"this bitch cant suck properly"he said looking at his boys,he gave me one dutty box to my face and everyone started laughing,i started crying,he punched me again on my forhead,i started crying even more.
"abbie please,pleasee stop this,abbie help me" i cried,they started laughing even more,i heard abbie's laugh aswell.
"dont pretend you dont like it slag"a man came towards me with bleach "open your fucking mouth" he grabbed onto my jaw.
"OI SHUT UP WAIT A SEC"abbie screamed,everyone got quite,someone was downstairs,they'd just open the door.

it was monisha,shit.

"shaniqua,im going shopping you wanna come"i heard her voice from downstairs slowly coming up.
i looked at abbie,she was smiling to her boys.
she mouthed to me 'shame'.
i had to do something,i couldnt let het get hurt.
"MONISHA GET THE FUCK OUTTA THE HOUSE,ABB-" the guy on top off me punched me and put his hand over my mouth,i couldnt breath,i was choking inside,i felt like i was gonna die.
"what the fuck shaniqua where are you"she said from downstairs,abbie came running to me and pointed a gun towards my eye,"if you dont fucking say your upstairs i'll bust your eye you bosh" she looked so cold,i thought she had a heart,she nodded at the guy to let go off my mouth,she whispered "SAY IT."
i had to,i didnt wanna die tbh "im upstairs monisha,come,theirs suttin i wanna show you" i said sounding as calm as possible,abbie smiled at me and put the strap away,i heard her footsteps up the stairs,i started bawling to myself,"ite ive got some mangos still come we munch on dem" she said while walking up the stairs.
abbie was on the wall and so was the other men so when monisha came through the door they would all jump on her,i was on the bed,beaten up and bruised.
"SHANIQUA WHAT THE FUCK?"she dropped the bowl off mango's and ran towards me and hugged me, "oh my god whats happend?" i started crying,"monisha,mo-monisha look be-behind you"i started crying harder,she turned around and screamed.
abbie came towards her and punched her in her face,the other boys came and grabbed her neck and held her against the wall by giving her blows everywhere,she was screaming "SHANIQUAAAAAA,HELPP"she couldnt stop crying,abbie was laughing and came towards me "look at her shaniqua,look at her"she grabbed my jaw and turned my neck towards monisha getting raped on the floor,she was crying and screaming and looking at me while she had a group off about 15 men raping her "thats gonna be you shaniqua,when their done,thats gonna be you"i cried,she was still holding my jaw to look at monisha getting raped,i closed my eyes "dont fucking close your eyes" she gave me a box to my face.
"now tell me shaniqua,how do you like it,how do you like your best friend setting you up,for you to get hurt and bruised,how do you like it" i didnt answer and kept on crying while looking at monisha having bottles inserted up her,she was screaming with blood down her face.
she punched me on the forehead "ANSWER ME" she spitted on my face.
i closed my eyes and answered her "i feel cold and lonley" i said while crying.
she let go and picked up her phone,my jaw was about to fall off,it was hurting so much,i couldnt take the pain.
"yeah you here now,yeah just kick the door open,yeah shes wiv us man jus come,how could the bitch say you set me up ahhhaahah,ite bye babes" she smirked and put the phone down walked away,then someone came through the door,someone which made my heart break into pieces,my body to die,my brian left damaged and my soul paralyzed.

"yoo sexy"he walked up to abbie and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
"you orite" she said "how can the bitch say you set me up"
he started laughing and looking at me,with no soul in his eyes.
"the bitch was lying,about i got monisha to set you up,the bitch fucked with my gyal,now im here to fuck her shit up"he smirked.

"what shall we do with her chris?" abbie said.

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