Friday, 11 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 19

*Shaniquas Thoughts*
WTF monisha stabbed abbie! For Heavens Sake What Else Could Go Wrong! Why the hell would he get monisha to do that! Great now thats another person thats died because of me!
*back to the story*
Me: why the fuck would you get her to do that?
Chris was paceing all around the room.
Me: answer me then!
Chris ran up to me and grabbed me up against the wall,
Chris: its your fuckin fault my sister got arrested you dumb sket! .
He NEVER spoke to me like that EVER. He could see the fear in my eyes, his face was covered in sorrow
Chris: im sorry babe. I didnt mean to. I would never hurt you. You know that don't you?
Me: y-y-yyeaa b-babe. Im im im sor-sorry. – (i was really shaken up and scared)
Chris: babee its not your fault. Its mine I should never have asked her to do it.
Chris hugged me tight and kissed my forehead. We got into bed and I was layin my head on his chest. He soon fell asleep, I couldnt sleep though, everytime I closed my eyes smurkz would pop up (shit I really fucked up- imma snake buh if I diidnt say that he raped me then I would of GOT it! It was simple a must) and im just sure hes there waitin for me :/ and now I was truelyy scared of chris.i literally stayed awake all night, being scared to close my eyes just incase I opened them smurkz was there to get me or chris finding out about me and termaine or something and gettin angry.i just lay there and thought about life and how much I fucked up. I literally stayed up ALL night. Didnt sleep one bit. I just layed their in same position all night. Chris started to wake up so I lifted me head off of him.
Chris: Baby what you doing up so early? (his voice was as crusty as hell)
I didnt wanna tell him that I didnt sleep coz then he would ask why and I would have to tell him. That was just not a thing I could do.
Me: oh I feel sick and couldnt get back to sleep!
Chris: my poor baby- well im just gonnah have to look after you all day then. I think we should go my mums for abit.
Woah woah woah- I’ve never met any boys mum before- never been in a proper relationship before.
Me:oh o-o-ok baby. (its like i had a stutter or something. I just couldnt speak properly. Chris really shook me up)
we got up and went into the shower together,it was kinda comforting,how gentle he was with me,he rubbed me all over the place with soap and i done the same,he got a little blowjob aswell but like thats how i roll init;),i got the same chris back<3,i didnt like the scary one:/.
we went downstairs and he made me some hot chocolate and some toast with nutella spread on it,we was sitting down,talking about our future with our kids and house,aww:-) when he got a phonecall.
-why does dis bitch keep ringing on my phone like ring digga digga ding she wont leave it aloneee'88-
(chris's ringtone,ya dunknoe bout kyzer;)
chris:yooo,ahh fank god....yeye we'll come see him tommorow....yeye ite nuff love init,no homo lool
me:chris who was that?
chris:oh it was my guy init,he said we could come see connor tomoz in hospital b
me:oh kool
i was SHITTTTTTTTTTINGGGGGGG myself right now,omyyy,SHIT!
i was bitting my nails and everyfing,
chris:is der suttin wrong b
me:nana im ite
just then the door opened
chris:that must be my guy marko
he stood up to go over to the door woiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii this tall hench guy mixed stepped in,he had BRIGHT brown eyes,he was gorgous,his hair was waveeeyyy,he had black nike trackies on and a tightt white vest top,you could see his muscles through it,he had some sexy lips too,you could tell they were soft and kissable.
he clocked me straight when he walked in aswell
chirs:my guy fam,wahs gwarning
marko:im kl g,whos dah girl
chris:dnt watch dat,dats my wifey fam
i felt to slap chris,this cheung ting walking through the door and chris goes thats my wifey,kmt,that lowers my chances off getting with him naw-.-
not that i dont love chris,i just wanna try this guy,he looked proffesional.
the cheung tingwalked in and winked at me,i started giggilng,lool,he went into the kicthen and got a mug and poured some coke in it,wtf coke ina mug loooooooool.
he sat down with me and chris,
,as we was all talkin on the table,he was pushing his leg up into me,mmmmm,i pushed my leg into his aswell,like our legs was linking.
chris:ite safe g me and shaniqua are gonna go to my marjs init for a bit,were gonna be back tommorow or suttin,then my yards gonna be sorted by sunday so its kl
marko:naa its kl iff you wanna stay here longer init,man wanna have company wiv someone for a while
chris:yeye that'll be kl,wah yu fink shan?
me:ermmm yeh dat'll be cool
marko was grining.

me and chris walked to the door with marko behind,he was touchin my bum,i turned around and smiled,i shouldnt be doing this,i love my baby chris,but marko was tooo much.
chris:ahhh shit mans wallet is upstairs ill be back one sek
he went upstairs.
marko:kl shaniqua,lets get straight to the point yh,you like me,i like you,u wanna do a ting sometime,like i know my guys your man buh it dont matter,just a ting,mans craving you shaniqua.
i started giggiling
me:ermm yh dat'll be kl buh dont say enyfing to anyone marko,real talks.
marko:naaa b man aint no snake you can trust me.
 he came and gave me a peck.
i giggled.
marko:'safe b'' he said as he smiled,mmmm he was so CHEUNG!
chirs came back down the stairs again he said by to marko and ting and we both stepped into his whip.

So later we reached his  mums yard. It was a small flat in some estate in west london in ladbroke grove by powis square.i swear chris's house was like a palace to this little estate:S But inside was filled with pictures of monisha and chris from babys to what it looked like recent pictures. The house had that homey feeling and smell to it. The only thing was, chris’s mum wernt home! FFS!
Chris: baby go in the spare room, its upstairs and to the left. Go get some rest. You look really tired. You must really be ill boy. Don't worry ima cook some of my mums special recipe soup (yes he can actually cook- quite good actually). So I went upstairs. The room was lovely- had a tv a wardrobe nice kingsize bed (good to beat in) and cream coloured decorations. I took off my shoes and jumperd underneath the covers. I dunno why but I felt safe here it was just soo homey.

I was woken up in the most DUTTIEST way!
Me- huh? What? What the hell is goiin on?
Voice- your gonnah get man to kidnap me yea- and den your gonnah try violate me in my own bredrins house!man called you my sister aswell.
:O it was smurkz with a few men behind him and chris tied up being held by one off his mans.

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