Friday, 11 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 12

i started giggiling as i was walking towards him,he started laughin,i jumped in his arms while he held me from my waist and we started kissing,he slid his tounge into my mouth and i slid my tongue into his mouth,it was like our tongues were reuniting back together;).
he picked me up in his arms and took me to his room,raaaa boy some big ass room,he put me down onto the bed,he took off his towel which was wrapped around his waist to reveal his FATTTTT dick,it wasnt that long but it was FATTTTTTTTTT!i started giggiling as he got on top off me,he was caressing my clit,round and round his fingers went on top of my clit,"mmmm termaine","you like that yh".
he took two fingers in and stuck it up my hole,he was going slow but i liked that,"have you ever squirted before?" he asked.
i nodded,"ima make you squirt by just using one finger" he said,i thought to myself lool yeh course.
but in 5 mins i was squirting like shittttttt!
"lool you like that yh".
after i squirted i started to become less horney and not interested:/.
he lay me down on the bed lifting my legs up and putting them on his shoulders when i said "termaine,i dunno,i dont really feel like doing it",i felt bare bad,i got all the pleasure and he didnt get anything.
"ohh naa its cool b,i understand,when ever your ready",he got my legs off his shoulders and kissed me on my cheek and went downstairs,iloved him for that.
its the first time any boy had accepted me rejecting them,he was so sweet and he understood.
i went back to my room and got in bed,but first i scrubbed my pussy hard with baby wipes,i dont want no expired pussy with cum all over it,iwanted to sleep with a nice fresh one thankyou very much,i farted then went to sleep....

i woke up with termaine shaking me,KMTTTT!
"shaniqua,shaniqua,bbygirl someone belled your line this morning,they left a voicemail saying your dad died at royal park hospital 15 mins ago"
"WHAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!nooo that cant be"!even though this man had done many horrible things with me he was still my dad.
termaine came and hugged me,i didnt hug him back i was in too much tears to say anything or do anything"shaniua i know what its like,i lost my mum and dad too,my dad meant alot to me,i know how you feel bbygirl dw im alwyas here for you" he said.
i hugged him,he was so sweet,nice caring and loving.
"can we go hospital, i want to see him for the last time".
"yeah sure babe,jus lemme have a shower first"
i smiled and gave him another hug and then he walked into the shower,i put one off his t-shirts on and some trackies he had and walked downstairs,abbie was sitting down on the sofa.
"ABBIE?!what the fuck are you doing here?!"
"wtf shaniqua,acctually i have to ask YOU that question,WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU doing here!this is my mans house and your walking down with his t-shirt on,WTF!TERMAINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"she called out.
my heart sunk.
termaine,the boy i was starting to really like had my BESTFRIEND and his babygirl.
i thought i was his babygirl,he lied to me,we was going to make love yesterday,
termaine walked down the stairs dripping wet from the shower,mmm.
"abbie,is that you,what are you doing here?"
"shut the fuck up about what am i doing here,im your baby so i have a fucking right to step into your yard,the question is what the fuck is SHE doing here?!"she said while pointing at me.
"erm,shes my sister abbie".


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