Friday, 11 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 18

i couldnt say no or chris would get suspicious so i had to walk out with termain into the car,KMT.FOOL.
we walked outside,i stood my distance away from him,he opened the door for in the passenger seat.
"thankyou,you can go now"
"dont get lippy man has to stay with you" i rolled my eyes and he got into the drivers seat,he didnt drive,we had to wait for chris and all them lots finish off with smurkz,i cant believe i done that to smurkz!omg,he was like a brother to me,but he'll forgive me...he always does,one time i got him kicked out off his own yard because i told his mum he was smoking weed,but i guess that was kinda different then getting fucked up by the strongest man thats alive:/.
me and termaine sat thier,i was looking straight and he was looking at me.
"shaniqua,dont lie,you enjoyed it"he said while touching my hand.
i took my hand and put it on my lap,he kissed his teeth,it was awkward but omy he was sexyyyy.
then next fing chris and all his mandem came out running outside his own house,termaine got out the drivers seat and let chris in it ,and sat at the back,his ova mandem got into ther own whips.
"shit we better go mann"chris said.
"what;d you do him?"i said nervously.
"dwt,he wont bother you again init"
i looked out the window as we speeded away,my life was messeddddd.
he dropped termaine home quick time,as that prick termaine walked out off the care he shouted out 'FRIDAAAAYYYYYY',chris didnt suspect anything because he didnt know what it'd ment,i cuoldnt tell chris,i didnt want their to be anymore problems,i hated it,i would just leave it...FOR NOW.
we drove to some next house,just me and chris.
the house wasnt bad,it was orite.
he unlocked the door"chris who's house is this?"
"its my guys marko,he aint gonna be home till tommorow so its cool,my house is just messed init atm LOOL,wiv Smurkz inside"
"is he dead chris?did you kill him?"
he was silent,we was sitting on the sofa.
he touched my bruises on my head with the back of his big strong hand from when connor gave me a big blow , then he rang his fingers across my mouth.
"fuck me chris."
he picked me up and led me up to the bedroom.

he put me down gently on it and put the lights off, i put on the bedside lamp.
he took off his clothes. his body was so fit, he stood ove rme on the bed and looked down on me, i put my fingers in my pussy and i took them out, it was so wet.
my tits were so big.
my body was overly sexy,batty nice and big,tits hard and erect i saw chris licking his lips,theni saw his dick wanted it my mouth
he knew i wanted it badly,he lay down on the bed as i slowly started getting on top off him and swirling my tongue round his dick,i deepthroated him as i could feel his dick tickiling my tonsils.
he started giving off sexy moans and pulling my hair.
i stopped when he cummed and he sat upright,then i sat on his dick.
omyyyy his FATTTTT AND LONGG 9 inch ting inside off me was killing me,
i could feel it in my chest as he was pumping inside my pussy.
i started wining on his dick,my ass dancing aboout.
"ur pussys the best shaniqua," he sighed. he flung his head back and grabbed my waist and started bangin me up and down.
i started screamin.
 he grabbed my tits, i started to get light headed and then my eyes rolled to the back of my head and i felt like i was high.
this dick was making me high blad.
"who owns your pussy shaniqua,whos the fucking owner off your pussy
"your the owner off my pussy chris," i whispered with my eyes in my head, " u own me, u own my pussy."

i came all over his dick. i fell back and started shakin and convulsin as i squirted all over the room. chris got on top of me and started fuckin me.
i squirted.
i screamed.
if there was a word for how i was feelin- i would say it. my heart was beatin so fast.
his dick was fillin my pussy as i was squirtin and it made it feel better, my legs wrapped around his waist as he fucked, we fell off the bed and he kept on fuckin me on the floor.
I felt him cum in me and then he pulled out and started walkin around the room bare dizzy.
cum was still running out his dick.
"shaniqua- whats ur pussy made out of it," he laufed, thenhe licked the cum off of my pussy.

we lay in the bed.
"i love u shaniqua,"he said.
my head was on his chest.
"shaniqua- i wanna change and shit- like i wanna be- i wanna be different," he sed.
"how do u mean," i asked.
"u see them man like on that show 90210- i wanna be like dem innit."
"i like u how u r," i sed.
"shaniqua,i almost killed you,thats a bitch movement for anyone to make,ive already killed 3 girls"
 got shook+i got confused. "you never nearly killed me chris,when did you do that?"
he looked down on me,"remember in year 9 when we was going out,you tried taking that zoot off man,and i nearly stabbed you to death.
SHITTTTTTTT OMG I REMEMBER,omg i cant believe that was chris in mmy secondary school,he was so frass in year 9 this one time we was going out and he came my yard and he was smoking a zoot and i got pissed off i wernt having no man smooking nuttin in my yard,i slapped it off him and he stabbed me and i had to go and lie to my mum that i had been kidnapped.omg i cant believe that was him!
"shoosh about that," i sed, "ur here with me now."
he kissed me and then stroked my pussy.
"i wanna get into college and go uni," he sed, "i wanna come to ur college with u next year."
"i got thrown out," i sed
 "u got thrown out of college."
"i had 25% attendance."
"so what r u gonna do"
" i must just work and start at a new college this september- we can go togehter"

i nodded and then kissed him.
his phone beeped iit was a text, he looked at it and jumped up.
"whats wrong," i sed.

"its monisha," he sed, "shes been arrested."
"for what?,"

"I asked her to shank that abbie girl you told me about who you wanna kill and i asked her to do it for you- and she did."



  2. This is getting stupider & stupider but I can't stop reading😂😂 is this a true story or Naah?
    She has too much sex.