Friday, 11 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 3

I kissed him as he walked into the house. he looked around.
"nobodys home?".
I nodded, "im scared,its my first time una- be gentle with me."
He kissed my forehead, "ive done many virgins- im good."
I took him by his hand took him to the front room.
we sat on the sofa and we started lipsin, he put his hand on ma tit as he started kissin my neck.
I shivered a bit.
"calm down-," he said, "im good."
He stroked my pussy- lickin my lips, he pulled my hair.
"its a bit rough," i said.
He picked me up and took me up to my room.
he lay me on the bed and spread my legs, he slowly undressed me and den kissed my pussy and said, "sweeter than my girls."

then he took off his shirt and then his shoes and then his trousers and i saw big dick pokin out of his baggy superman boxers. he had stretch marks on his arms from when he was fat but his body was so bangin, nice big chest, nice wide hips and a tatoo of the Nigerian and England flag on his right pec.
his hands were big and fingers were so long, his lips were thick and his tongue- i had been eaten out before by some asian guy and i culd tell what a good tongue looked liked it.
he licked his fingers and rubbed ma pussy.
I sighed and looked up at him as he climbed on top, he kissed ma lips and slowly put his tongue in ma mouth, i could feel ma pussy leakin.
then i felt it go in.
"Its tight," he laughed, his eyes were closed- he said "mmm- its tight" den he looked down at me and started grindin-i felt it break.
he laughed as a tear ran down my eye.
"virgin no more," he said.
i smiled, ma pussy was hurtin so much and i could feel blood comin out but i didnt want him to notice.
He kissed my neck as he grinded- suddenly i felt a nice and quick feeling - like a jolt of pleasure.
"see it's nice," he said.
"yeah yeah it is," but ma pussy still hurt, there was brief moments of pleasure but it was hurtin and den he lifted my legs over his shoulders and banged. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. OH fuckin yeah- ok ok- yeah its feelin nice- hes sweatin bare- i looked down to see the dick goin in and out and then doin the figure 8.
"My girls pussy cant do it like this," he said."get on top."
"i like it like this," i said.
"aahh skeen skeen- alrite- im doing my job right."
I looked at his neck, it was so thick and strong and his tongue lickin my tits felt so sweet. it was like he was eatin me alive and den i started 2 wish he would literally eat me.
"I got that sweet Nigerian loving for you init," he said. "Say it- say Nigerian dick is the best."
I wanted to lauf but this dick was so good my face was jus hot and bothered, "nigerian dick is the best," i said.
and it was-dis was ma first time but i could feel africa runnin wild in ma pussy- the way it was so slow and rough at the same time.
He turned me round, i was down on my knees and i saw him stand behind me and smack my ass with his dick.
"Nice big ass- r u mixed?."
"ye," i said, "bajan and english."
"oh cos ur ass is kinda lite," den he stuck the dick in ma pussy,
"AHH," He grabbed my neck as he went in and out slow. how could he be so good-it was like he had bare practice and i was gettin the best result- i knew from den how good dick was- how it would make me feel better. then he started whinin as his dick was in me- so his dick was movin alla round the pussy, imagine his thick black dick with the giant firemans cap on it grindin round ma pussy.
my chest started to get hot and my head started to feel really filled with warm blood- like my entire face was hot.

"nigerian dick is the best," i said.
"shut up about dat now innit," he said. "uno how long man has been tryin 2 get ur pussy- since dat day i saw u at junior jam two years ago."
I turned to look at him and he said, "turn round." then he pumped me harder.
he pulled my hair.
he sat back lettin his knees rest on the bed and wiv his arms behind his back, he used his pelvis to bang into me, my head was knckin against the wall.
"fuck me normal ways please," i said.
he laughed, "yeah thats nice innit."

he turned me round and tried to put it in but it kept slippin and slidin, then he grabbed it and forced it in, dis time it only hurt a bit.
"im gonna cum." he said.
"no not yet- please not yet- dis is nice." then i tried to push him out of me so he wldnt cum cos i didnt wana get pregnant and dem times i wasnt on the pill and then he said "lemme cum in your eye."
before i cld say anythin he was standin above me bashin into my face.

He laughed as his thick white cum splattered all over my lips, "lick ur lips," he siad, i tasted the bitter cum, he stuck his hand in ma mouth so i cld lke the cum off it and then he said, "i need to take a shit- wher'es the toilet."
i looked at him and shocked and said, "nex door."
I jus lay dere for anhour and when he came out of the toilet- it stank of dirty sht, he got dressed and kissed me and said bye.
He left. i put ma fingers in my pussy- it was still tight but it was so hot. i threw my head back and fingered myself thinkin about the dick and when i was gonna do it again.
my fingers felt better now but da pussy felt weird like it was missing somethin.I picked up ma phone called abbie,"abbie,i got fucked come round and i'll tell you bout it".
"klkl ill be their in 2 mins"
she lived in front off me so thats how we met.

shit i just remembered i couldnt tell abbie i fucked connor.
i looked out off the window and saw connor walking down the lane ahead and abbie coming my way.
wait,that means she saw connor coming out off my house?.

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