Friday, 11 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 8

i heard beeping eyes slowly started opening,i figoured out i was in hospital,it was round 9am,my belly was hurting,i felt bandage around my stomach, i could move okay though.
i was surrounded by two nurses,davontae,connor,abbie and my mum and a police officer,hmmm i thought connor was gonna be dead-_____- i surprised davontae didnt do anything to him,but oh well my baby boo is still with me here<3.
what the?!seriously,my MUM is here?
"shaniqua my little babysis are you o-"
"what the FUCK  is she here for?!" i said pointing at my mum,while interupting davontae.
"i know, i didnt want HER here too,she said she wanted to see you,the police said she can come to see if your ok" davontae said,they were all on one side off my bed while my mum was standing well far away on the otherside,i hated her.
"I DONT FUCKING CARE! GET HERE OUT OFF HERE NOW, I DONT WANT TO SEE HER RASSCLART FACE"! i was going mental,the nurses took hold off both  my hands and took out a fat syringe.
"ARE YOU DUMB?!GET OFF HER NOW!"davontae said while giving one nurse a smackkk in the face.
i started creasing,the nurse ran,the other nurse started slowly tip topping out off the room,haha she knows best.
"shaniqua i only came to see if you were-".
BOOM i gave my mum a dutty box in the face that tramp.
"please take her away"i said to the officers,the officers didnt mind me punching her loool and took her out,kmt does she except me to frogive her or suttin?!noooo,never.
i gave abbie a hug and kissed her "aw shan im happs your ok but listen shan i have to go my nans just died at royal park hospital,mums nagging me to come see her" i smiled and said bye and kissed her and told her to call me when she coems out.
i took my hand out to reach connors hand but davontae stood in the way,"ANWYAY,are you ok babysis?(he said while kissing my forehead)i heard what happened,Gerelle told me she heard screaming from our yard and she said she saw everything that happened through tha window,trussssss me, they're fucking dead,ive already sent mandems on look about for the pussyholes,sad thing is i knew them,i faught they were true mandem."
"ah im ok davontae,thanks brudda" i said.
"'connor is claiming he came to your rescue,he was tha one who called hospital,he said he'll help us track dem idiots down,ive forgiven him bout what hes done at tha station cuh he done man a good job(he said while smiling at connor)hmm well im out,gotta go meet Gerelle safe baby sis,"he said while kissing my forhead,gerelle was davontae's wifey,she was like a sister to me,she was overly peng,lighty,black curly hair,kim kardashian feautres and some fineeeeeeeeeee legs!
"ye ive forgiven him too,hes my hubby now davontae".
davontae looked confusedddddddddddddddd. he whispered in connors ear "man has to talk to you"
i was confused but i didnt really care,i think davontae was cool wid it but yeh.
davontae walked out tha room and it was just me and connor,connor took a chair and put it near my bed,he stroked my hair,gosh he was tooo sexy,i was smiling and nearly had a tear down my eye,"na bbygirl dont cry"he said as he kissed me passionatly,i acc loved him now.
"connor what was you going to tell me before i got shot?"
he looked nervous,"erm bout what baby?"
"connor,seriously,when i asked you why you done that to me and you was gonna say suttin before davontae came in".
"erm na dw bbygirl,everythings sorted out init"
"NO. tell me NOW"
he got up,he was going to walk out off the room "CONNOR,DONT FUCKING LEAVE ME! TELL ME,ILL KILL MYSELF. i took out my oxygen pipe leading to my back and all the wires and my breathign started gettin heavier.
he stopped,he turned around and rushed back putting my oxygen pipe on and clipped all the wires back to me,"if you wanna know THAT much,your brother told me to do it,your brother had been dealing with murderers and ting,he killed people for fun and hurt them,he told me to do it otherwise he would rape my own mother in front off me,i didnt agree, i didnt want anyone to hurt you,he started battering and bruising my mum in front off me and was gonna rape her then i said no and agreed to do it,i couldnt hurt you shaniqua,i never could,thats why i didnt rape you,my mandem did,he told me to rape you for the fun off it,all this was a set up all along,shaniqua he's FUCKING SICK in the head stay away from him,he aint normal".

i wasent even crying,i think i was going mental,my body was stood their on the bed still,frozen,blue.
i couldnt believe what i was hearing,my OWN FUCKING BROTHER.DAVONTAE.
"shaniqua,shaniqua?shaniqua are you ok?" connor started panikking.
my face was blank with tears pouring out,no noises,just tears flowoing and flowing.
"connor, i dont want to stay here,i want to go home"i got up and took all the wires off me,i wasnt gonna talk to davontae anymore,i couldnt tell him that connor told me,i was gonna call feds and have him arrested,i didnt care.
"shaniqua,wait,your still un-well"
"connnor,please,just please take me home"
he sighed and helped me,we walked out off hospital and jumped in his whip,my belly was hurting but it was ok.
we drived to my yard,i told connor to come in with me,i didnt want to be alone,we walked in and just sat on the sofa and turned the tv on,jeremy jyle was on so we watched that while i was hugged up into a ball in his arms.
"shaniqua,ima take you out tonight for dinner,just us two:)"
"that would be nice baby,but i havent got anything to wear?"
"dont worry we'll go shopping,brent cross shopping centre ye?be ready at 3 then ill pick you "
"orite baby" i hugged him,he said he had to go home fro something important so i asked him if we could have sex before he went.
he laughed,he started kissing me,and taking my clothes off,he was carefull with the bandage,that day we made love,not sex.
we made love.

he had to leave so we said our goodbye's and blah blah blah and he told me he'll pick me up at 3.
it was round 2pm so i had to get ready for connor to pick me up,the doorbell rang,i didnt wanna answer it first,but i had to see who was their,i looked through the peephole,it was my dad.
i opened it,gosh i havent seen this man for timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!the social workers took him away because him and my mum were getting into abusive fights,they said it was better fro him to go,but it was always my mum starting the fights,not him.
i opened the door slowly.
"shaniqua my baby i havent seen you in time!look at you al grown up!:)"my dad said as he hugged me,it was kinda awkward doe but still he was my dad,he was peng:/ black (not blik) canerows,round about 30 with brown eyes and a fresh shape up and an earing,he was wearing a suit,mmmm he looked so smart but sexy.
i cant believe i was thinking this about my dad.
"dad, if you wanna talk or suttin can you please come upstairs then as i do my hair becuase i need to get ready"
"erm ok,i just wanted to see how things were going"
we walked up the stairs into my room.
he sat on my bed as i sat on my chair in front off my mirror as i satrted doing my hair,it was quite,he wasnt talking,i could see himlooking at me through my mirror.
i took my hair out off a bun,i looked sexy with messy curly hair,i started brushing it,he was still looking at me.
i had to take off my top and put my dressing gown on,i looked back to see if he was looking at me but he was looking around my room so it was cool,i went towards my wardrobe and took my top off,exposing my double d breasts,as i was going to put my dressing ggown on,i felt somones hands un-doing my bra.
i turned around,it was my dad.
i backed away,"dad i cant do this"
"shhhhhhh" he said while putting his fingers on my lip,i felt so seduced,i let him touch my breasts and suck them,he took me to my bed,while holding onto my hip with the bandage still on,he never asked why the bandage was their.
he put me onto the bed and took my trackies off and thongs and started fingering me,"mmm ahh uhh uhh dad",he put two figners in and was going very fast i cummed and he bent down and licked my cum all out,woah i cant believe its my dad:| i was in too much pleasure to say no.
he starte licking my pussywalls and carressing my clit with his tongue,shit my dad was professional!he took off his shirt and suit revealing his HENCHHHHHHHH chest and some FUCKING BIGGGGGGG DICK!
shit,i grabbed his dick and started bashing it off"mmm shaniqua,my baby girl",he tilted his head back in pleasure,i stopped and digged his cocky into my punani,fuck fuck fuck i was breathing tooooooooooo hard he was pumping his dick in me,going fast,we was botch moaning and i was nearly screaming,my dad was too fucking good,shit,shit,we was in too much pleasure,he started massaging my boobs,grabbing hard onto them as he fucked the shit out off me,"AHHHH DAD MMMMM FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK AHHHH UHHHHHHH".i couldnt believe i was fucking my dad,too late to say no ahahah;).

i heard footsteps on the stairs,coming louder and louder and someone saying.
"shaniqua,you left your door open,but anyway,are you ready yet babygirl? its three"
the footsteps were started to come to my it couuldnt be.


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