Saturday, 12 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 22

"get the fuck out please" i said to her while looking at termaine and pointing at the door,she kissed her teeth and got off the bed and walked out off the door and closed it behind her,she looked about 14.
i kept on looking at termaine,i was getting vex,he started laughing,the bitch started laughing.
"wah'um with u shaniqua,why you so upset,man got you to meet your likkle sister init" he said while getting up and putting on his ralp lauren polo.
"are you fucking dumb about i got to meet my likkle sister,shut the fuck up,you made my little sister finger me and i sucked her bloodclart pussy,what kinda ediat are you termaine?is that how you get people to meet their likkle sisters".
he looked up,he gave me that look which made me think twice if i should have said that or not,he walked up to me,right close,i could feel his dick rubbing against my pussy,our noses were touching,i could smell his breath,it tasted like pussy.
he started licking my top lip,i started sucking onto his tongue,then we started lipsing bare rough,he stopped all off a sudden and grabbed onto my neck tightly and pushed me against the wall roughly,i couldnt breath properly.
"dont fucking talk to man like that shaniqua you must think im some kind off idiot or suttin,especially getting them talks from skets like you,you fucking liked it and dont pretend you didnt even if you know shes your sister,and ive been doing tings wiv your sis for time jus to let you know" he said softly then let go off my throat and i fell to the floor coughing for air,he walked away to the door "shes a fucking sket shaniqua,just like you" he laughed and he walked out.
i tried getting onto my feet,it wouldnt work,i was too weak,i just lay down on the floor looking at the ceiling as a tear rolled down my eye,i smiled.
i didnt know why,but i smiled,and for once,just once,i missed abbie.
my bestfriend,my sister,my soul mate,i couldnt believe she's gone,i had no one to talk to,i had no one i could trust,i had no ones shoulder to cry on,just me,myself and i.
i thought about davontae,my brother,he'd always been their for me,i knew connor was lying about davontae planning to do that shit to me and getting me raped,i could never think off davontae doing that to me,i just clocked hes home,he's still at my yard,on the floor,his dead body which has probably rotten by now.
i started bawling again on the floor,head in my hands.
i couldnt get up so i started walking on all fours like a baby to reach out for my phone,i had to call monisha,i wanted to be somewhere i could be safe,,i wanted to be with my baby,but everytime i thought about chris connor kept coming to my head,i didnt know if i loved him.
i crawled to my bed and got my iphone4 out off my jeans pocket.
i went into my contacts and looked for M,then monisha came up,i rang her number and she picked up.

she kissed her teeth when she answered,"shaniqua,where the fuck are you" she sounded bare worried,"i was gonna call you,chris is in hospital,he's losing blood,im gonna pick you up in like 15 minutes,your at home yeah"
"what?hes losing blood?yes im at home,come quickly monisha" i cut the phone, i got so worried.
i could get on my feet now,i walked up to monisha's wardrobe and took out a dress which i really liked,i had 15 minutes to get ready,i quickly put it on,rushing everything,it was this one:

i didnt have no knickers on but i didnt have time to put any on,i brushed my hair in a ponytail and was going to put a clip on when my phone rang.
"shaniqua im outside,hurry up" i cut the phone.
i quickly got my keys and shoved them down my bra and ran downstairs,i opened the door to see monisha in her mini yellow mini cooper.
i closed the door on my way out and jumped in,she looked a mess,her hair was scruffy,tied up in some messy bun,with jeans on and a spongebob t-shirt with a few ketcup stains on it.
"check you thoe,you do know where going to see your man in hopital,your all dressed up and ting we aint going to no rave shaniqua" she started the car.
i kissed my teeth,"yeah i do,i just liked the dress".
she laughed and kept on driving.
we got to the royal free hospital in 20 minutes.
she got out the car and we started fast walking to chris's ward,bare heads and patients were clocking me as i was walking,i felt kinda embarrased all dressed up.
we finally got to chris's floor.
we went to some reception,"excuse me,where is chris tekins room" monisha said.
"let me just check that for you 9.01 follow me please".

we followed the receptionist and she lead us to a room with 9.01 on it.
we opened the door and chris was their,unconcious on the bed with doctors surrounding him,i ran up to him and held him tight to my chest,i started crying,my baby had tubes coming out off him and all sorts.
monisha was crying in the corner,all these nurses were grabbing onto me.
"miss please let go off the patient,im sorry you cannot tou-"
"STFU PLEASE,THIS MANS MY HUSBAND AND YOUR TELLING ME TO LET GO WHEN THESE COULD BE HIS LAST MOMENTS,ARE YOU DUMB"i said while punching the lady,the doctors called in for security and these muscular white men came in,i was still holding onto chris while monisha was still crying her eyes out in the cornor with her head in her hands.

they grabbed me off chris and lead me otuside the room and they told monisha to come aswell.
two were holding me by my arms and one other security guard was talking to monisha,i was looking at them speak,she looked at me while the guard was talking to her and mouthed 'ok im sorry it wont happen again' to the guard,she came towards me and held my hand and we walked back out to the car park,with the guards behind us just incase i did anything insane.
when me and monisha stepped in the whip the guards left,i started bawling in the passenger seat.
"shaniqua man its ok,your orite now,hes going to be fine,trust me" she hugged me.
i wipped my tears away and hugged her.
"thank you monisha,i love you" i smiled.
"i love you two shan now lets drop you back to mines you need abit off rest and sleep"she said while starting up the car,the journey was silent,i was crying to myslef in silence,she dropped me back to our yard.
"ite shan im out,gotta go see my man"i thanked her and walked in,i took my heels off and sighed in comfort and walked into the kitchen to go and make myself some tea,i was gonna watch some tv then go to sleep,ive had enough off drama,my life was full off it,i turned round to get a mug from the cuboard.
"shaniqua" a deep voice said, i looked up.
"connor" i looked up to see him,how the fuck did he get in?he looked so sexy,he had a fresh shape up with studs in both his ears,a nike shirt and trackies and a light blue era hat.
"co-co-onor please stay away from me im sorr-ry" i said while moving back into the plates and mugs behind me and knocking them onto the floor.
"shaniqua i didnt come to do anything to you i want-".
i screamed as he came closer and touched my arm.
he put his hand over my mouth soflty to stop me from screaming,he looked so sexy right now,his green/brown eyes gettin upclose,i was just staring in his eyes,he clocked i stopped screaming.
"you look so beautiful shaniqua"he said while gazing into my eyes upclose.
he took his hand away i started speaking "co-o-conor im sorr-rr-y i didnt mean to-to,i di-".
"shhh its orite get  up"he said calmy while taking his hand out for me to reach,i reached it and got up slowly,still backing away,i was scared abit.
"connor im sorry i shouldnt have done that to you,i feel like a prick"
"its cool shan,i understand,forget it,whatever happend its done,its over,nothing can be changed now,fuck the past".
i smiled weakly,he grabbed my waist softly and came upclose..
"your so beautiful shaniqua"he said while gazing into my eyes again,i gazed back,i think im starting to love connor again,but i couldnt leave chris out like that,no.
"connor,ive got a man"
"yeah i understand shan,i just wanted to see if you was ok",he was so forgiving and sweet,i loved him for that,he smiled and let go off my waist and turned around towards the door while fixing his era hat,i didnt want him to leave.
i grabbed his hand and pulled him back and we started lipsing,he ran his fingers through my hair,it reminded me off chris when he done that,i felt like a prick,but a prick who still had love for her ex.

he grabbed my ass  and took off my dress, i ran upstairs into my room and jumped on the bed naked.
He took off his clothes and his body... he had been in the gym. he had an 8 pack and the his chest was so sexy, he licked his lips and spread open my legs with his knees.
"beat me," i said, "fucking beat me."
His dick was movin by itself up and down and then he started to rub it against my pussy, he groaned, "ah shit," he said. the sensitivity of his dick was making my pussy feel so nice.
I started to twist and turn as he slowly put his dick in me. it made that wet noise. he was almost completely inside of me, i grabbed onto his waist to see if i could push him in further "connor fucking beat me,punish me connor,"he was all in me, his fat cock in my wet pussy making that smacking sound, he was groaning ashe wocked me. he looked down at me and smiled. "OH SHIT." the feeling of his pelvis against my clit was driving me mad, i wrapped my legs around his waist so he could get deeper in me and when he did he stuck his tongue in my mouth. he was jooking me so raw, his dick all in my pussy, his sexy body sweating all down on me.
I closed my eyes and i was getting so high. he started to whine his hips in and out.

"dont stop," i said.
"my beats good,"
i giggled, "the best."
Then he started fucking me so hard, my head was just banging against the headboard as he had his hands around my neck and his thick dick in my cooch. He pulled out of me and turned me round and slowly put his dick back in me. he was doggying me with the upper half of his body arched above me with his hands keeping him up, it was like he was doing press ups whilst fucking me.
i could feel every inch of his fat cock in me, he was groanin as he was banging me, in my head i could see him bangin me, his pelvis was smakcing my ass.
"shaniqua i love you."
"i love you two connor,i love you two"

he was fucking me raw when his phone rang.
he picked it up.
"yooo bruv whos dis mans wiv my gyal bruv,move yourself off my line.....ohh....oh shit...woah im out now bruv"
he cut the phone and got off me quickly and put his jeans on,he was rushing bare.
"connor what the fuck? whats happening?"
he came and kissed me "i gotta go shan its really important" and he dashed out the room.
my pussy was missing his dick like mad,i think i really loved connor.
i sighed and got off the bed and sat on my ass,i clocked he didnt have his car keys cause they were left on the table along with a few condoms he had in his jeans,i started laughing for no reason and picked up his car keys,the doorbell rang,it must have been connor coming back for his car keys.
i rushed down the stairs quickly and opened the door.

"shaniqua,my bestfriend,how nice is it to see you"she said with a smirk on her face.

oh shit.


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