Friday, 11 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 15

i wanted to go and sleep in my bed,i couldnt walk inside my yard,i didnt want to walk past davontae,i was scared,i just coudnt; god knows where my mum is,is she even alive or dead;and my dads funeral was today,the only people i have who are so called stated as family is my half sister,i didnt know anything about her,her name was chantelle,but tatiana told me her real name was tula, i really wanted to meet her,ihad to go and find her.
it was around 9 pm and it was getting dark i didnt have anywhere to sleep,i couldnt sleep in the park,are you dumb,ill probably get raped or killed,especially the parks round my endz.
i didnt have anything better to do than just wander round these ends,i dont even know where my oyster was so i couldnt even go round abbies,she probably didnt even want me,i didnt know if i should go round termaines,hmmmm.
naa fuck that,that would be too awkward,but ohh wait theirs a church round here somewhere,ohh yeah across the park,fuck my life man,that parks always full off druggies bruv but i didnt have anywhere else to sleep so i had to.
i wraped my cardigan around my tight top so i wouldnt draw attention and put my head down low and slyly moved towards the parks gate,their was like a gang their,arghhhhh.
i put my head down and slowly walked past.
"jheeeeeeeeez check that batty doe,oi you manz i fink we got suttin for dinner tonight"some frass guy said,he had bare spots round his face,eurghhh.
i looked up and all off them started gettin off the bench and staring at how beautiful i was,not gonna lie i liked attention.
"na please low it,dont rape me ill do anything" i said bare shaking and worried.
they started circiling me,they was all laughing and pushing me about,i started screaming.
KMTTTTTTTTTTT fucking frass spotty guys circiling me,they all smelt off expired milk.
"bruv take her clothes off" one guy said.
one man came up to me and slapped me and started ripping my cardigan off me,they all smelt off weed,i tried fighting him off but he was too strong,then some next car noises came from behind,two range rovers stopped outside the park.
"oi bruv is that chris and his mandem"one guy said looking bare shook.
"yeye thats dem still,bruv we best fucking run"they all started moving away and running like some next babys ahahahah,PUSSSSSSSSSYOOOO'SSSSSSSSSS!
bare mandem came out the jeeps,i was on the floor hurled up into a ball crying,i was sure i was gonna get raped by these people,they might aswell just fucking do it i cant be bothered anymore,they might aswell jsut kill me i ca-.
"yooo you need help" some boy said interupting my thoughts,i couldnt see him properly it was too bright because off his cars headlights,he gave his hand out to me,i grasped it and stood up.
i could see bare mandem behind him,bare gasping when they saw me,jheeez i was too beautiful;)but woah,woaaaaaaaaah,did i just see TERMAINE.
sheeeeeeeeet,wah was termaine doing here bruv?
he saw me den cut his eye at me i kissed my teeth under my breath,i wanted to look at tha boy who helped me up so i turned my head round to see him an-
WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH,shittttt this guy was beautiful,when he clocked me looking at him he took his hat off to reveal his fresh shape up and his both ears pierced with studs inthem,he was mixed,he had swagger doe still,nike puff jacket and nike trackies with airforces and ting,jheeeeeeeeeeeez,mm imagine how sexy his dick would be.
"im chris,whos you?"
"shaniqua"i said shyly.
you wanna ride home" he said,woah it was like his voice had a permamnent sore throat,shit this guy had to be mine man.
i didnt have a home but i said yea still i was walking up to his jeep when i must have saw the sexiest girl ever,brown haired rihanna look alike.
woahh i licked my lips,she was sitting in the jeep i saw her through the window hmmm i had to get to know her still,as i was walking into his car i felt someones hands onn my ass,wtf LOL idiots.
when chris was in his jeep (e was the one driving and i was at the front) and the other mans were gonna come on board he said "oi dwayne,tashawrn low it go in the ova whip"
"but bruv we-"
"just go blood."
they kissed their teeth and closed the door,it was just me and chris in tha car.
"soo where you live den"
"erm i avent got a yard really ive been kicked out"
i lied.
"ohh..well you could always stay with me until we find you a yard" he said as he smiled at me.
"yeah i would like that" i said as i smiled back,he started the car and said, "shaniqua,your beautful you know that"
"lool aww thankyou,you aint so bad yourslef"
we was cracking jokes through the whole journey,he told me he was boss round here,so i completly felt safe,he said he lived on his own and he told me bout how his dad killed his mother and how he got taken into care.
i felt for him doe,he was too beautiful for all this.
we got to his yard,kinda big still.
why was it that all these hoodrats have big + nice yards?!skeen.
he told me to step out off the car and gave me the keys to his yard and to go inside,he was just going to get his shit out his whip,i was just about to open the door when he called out.
"oi shaniqua,what the fuck is this?"
he showed me my phone from the distance.
my phone was playing mine and termaines tape.
off him licking me out.

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