Friday, 11 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 10

he noticed me when i turned round,he started getting confused as he came up to our table,he sat down,looking at me.
"shaniqua i would like you to meet my dad,dad this is shaniqua,shaniqua this is dad"connor said grinning.
me and MY dad was both looking down on the table.
"hello?anyone awake?" connor said tilting his head down low to look at us in the eyes.
my dad looked up,"erm,hello shaniqua nice to meet you,i am connors dad"he said while he gave his hand otr for me to shake.
i looked up,i didnt give my hand out to him,wtf how can he be connors dad,i looked at connor in a very different way,connors grin slowly went, i looked back at my dad his hand was still out,i didnt shake it.
"hello,im shaniqua,connors girlfriend".
"right,now that you two have met time to order the food!WAITORRRRRRRRRR."connor said in a very happy way.
i felt so bad,it was supposed to be a night out with my baby,he brought me a dress for tonight,then i payed him back by fucking his own dad,i feel like a dickhead man.
the waitor came to our table and asked us what we would like to order,i ordered duck,connor ordered the same thing,and my dad and HIS dad (KMT) ordered chicken salad.
the food came to our table,it was so awkward,we sat their in silence eating,no one said a thing,until the bit my dad started touching my thighs as we started eating,i took his hand off,i felt bad,my baby connor was here,this was supposed to be a night out,why the fuck was he touching up my thighes?i took his hand AGAIN and put it back on his lapp,i didnt want him touching me, he looked at me in a blank expression i didnt look back at him for too long,my baby connor was just eating,it was silent,after 10 mins it was STILL silent,this time my dad put his hand were my g string was,inbetween my legs,connor didnt see,this was happeneing under the table, he was using one hand,and the other hand was holding a fork and was eating his chicken salad,i didnt stop him,i didnt know why,my pussy was leaking, i was so wet,wtf was i thinking and doing,i shouldnt be doing this,im in a flipping resturant,i cant be that much off a sket.
he held my g- string to the side with a finger then took his middle finger in and starting massaging my clit,i was in the mood to start moaning,i was whispering to myself'uhh uhh;,"shaniqua are you ok?"connor said looking at me in a weird way,"yeah im fine,i think ive got a headache,ill just put my head in my hands for abit,".
this way he wouldnt know if i was making tiny noises,i felt so bad,i was in too much pleasure thoe,he started putting two fingers in,i had a miny orgasm but connor didnt realsie,he was still munching on his duck.
he went fast,my pussy was leaking i wanted dick in me now.
wtf was i doin?i couldnt help it thoe.
i stopped him atlast,i went up to connor and whispered in his ear,"connor,i need to change my pad thing,theri isnt a toilet here and ill jsut do it under the table,no one can see".
he loooked at me baffled and said ok,i walked back to my seat and gave my dad that horny look,i wanted to stop talking to him, iw anted to stop everythign with him, i couldnt thoe, he was too sexy and i couldnt resist him,i went down under the table with my clutch bag to get my pad because i really did have to change,i clocked just now that my dad was fingering me while i was on my reds hahahaha bet he's got blood everywehere on his fingers now LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.
i went under the table,hopeing noone would watch me i saw connors legs and my dads legs, i could see the outline off my dads big ting,wowwwwwwwww so big,i couldnt resist it,i opened  his zip, i could see him moving his legs to get comfy,he knew i was gonna give him head,i un-done the llittle button boys have on their boxers to reaveal his BIGGGGGGG TING,wow it was so nice,all smooth and ting,i started sucking on the crown,i knew he liked it,then i started deepthroatin it,i heard him coughing,i knew it was to camaflauge the moans;),sheeeeesh i was too good, he couldnt tell me he was gonna cum,he let out a big moan when he cumed...

it was connor lifting up the table hankee to see me giving head to OUR dad,which he didnt know off.

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