Friday, 11 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 6

i was soooooo happy it was my dad and davontae,but how did they know i was here? i havent seen my dad in timeeeeeeeee! we was just looking at eachother for time. atleast their here now,imagine if they wouldnt have come and god knows what these skets would have done to me and abbie,KMT if only  i wasent on the floor i would have shown these battygirls suttin!but anyway.
the girls had backed away a bit when they saw davontae with a shank coming towards them,me and abbie got up and kissed our teeth louddddddlyy so the bitches could hear.
we heard running noises from behind and all these mandem coming up,they were davontae's mandem,i recognised one,his name was kyle,mmm he was so sexy,black (not blik) brown eyes with a diamond earing in one ear,i was getting wet just looking at him.i wanted to touch my pussy.
the mandem had circled the pussys in the station,they got onto the floor like eeeediatss haha,i felt so big,like a big girl having davontae as my brother.
"connor are you gonna help me?connor i loveyou please fight them for me"my mum said.
i was laughing sooooooooooooooooooooo hard at my mum i was gonna piss my self LOOl,connor screw faced my mum and she was just giving him a blank look and den she knew she had to get on the floor,that eeediat.
"courtney,you fucking bitch you ran away from home and thought i wouldnt find you,just because you didnt love me anymore doesnt mean you had to stab me 47 times and leave me in a coma in hospital"my dad said,she grabbed my mum from her hair and pulled her into the toilets,ahaha we heard her screaming but ook no notice.
connor walked up to davontae and took out about 5 bills from his pocket, he was giving davontae money to let him go hahaha,davontae took the money off him and just as he was gonna make his first step out of the station he put the gun on connors head and indicated him to get back to were the pussy o'ss were.
haha i cant believe i losst my virginity to that man whore,eurgh  and i acctually thought he was 'the one' what was you thinking shaniqua?
connor got on to the floor next to everyone.
davontae walked up to me and kissed me on the forehead and asked me if i was okay and asked me what i wanted to do with these ediats? i told him to burn them with ciggarets everywhere slowlyy and nicely so they could feel pain,but i told him to take connor but not do anything to him and leave him to me,i was gonna make dis man whore pay.
me and abbie walked out off the station and got onto the bus to go back home,we was so reliefed.
"mm shaniqua your brother man,he looks boom when he's angryy"abbie after all that happened she goes on about how my brothers boom when hes angry?looooooooooool.
i started cracking up,dis gurl gives me tooo many jokes man!
it was only me and abbie on the bus and she gave me that dirty look she always does when she wants my pussy,i gave her a little cheekyy smile and she fingered me in the back off the bus i was bare moaningg likee.
after she fingered me i got down and licked her out and sucked up all her juices while she was going 'ahhhh shaniquaa mm babyyyyyyy uhhh uhh uhh'.
while i was licking her out some next pedo got on the top deck of bus with his trampy clothes and scruffy hair he was about 40,he was staring at us,i was so horny i wanted his dick,"what the fuck you looking at?you wanna join?" i said.
he came on the bus and whipped his disgustinggg pale wrinkly ting out.
i was so horny i started deep-throughting it while abbie was massaging my clit,he satrted moaning/screaming like he was gonna give birth:$ bare heads from downstairs came to the top deck to see what was going on.
"WHAT THE FUCK YOU GRANNYS LOOKING AT!" abbie shouted at them people looking at us and they all ran downstairs like pussyholes.
we stopped and the pedo asked for my number.
"err mann movee,i aint giving you shit,you dutty tramp" and gave him one box in the face,me and abbie started cracking up and got off the bus to our stop.
we went to my yard and heard screaming,and davontae shouting "YOU FUCKING LIKE DAT YEH",he was wid his mandem deealing with them skanks from the station. i just satrted laughing even though it was kinda scary:/.
me and abbie jammed downstairs watching spongebob while she had rest her head on my breast.
"shaniqua,ilove you you know that:)" she said as she looked up.
"ahh i loveyoutoo bestie:)" i said.
"na shaniqua,i acctually love you."
woah,my bestfriend loves me?not in the friend way but the ACTUAL way?
"abbie are you being serious?"i had some nextt shocked look on my face.
"hahahahah looool calm down you ediat!i was joking loool the look on your face!LOOOOl"
i kissed my teeth and not very soon after i was cracking up with her too.
but next fing you know davontae comes downstairs with his mandems pulling all them skanks by their hair and takign them out the door,he didnt realise i was home,sitting on the couchh,but omgggg all them battygirls had ciggarete burnss everywhere with shank marks down their arms and legs,3 off them were already dead and 2 were still alive:OOOOOOOOO,gosh that was the most disgustingest sight i had ever seen,but them ediats deserved it kmt.
abbie had to go home because her mum had called her to come hospital to see her gran.
so she left and it was just me jamming at home,digging my hands in nuttella whislt watching csi,i got a text from Luca,some pengting boy ive knownn since,hes from portugal with sexyy skin,caramell like,blue eyes and some piff body!
he lived 4 doors away from me and the text said:

"babes,im outside your yard una,open tha door cah ive got a surprise for you;)"

mm he wanted to get jiggy eh;)?ahhaa i was in the mood so i went to the door to open the door for this boomie to show him a piece of shaniqua;) but when i opened the door it was connor.
his face all shanked up and all these next big boys behind him.i just clocked davontae didnt have connor with him as he walked down the stairs,he escaped?

"you thought you could get away with this you fucking hoe?" he said,with a shank in his hand.

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