Friday, 11 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 13

i was so pissed off,about im his sister!chaaaa!
"are you dumb termaine,about im your sister,we fucked upstairs in your bedroom yesterday and you licked me out,would someone do that to their sister?NO so shut the fuck up,i hope you die".
abbie looked at termaine with tears down her eyes,termaine didnt say anyting and walked back upstairs,i ran out the house crying,i ran and ran,i didnt know were i was going,i loved termaine and he has my so called bestfriend as his babygirl.
even though we didnt fuck yesterday i was so pissed off so i said that,i hope they break up,i hope abbie catches aids.
i really hated her at the moment.
i stopped at a corner shop,i walked in, i was so hugnry the indian man was bare watching me,i got a pack off pringles and some ribena strawberry and a bottle off whisky, i walked up to the counter.
"give 11 pound,u want bag?"LOOOOL his english was terrible.
i laughed and walked up to him behind the counter,no one else was in the shop,"i'll sucky sucky;)"
"ohh ok ok:D"he said with a grin,LOOOL he was so ugly,eurgh.
i bent down and unzipped his jeans,they smelt off curry.
i took his dick it,omy,it was acc good yaknoe,8 inches,nice and think,i wanted to bite it then run off but i acc felt like sucking it,i slowly started sucking the top off his dick while he was moaning"uhh uhh curryyyy!!!!"
i couldnt be bothered anymore so i gave it a BIG BITEEE and ran off with my pringles and ting.
"you bloody pig!!come back english girl!!"
LOOOOOOL shameeeeeeeeeeeee.
my yard was close,i was walking down the road with termaines t-shirt and trackies,i looked boom though even if i look a mess.
i got to my yard,i didnt have my keys with me but theirs always a key under the mat,so i lifted the mat and iopened the lock slowly just incase anyone was home,and nope no one was home, i closed the door behind me and ran to the toilet straighttttt!i done a biggg shit and came out.
"shaniqua is that you,where the fuck have you been all this time?!"
i recognised that voice,davontae.
i hated him now,after what connor told me about what he'd done,bue he doesnt know connor told me.
"erm yeh its me davontae".
he walked down with some chick,theyve just fucked i think,she had cum in her hair and everyweher:$
"get out now bruv"
"wheres my money doe?"
"skeen" davontae handed her a tenner,
"are you dumb davontae gimme 80 bruv not a fucking tenner"
davontae was getting vex and punched the girl,i helped her up and led her out the house.
"why'd you do that for davontae"
"forget that man,anyway why aint you been home in about 3 days"
"i was staying round abbies"
"you best be telling me the truth shaniqua but anyway im off out baby sis,have you seen my suit btw,the one with the white outline"
i swear thats the suit connor was wearing?
"erm na"
"ite im out babysis"he came and gave me a kiss in the forhead and went out,eurghh are you dumb,i aint having no serial killer giving me kisses on the forhead KMTTTTTT,you know what yeah ima tell im about what he's done when he comes back kmft.
i walked upstairs in my room ahh ive missed my bed,i was still confused,connor was wearing davontae's suit?
i lay down on my bed and took termaines clothes off,mmm the coldness off my bed was so comforting.
but my phone rang,kmft,it was from connor,i didnt know if i should pick it up,i was scared.
(8) meh ah tell u seh meh a beg yu a fuk(8)
"hello,what do you want connor".
"listen shaniqua,im sorry about that night i didnt mean to do that,i was pissed off,btw my dads funeral is today,i was wondering if you could come along because you was the last perosn he saw and i think you would be needed"
omyyyy my daddy<3
"eerm yeah ill come but pick me up please"why the fuck was he inviting me?
"ite ill pick you up 12 be ready"


hmmm why was connor inviting me to his/my dads funeral,he doesnt know he's my dad aswell,im like a stranger to his dad from his point off view but owell,i have to go.
it was half 11,FUCK ,just half an hour to get ready?!dayummmmmmmmm.
i quickly went into my mums wardrobe to get them posh dresses out,the ones you wear to funerals,i got a cream coulered one,it came to my knees and one off them posh hats you wear.
i put it on,then done my hair into a low side bun brushed my frindge to the side,true say i looked fucking booooooom!but i looked bare old for a 16 year old.
i heard a knock on the door,it was connor,i went to go and get it,i opened the door and he was standing their looking all posh and everything,i didnt know what to say,"erm you ready then"he said.
"yeah lemme just get my bag"
i got my clutch bag from the living room and we both steppped into his whip,the whole journey was silent,not even one word,we drove all the way to the church,when we walked out their was bare crying and shit,i wanted to laugh for some reason LOOOOOOOOOOOOL im deep.
we sat down inside the church and the priest was reading out my dads will,i just wanted to get this over and done with,i wanted to see my dad for the last time in his coffin,but then he read the bit which got me kinda scared still.
"in Mr.Grants will it states here,'i want all off my children davontae coremstell,shaniqua coremstell and connor grant and chantelle grant to all make peece and each earn a quarter off my wealth"


"what wha..what?!shaniqua is my sister?!"connor said as he stood up loking at me in disgust.

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