Friday, 11 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 5

 it was my brother davontae.

'fuxk off davontae!' i shouted. he laughed as he walked up to abbie and started lipsing her,goshh they took their time like 6 mins i swear they proper got into it and he bare sat down on tha bed and wrapped his arms aorund her and they just lipsed,i was like 'ehemmmm' but they still didnt stop so i just decided to put my clothes on and walk out off the room,i got my towel and jumped in the shower,after i had finished i got back out i heard noises coming out off my room.ewww my brother was beating my best friend:$ 'uhhhh uhh davontae,mmmm babyyy fuckk mee'abbie groaned.
i opened the door a slight bit and watching davontae giving abbie bocat,omg i wanted to jump in but i just stood their at the door fingering my self,i cummed and next thing you know when i opened my eyes from the pleasure davontae was standing at the door staring at me straight in the eye,i just didnt know what to say.
he lipsed me as he was naked and i took hold off his big ting,it was verrrrrryy bigg and fat,mmmm.
he pulled me in the room while he was lipsing me and onto the bed but next thing you know the door from downstairs opened and my mum came back home with the shopping 'shaniquaaa,davontae help me with the bags please'.
me and davontae and abbie said 'SHITTT' at the same time and we rushed around the room to get our clothes and put them back on, it looked so funny as we were running aorund in the room all together LOOOL.
i went downstairs and helped mum with the shopping,'kmt mum were are my prawn cocktail flavoured crisps?'
'their in the bag in the living room shaniqua and could you take davontae's vests up to his room please?'
i got davontae's vests and ran up the stairs and knocked on davontae's door if i could come in.
gosh my brother was sexy,pengg caramel lighty with hazel eyes and a star pattern on the side off his head.mmmmm.
anyway,back to where we were.
i opened the door and saw him laying down on his bed playing ps3
'erm were shall i put these?' i didnt wanna make eye contact wid him due to what happened earlier so i was looking down on the floor. i knew he was looking at me straighttt and he said 'give em to me' i walked up to him and gave dem to him and walked out,wowwwwwwwwww that was soo awkward!
i went downstairs and abbie was going so i said bye to her and kissed her and winked and said 'call me';).
iwent upstairs and logged onto facebook,nuttin special so i logged out and sat on my bed listening to vybz kartel,jheeeeez my guy!he's frass though:$
but still,then my phone rang and stopped the song kmt.
'meh ah tell u seh me ah beg yu a fuk'
it was un-known.
i picked up and some nexxx gyal said 'oi you fucking slag you beat my man yeh watch!!fink ur a big gurl cuz your brothers known around here?ahahha raaa come meet us at brixton station den init if u fink u can beat my man and not get away wiv dis u ppussyhole,awww ibet yu aint gonna come anyway pussyhole,if u dont den we've got your mum init haha and things might get rough init haha'
wtf i quickly cut the phone and ran downstairs to see if my mum was der,WTFF 'MUMM,MUMM!' the front door was open,it was left der swinging,i started bawling on the kitchen floor 'nooo mumm!!:'('.
davontae came runnning downstairs,i told him everything,shitt davontae was switching i told him that i had to go brixton station and he was like naaa shaniqua im coming, den i said 'naaa davontae allow it, im gonna go and see whats happeng', he looked bare angryy!iwas getting scared myself!
he kissed my forehead and handed me a shank.
i went upstairs to get ready to go brixton. i belled abbie and told her to come meet me in brixton station in like an hour.
'ahh kl kl babygurl dont wworry ill be their,dont worry,ima fucking smash up dese gurls'she said.

before i changed or anything i was just thinking about what that gurl was talking about?wtf, i aiint beat anyone!im still a virgin KMT!but then i remembered connor........hmm yep its gotta do wid him.
So i put the phone down, got dressed in a deep outfit, i put on my purple cardigan dress with a blue pin stripe shirt underneath, them black tights from American Apparel and some Airforces, tru say I looked banging. I put on my make-up, brushed my weave,, put in some earings and left yard to meet abbie at Brixton station. When i got to the station, some guy that i met time agooo had tried moving to me and at first i was tempted to let him have my new number but i knew that if i gave it to him, he'd be bellin it too much and plus he looked like a fair skin sean kingston- ALLLLOW IT. I bascially met him at some party in East about two months, i think it was some Choice Fm ting, i'm not sure but anyway he was there and we must have been whining together for the whole night and he touched my pussy and to be honest, i couldn't even be bothered to say no.I was too pissed to remember if i came or not but all i remember is waking up in his yard, in his bed and looking up to see him fingering me with his stretch marks and spots all over his body. So when i saw him, it brought back them memories and like i said before, ALLLLOW IT.

when i got to the station i saw abbie and gave her a biggg hugg and we walked into the station looking for them girls,wtf,my mum was their lipsing connor and laughing at me with a bunch off girls.


'hahaha you thought i acctually loved you shaniqua,how could i found out beat my man connor haha,well bitch ive hated you all along and you need to die shaniqua,you eeediat haha'
that was acctually my mum talking to me.
connor was standind there laughing at me.
i wlaked up to him and gave him a duttty slapp you could feel the connection all the way from egdware!some grisl back handed me and put me on the floor kmt everyone was walkin past and not doing anyfing?i wish davontae was here with me kmt he would have done every bitch including connor.
they had abbie on the floor too and they all started spitting on us including my mum.woah,my mum?my mum was with connor and these group off batty girls.
this was a set up all along.
my mum announced 'sooo what shall we do wid dese girls den?'i still couldnt believe it, it was MY MUM saying that about her own daughter!
i shouted 'you fucking bitch i hope you catch AIDS off that tight-assed boyfriend off yours'
she came and stood on me and said 'shut the fuck up'.
i decided to shut the fuck up cuz my mum was dangerous:/.

then someone walked in the sation....... 'GET THE FUCK OFF HER NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!'

it was my dad walking up with davontae.

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