Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 25

"smurr.urkkss" i stuttered.
"are you alright love?", i looked up at her, "tattiana,thats my cousin.."
she looked shocked,she looked so disgusted,i felt so ashamed off myself,but i dont remember beating Smurkz?
she turned around,"shaniqua i dont want you stepping foot in this house again,your a disgusting filthy child with no respect for yourself,the only reason i let you in was because off connor,if it wasnt for connor you would have died,you stupid sket,who would have sexual intercourse with their bloody cousin?" she turned around, "you disgust me,get out".
she spat on the floor and pointed at the door,trying to avoid eye contact with me,she looked so ugly,with zits across her forhead.
"oh please,shut up tattiana,stop acting like your all innocent,about stupid sket,dont you think i dont know about you? connor's told me everything you hoe,about how you used to link up uncle rupert," she went red.
"im off but watch when i bait your life out,everyones gonna know how YOU aborted uncle ruperts child for money," i packed my suitcase up and done the zip,she came walking up to me,"no please shaniqua,im sorry,forget this,im sorry,i wont be like this anymore" i turned around.
"please,just shut the fuck up you dutty pig" and one box to the face sent her flying down onto the floor,i ran for it down the stairs with my suitcase,i ran out off the door,this bitch had pissed me off,i was wearing nothing but a dressing gown,i felt ashamed walking through the streets off barnet with swollen scratchs on my face,my hair a mess,and a silky dressing gown,everyone was looking at me,i got to a phone booth,i took my suit case in and my iphone4 out,i looked through my contacts,i entered 40p and dialed connor,it went through voicemail.
"yoo dis is connor,man aint avaiable jus leave a messege den ill get to you"....."erm conn its shaniqua,just dial my number when you get dis"
i didnt have anywhere to go,i didnt even know where connor was,i saw old friends on my contact list, i didnt even care,then i saw his name...
i had to set this paigon up,i was getting bored,i had to stay somewhere aswell,i didnt have anyone,connor was somewhere on this earth but i really wasnt bothered,i wanted advventure and excitement.
40p in.
dialed the number.
"yooo whos dis"
"its me termaine,shaniqua"
"oh u orite babe"
"yeah im good,i was wodnerin if i could come round your yard init,my pussys been missing your dick"
he started laughing,his laugh was sexy.
"lool yeah ite,my dicks been missing your pussy too una,were are you,ill pick you up"
i looked around,"new barnet,hethersfeild grove,near the park"
"ite man got dat,ill be der in 10 mins"
i smiled,this fassy didnt know what was gonna happen to him,to be honest i didnt even know what i was gonna do,but i was gonna do suttin.i couldnt let him see me in this stupid dressing gown,i was in the phone booth and everyone could see me as they walked off,i couldnt give two shits right now,i opened my suitcase and found a white vest top with jeggings,i wore the jeggings then turned around so no one would see my breasts,i took the gown off and put on the strap top,with no bra on,i was losing weight,my batty was going and my boobs,my boobs had gone bigger infact,i put my arms in front me off,i saw cuts,deep red cuts everywhere,i took my left hand and touched a cut on my right arm,it was so sore,i took a cardigan out the suitcase and put that on top and tied my hair up,i was going to get ome make up out when i clocked their were some white boys outside the phone booth all looking at me,they were so buterz, i turned around and bent down to get my make up,then a hand touched my ass, i turned around,it was that frass spotty white bre.
"ay chick,i like you,come home with me " his english was poor.
"get off me you mug2 i struggled to get out but he was too strong,i started screaming,everyone was looking in the phone booth but doing nothing,an old lady walked past "leave the poor girl alone,im calling the police",she ran.
"dont scream you bitch" he put his hand over my mouth,he wouldnt let me go,he was laughing,until someone boxed him from behind.
"prick say nuffin,touching my girl like that,you must be dumb" it was termaine.
"ahhh termaine thank you" i kissed him on the cheek.
"its orite b,no ones touching you"
fucking prick,he took my suitcase and lead me to his whip,we both sat in,"woah shaniqua whats happened to you,youve been shanked up differently" he looked at me,i didnt look back "its nuffin".
he turned around to his steering wheel and started up the car,"you want anyfing to eat? you look like youve lost bare weight"
"na im orite i just wanna go to your yard",he was still driving.
"so youve missed me init" fucking prick why the fuck would i miss you fucking mug.
"yeah i have" i turned around,we stopped at the traffic light,it was red,he turned around,"your still sexy una" he came over and lipsed me,then we started tongueing,he gripped onto my breasts,the car from behind beeped " oh shit" he started driving again,we both started laughing,we got to his yard finally,some next flat,but it was bear posh,the stairs were long though.
he opened the door,he took my suitcase and put it to the side,he held my hand and walked me to the bedroom,i lay myself down on the bed,closing my eyes.
he came on top off me,i opened my eyes,he was so sexy,he was naked,his muscles had gone bigger,i looked down,his dick was hench una,He kissed my neck and his dick started to get hard. He rubbed his gingers onto my cheek.
i took off my cardigan,"oh shit shaniqua,what happened to you" he was looking through my marks,"nuffin termaine,just fuck me" . i took his dick and started playing with it,then put it in my mouth,sucking on the crown. he groaned. my pussy was gettin so wet, i remembered last tim ei fucked him,he was so good.i needed to ride pon his cocky,i took off my jeggings as he was kissing my neck from behind as i was laid down onto the bed,"your fucking nang shaniqua" he kissed my tits. i stood over him and started playin with my pussy, i needed it to get wet but i couldnt get really horny, i didnt know why.he sat up on the bed and I slowly sat on it. i started to ride it, the dick felt nice,ive been missing this,but i came here for revenge i had to remember.
I rode his dick so hard, i rode it slow but hard, like i clenched my pussy so hard so his dick felt the tightness. i rode his dick so fast,he was groaning "oh shit" he put his head back.
He started grindin up, like arched his back up so his dick was deeper in me, i felt like i was high , , his dick was so hard, I started to feel lightheaded, the dick was sendin me insane. i could feel it all in me. i was pantin, my chest was beatin so hard, you know that feeling you get,where you can feel it all the way in your chest.
we was both grinding on eachother,i wanted him on top,i got off the dick and lay on the bed. he got on top, he spread my legs and licked my pussy.
He slowly put his dick in me. AAAHH, he started bangin me slowly, he was pantin, i was pantin, i kissed his licks and was scratching his back.
"fuck me termaine,fuck me," i whispered, he started gettin rougher with me, i got ligheaded again and then i didnt remember anything.

i woke up,in his bed,the sun was in my eyes from the window,i got up slowly,he wasnt next to me,i looked around,he wasnt here,then i heard the shower,he was probably in their,i had to get this ediat hurt,i hated him,i saw his phone on his desk,i got up and walked to it to see if their was anything i could do,i went to his texts..........wait,wait,wait.

'shes their yeah? keep her, im bringing my boys round for line ups,dont tell her i sent dem doe,im gonna meet her anyway and take her shopping later on,she'll probably forget about it,im out init,gonna go out wid cherika for some pussy,holla at man later doe',From Connor

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