Friday, 11 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 16

 i ran into his yard,i was scared,why did i have to leave my phone in his car man?!arghhh.
i ran up the stairs and into the bathroom,it was big boy,he had one off them round tubs and a tv fixed into the wall,with a glass sink and marble flooring,dayumm this guy was rich.
i heard footsteps coming up the stairs,he stood outside the bathroom door while saying "shaniqua bruv,just hear me out i aint gonna do shit,i just wanna talk to you".
"nana back away your gonna hurt me chris,i kno you are"
"shaniqua,why you being like this,i could never hurt a girl,i never have in my life,man has respect,i just wanna talk to you",his voice sounded so calm and sweet,i knew he was telling the truth.
but just to make sure their was a gun on the sink,i picked it up and checked if it was loaded,i slowly opened the door.
"come closer and ill shoot",i was getting too paranoid over the amount off times i got fucked up,i was scared i was gonna get fucked up again.
he looked so calm,he looked like he couldnt hurt a girl,i put the gun down back on the sink,he started slowly walking up to me,i picked the gun back up,"CHRIS DONT FUCKING COME CLOSE I SAID".
"ite shaniqua,ite,whatever you want".
i wanted to cry,why was i being like this,he was still standing their looking at me,i started bawling and dropped my gun on the floor,"ahh shaniquaaaa"he came up and hugged me tight,i hugged him back,i had probably soaked his jacket in tears but owell.
"you have to know mans gonna be here for you now,your my wifey now,whatever happened in the past fuck that,were starting fresh".
i got my head up and kissed him,we had some passionate kiss for like 10 minutes,then i backed away and said,"chris have you got anyfing for me to wear,these clothes are dirty,i dont feel comfortable in them".
"ye b,go into monisha room and find suttin in her wardrobe"he said while pointing at some room with a pink door.
i smiled and hugged him once again,"shaniqua i gotta go and meet my boy,he's in shit right now witht he feds,its all cause off some hoe",i was starting to get worried,"whats his name and whos the girl?"
"connor and shaniqua,but that cant be you ,you look to innocent LOL"
"yeye i dont know anyone called connor anyway" i was shitting myself inside.
"ye b,ill be back tonight,just get yourself comfortable"he said while he winked at me and got down the stairs.
WOIIIIIIIIIIIIII,im in deep shit bruv if connor finds out its me.
i began to start bawling on the floor again,why is my life so fucked up?
"erm you orite?",i heard a girls voice,it was the girl i saw in the jeep,the rhianna look alike,i wiped my tears "yeah im fine,you must be monisha is their any chance off me borrowing some off your clothes,i look a mess right now".
"yeah im monisha,chris's sister,and yh course come"she gave me her hand and i gripped onto it and got up,she lead me into her room,it was pink everywhere!with nickki minaj posters and big photoshots off her modeling,it was so nice,she gave me some silky pink p'js and i thanked her,she lead me to the shower and i thanked her again and hopped in,dayumm i need to try her pussy out still.
i turned the shower and and let the warm water sprinkle down on me,i got some soap and starting rubbing it on my breats as i heard someone walk in the bathroom,"chris is that you?monisha?",the shower curtain went back,it was termaine,he was naked,"termaine what the fuck,what are you do-"
"shhhh" he said as he put his finger on my lip,he hopped in the shower with me,he grabbed into my waist from behind and started kissing my neck.
mmmmm it felt sooo good.
"termaine,i cant do this,ive got chris now,what about abbie" i said,i was slowly getting into it i didnt want him to stop.
"stop chatting breeze shaniqua,you know you like it,abbies disappeared,shes a prozzy now,i dont want her,i want you"he said in some sexy voice.
i couldnt help it,even though chris and me were now together i couldnt resist termaine,i turned round and started kissing me,he grabbed onto my tits while i grabbed onto is dick,he pushed me against the wall and lifted my legs up high.
then he lifted himself up and i saw his dick, all 10 inches of it, big and throbbing ready to turn me into a sket.
He looked at me and shook his head, "if you knew how cheung u were, u wouldnt waste your time fuckin me."
he took my left leg and put it round his waist. he was gonna fuck me hard.
i wrapped my hands round his neck as he rested his head on my shoulder.
slowly, his dick went in me.
the dick was all the way inside of me and my heart was beating so fast.
he was bitin my neck as he was jookin me, fuck that, it wasnt a jook, it was a wet fuck. He was making my cunt go insane.
He was bitn my neck and it hurt but it felt good.
I could feel his entire dick in me and my nipples were rock hard. his long strong tongue was in my mouth as his dick... oh shit i could feel my wet pussy leaking all over his dick this guy was turnin me into a some any slag and it feel nice, his big dick ramming my tight wet pussy, i started to feel sorry for virgins cos this dick was what they were missing out on.
"ahhhh termaine,this feels so good"
he tilted his head back in pleasure,then i saw his hand reaching out to get something,i didnt care, i was in too much pleasure to care,his dick was tearing me out.
theni felt something inbetween my breasts,he stopped fucking me,i looked down,their was a gun inbetween my breasts.

"you fucking sket,how can you leave man like that,man fucking missed you".

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