Friday, 11 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 2

"yeye buh u need to cum shoppin wid me tommorow i acc aint got nuttin to wear,we'll go westfield"
"ye klkl anyway u got anyfin new you wanna share wid your gyal?!"
i started cracking up,dis gurl gives me jokes,"yeye i met some boomting near the shops today mans gonna link him tommorow before the shubz"
"whats his name den"she said.
"wait isnt he that guy dat has canerows and green eyes"she said in a confused way.
"yeye why?you know him?"
"shaniqua....hes tha one that raped me,the one i told you about last year"
i pretended to be shocked even though just thinking bout connor turned me on,i know she was my gyal but seriously,who can resist connor.
"woahh dat dikhead!dpmo.naa dont worry babe ive got a couple off guys dat can deal wid him still!no prick messes wid my gyal"i said trying to convince her dat i was pissed.
"ahaa ido love you shaniqua!" she said with a smile in her voice.
"love you two darghie!,anyways mums callin me shes askin me to help wid da house im off yeh babe,call me doe wenever yu want me to get ready for the shubsz tommorow den come my yard den we'll go init"
"yeye ite safe bub"

i put the phone down,that night i couldnt sstop thinking bout connor,so i got my vibrators out and dun my ting init;).
i fingered myself the whole night and then came on my hands and licked it off.
i thought it was time ilost my virginity and i wanted to lose it to connor,ireally did,theres something special about him,he was perfect.
it was around 10pm and i had a free yard i wanted tu call him but i didnt have his number.
speaking of the devil...i got a call it was an unknown number,i picked it up and kissed my teeth loudlyyyyyy and den dis boom voice went "wagwun b".
"who the fuck is dis calling me off unknown?" i said in an angry voice.
he started laughing,i realised who it was by that sexy laugh.
"its me, your boy connor,so when you gonna link man den".
"erm,i got a free yard now if you want".
"ah yeye dat'll be kl whats your address doe b" he said.
"134 peckanham lane"
"ye b ill be round in 10 minutes".


I wanted it bad now.

I ran into ma mums room and put on her spongebob square pants two piece bikini, i brushed my straight light brown hair and put on lipgloss and sprayed some perfume and then creamed my body with cocoa butter.
woah!ilooked cheungggggggggggg!
 i heard the doorbell ring.
i ran to the door and opened it....

"Wha'm baby love,"

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