Friday, 11 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 20

i think i pissed myself a LITTLE bit.
"jheez my gyal awake now yh,have a nice sleep?man called you a fucking sister,man done shit for oyu,man killed bare heads for YOU,man left home to come and help YOUR fammily out,you SKET i dont wanna have anythign to do with you,do you know what this mug done to me?"smurkz said while pointing at chris,he had shank marks all over his head and cheeks,and his eye was bruised,and he couldnt talk that properly like before,he had some next sutter.
"smm..u..smurkk...smurkz please leave chris alone u..u can do what..wht..ever you want to me just please leave chh..chris alone"i said while suttering too.
he looked at his boys wiht chris in their hands all tied up with rope and his mouth celataped,i swear if he wasnt tied up or had his mouth celataped he would have done ALL 20 off them ! they all started laughing,then mine and chris's eyes met,we looked deep,tears started to flow out off his eyes,he started going red with anger and then suddenly kicked the guy standing next to him which was also holding him , in the balls.
he screamed,chris was just about to run through the door but he got grabbed back by his hood.
ahhhhhhhhh,i cant see him like this.
i tore open my p'js and took my bra and knickers off.
they all started walking up to the bed where i was laying down on,the guy took chris and grabbed onto his jaw.
"look at your girl getting fucked,im gonna make you look through the whole thing" he said voilently while grabbing chris's head and jaw.
he started struggiling to get out but he couldnt,the guy was too hench,he looked scary.
i didnt want to see my baby like this,i hope he knew why i was oding this,i didnt want to see him hurt.
"oi bruv get the straightners out"one off smurks'z guy said.
whaaaaaat theeeee fuckkkkkkk?!
he got some straightners out from the cuboard on the side off the bed while this other giggs look alike was fingering me,i didnt even feel anything,it was so dry,i was acting stoosh and ting so chris would know im only doing this for him and not for them dum nappy heads,then some guy told me to suck his dick,he was orite ya knoe,he wernt that bad,i had to do it or something else would happen.
i got on my knees on the beed and starting sucking his dick,i wasnt even trying my mouth was just on its dick,not even sucking properly.
"BITCH FUCKING SUCK" i didnt want to get into shit so i started sucking,he started moaning,"uhhhh uhhhh gummybear",wtf?gummybear?:|.
he cummed and he put his dick all over my head so the cum would stick to my hair,idiot.
chris's jaws was still being held by that guy,he could see every move i made and everything that happened to him,imagine seeing his girl sucking dick in front off him.
 it hurt him even more everytime i could see he wanted me to stop like telling me its okay if they hurt me but shaniqua stop,i couldnt thoe i could never see chris hurt,ihad love for him,toooo much love.
the guy plugged in the straightners while some next bllik shit came on top off me and told me to spread my legs,the others were bashing off ready to see me getting fucked.
i did as i was told,he stuck his BIGGGGGGGGGGG dick in me,i couldnt help but moan in pleasure,mm it felt goood!
ahhhh i cant believe im thinking that:$.
he was fucking me straiggggghtttttttt!i put my hand over my mouth so i wouldnt let out any moans or anything,but he slapped me"BITCH MOVE YOUR HAND I WANT YOUR MAN TO HEAR YOU IN PLEASURE".
i got soooooooo pissed off,i knew chris was looking at me,i could see it from the cornor off my eye.
i slapped the blik shit.
im a badman!..but a dead badman....:|
"bruvvvvv get the straightners on her,i dont want her blue waffle stinky pum"he said,im surprised,he said it calmy.
bruv what the fuck could straightners do?


"PLEAAAAAAAASEE STOPPPPP JUSTT STOPP PLEASEEEE ILL FUCKING DO ANYTHIGN STOPPPPPPPPPP,AHHHH,,,"they were burning my punani with straightners,chris was waatching,his face flooded in tears.
"jheeeez ahahahah man likes that you know,bitch in pleasure yh,how obut we give you more pleasure"smurkz said.
he walked up to chris,bein held by that guy,he took out vinger from his adidas bag round his neck and a shank.
he looked into chris's eyes,and slowly started floating the knife on his skin moving it from near his eyes slowly down to his mouth,he cut a little slit on chris's lips,blood was slowly coming out,my baby looked brave,he wasnt in fear or anything he was angry,he didnt show no emotion or pain when smurkz done hat.
"ohh sooo braveboy now yh"smurkz said.
he opened the vinegar lid and poured it onto chris's lips.
chris's eyes were about to pop out,becaus eoff how much he was screaming the celatape came off.
"LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL"all off his boys started laughing.
i closed my eyes,i didnt want to see any off this anymore,i didnt want to be living anymore,i didnt want to be an idiot anymore getting involved in big man tings wen im still a likkle gyal myself.
my punani was hurting SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much,imagine having your pussy being burnt by straightners,their was blood nearly everywhere.
then i heard a gunshot.
the door FLUNGGGGGGG open.
"BRUVVVVVVV GET THEM"i heard a girl say it sounded so familiar.
i opened my eyes to see smurkz and some next mans being held by all these boys and being lead out.
then a girl coming out off them,monisha.
"moo..monisha?i thought you were in pen?how did you find me?whatt?how did yo-"i said while looking at her confused,she stopped me before i could say anything else.
"naa im on bail cuz i blamed it on some other chick cuz she had the same kind off crime commited as me,but dw b i got that chick sorted for you,she a fi dead!and dnt watch dat bout how i found you lots,mans been looking for htis batty boy for timeeeeeee,he fucked up my life,he took my viriginity away,he told me he'll film our sex tape and keep it to ourselves,but he put it on facebook and some porn site and showed my parents,it ruined my life,my family disowned me,but its all kool now,im getting my revenge back"she said while smiling "and get some clothes on gurll"
i smiled back "ahh thank you monisha,i dont know how much i could thank you,imagine if oyu didnt come man,i would have been dead already,and yh lol shh i will oncei get out off dis shit hole" she smiled again.
i looked and searched for chris about,then i saw him in a cornor with some guys,i was still naked but i didnt care, i wanted to see if my babes was alright,i ran up to him and put him on my chest,he was unconcious,i started kissing his forhead and everywhere on his fce i was so glad i had my babes back,ahh i love him!
"yoooo shaniqua you want some towel or suttin" i looked back,it was marko and connor.

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