Friday, 11 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 17

"termaine,i,i,im sorry" i said while shaking.
"nananana mans got you now init,do what i say or youll fucking die,haha say suttin now bitch"termaine said while grining.
"i'll do anything you want!please allow the gun".
"ite suck my dick init".
i got down on my knees and started sucking his dick,slowly deepthroatin it while massagin his balls.
"bruv yhhh,jus like thatttt"he said in pleasure.
i was hating this,i wanted to be with chris,i wanted to be in his arms,i wish i never done this with termaine in the first place.
my phone starting ringing,it was on the floor with my clothes.
"bruv what the fuck is dat,ima break dat ting noww!termaine said while looking around.
ARE YOU DUMB,i aint letting Noooo one break my phone i started deepthroatin him SO BADLY and sucking him HARDDDDDDD.
he was screamin in pleasure,phewww.
"right dats it init,im gonna let you off cuz mans are coming to the house,dont tell chris bout this or ill kill you shaniqua,i aint even joking,ill fucking kill you"
i kissed my teeth under my breath and put my leg out off the bath when he stopped me,"where gonna be doing this every friday,is that fucking understood or ill kill you,for real".
KMTTTTTTTTTT!dis guy must fink hes hard or suttin!with his 5 inch ting!about kill me!
i nodded,i didnt want any more drama,i bent down and picked up my things and walked out off the door,no one was home,i walked into monisha's room and wore the p'js she gave me and tied my hair up in a bun and just lay down on the bed crying as i heard termaines footsteps going downstairs,i just wanted chris,but true say if he found out that i was the one who put connor in pen then im deaaaaaaaad!
i clocked someone had called me earlier so i picked up my phone to see who it was,it was from smurkz,ahh i called him back.
smurkz:yooo whos dis
me:its me smurkz you eediat!have you got connor yet?
smurkz:ohh seen seen and yehhh thats why i called you,he was with the feds talking and shit on gronehill road,we had to shoot all da feds first to get him,now the feds are looking everywhere for him and us,weve knocked him out unconcious,you want us to torture him or shall we brign him round yours so you could do some damage too.
me:yeah bring him round here init,389 jaffole road,JS9 IW9.
smurkz:LOOOOl shaniqua we're like 8 doors away,im coming now
me:ohh lool ite klkl bring that bastard over aswell.
hmmmm im a give this eeediat a beating he'll never forget.
i didnt know what time chris will be back or monisha so i had to make this a quick one.
the doorbell rang,i rapidly went downstairs to go and answer it.
it was smurkz with a gang off boys and connor,but connor was unconcious being held by two hench men,they walked in.
smurkz:shittttttt shaniqua you got some nice place
me:yehyeh i knoe lol its not mine,its my mans.
smurkz:you got a man now yeah,jheeez check my lil baby sis growing up and ting,best not turn into some next sket or man has to show you somethings;)
he said while winking at me,eurghhhhhhh i loved smurkz but the things he sometimes does man,eurghh!SKJDNKJASDNJKASJN!
i led them to the living room,their was about 20 man,we put connor onto a chair and smurkz gave him one box to the face,and he woke up buzzingg!
the boys started tying him up,he was getting vex boy,then he saw me,he looked at me like he was gonna cry,he looked at me for timeeeee.
"oi dont fucking look at my likkle sis yeh,your here to get a lesson taught about how to treat a woman with respect"
"LOOOOL you must think mans a pussy or suttin kmt about how i need to treat girls with self respect shes my likkle sis too yaknoe,dont get hyped you wasteman"he said bare kissing his teeth and ting.
smurks gave him one LICKKKK!shitt his nose was bleeding:O
"you wanna say that again big man"smurkz said while all his boys starting bussing laughs.
"ite i will,like i said you must think mans a pussy or suttin kmt about how i need to treat girls with self respect shes my likkle sis too yaknoe,dont get hyped you wasteman"connor was brave.
smurkz started laughing,i was started to get scared,all off a sudden i wanted things to stop,i cant believe i was doing this,to the guy i acc loved,to the guy who took my virginity,to the sweet loving connor i knew who always used to feed me chips like a baby in mcdonalds.
i cant believe i was doing this to him.
"oi smurkz let me deal wit dis yh"i said walking up to them.
"ite my likkle sis gon show u a lesson init,"he handed me a shank.
i had to do this,after everything he done,i came up to him,his eyes were watery when he saw me coming up to him i whispred into his ear "iloveyou connor" then got up and shouted battyboyy out louddddddd.
i was mean,everyone started laughin,i came upclose to his face and looked at ihm in the eye while a tear dropped down his face,"awww my mans crying" i said as i stood up laughing,i shanked the side off his cheek as blood ozzed out,mm his felt good,revengeeeeee.
i kicked him in his dick and started giving him blows to the face while everyone was shouting "JHEEEEEEZ RATINGSSS"!
this felt good,its like he wanted me to do that,everytime i gave him a blow to the face he brought his face back up like he was ready for another one,i wanted to hurt him "bye connor,you'll never see me again,and if you do,thats in hell."
i was ready to kill him,omg.
i got the knife and shanked him in his stomach.
"SHANIQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"he said while putting his head down.
"shaniqua that was too much"they all said while laughing.
blood was pouring out off connor,this is what ahppens when you try touching shaniqua init,BATTTYBOYYYYYYY.
we was all bussing as the door opened,all off us got silent,it was chris with mandem behind him.
"bruv is dat connor?"one guy said.
"BRUVVVVV WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE SMURKZ,OI UNTIE CONNOR NOW AND TTAKE HIM HOSPITAL"chris said as he came up to smurkz and started BEATINGGG THE SHITTTTT out off him,all his battyboy mandem ran out,how the fuck did chris know smurkz?
all his boys took connor into the car and drove off.
Smurkz tried fighting chris but chris was too strong,smrukz had tygz with him,tygz couldnt fight,he was in the corner shitting himself.

"What was dat bruv,shaniqua what you on,is what im hearing true?"
"noooo he raped me chris,hes lying"
"hmmm smurkz your lying now yh"
I started cryin.
I looked at tygz- he was shakin like crazy, den i saw him piss himself.
"Oh shit man!", one off chris's guys said laufed, "my mans getting wet for u Chris- man pissed himself at the sound of ur voice,"
All of Chris''s man started laufin.
"Smurkz bruv- im dissapointed in u man- me and u used to play football together- now you're attacking my guy" chris saidd.
"Shaniqua come here"i came up slowly to chris,shit if he ofund out i done this im deaddddddd.
"Shaniqua-Shaniqua is my girl- so when you fuck with her or my guy connor guess what you're fucking with me- what should us man do them,"  sed.
Smurkz gav me some dutttyyy loook.
they started laufin, tygz got on his knees and started beggin. Smurkz gave him a dirty look.
"Get on your knees Smurkz,"  Chris Said.
"bruv- i aint doin that- man aint no pussy out ere," Smrukz sed.
"bruv," Chris sed, "ill shove this strap so down ur throat- there'll be bullets in your shit- get on your fuckin knees."

Smurkz got on his knees.
"u sed i was a batz innit,ur right- man is sometimes partial to cock, so i want u two to lips- im gonna film u doing it and when you do you're gonna act like u love it- ur not gonna say shit- ur just gonna lips- if any of you stops itll be two shots in your chest." Chris Said.

Tygz started cryin, Smurkz stood up and sed, "man aint on dat- so just shoot me."
Chris looked at his mandem and they all started laufin, Chris held me by waist so tightly.
"Shaniqua- u ok?", one off his guys said,i dont even know him.
i nodded.
"get on your knees Smurkz,"
Smurkz slowly got on his knees.
"kiss da boy!", one of Chris's boys sed in a jamaican accent
Some Guy took out his video phone.
"kiss him," fumez whispered.
Smurkz looked at Tygz and sed, "nah- im not doin it."
Chris looked at termaine,then looked at smurkz in some disgusting way like he was gonna be dead tonight.
"termaine i beg you take shaniqua into the car," he sed.
termaine looked at me and gave me a dirty/dutty smile,"ite".

ohh noo not again.

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