Friday, 11 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 14

"wah wah what?!shaniquas my sister?!"he said as he stood up and looked at me in disgust.
i didnt say anything,i felt ashamed and put my head down,he gave me one BOXXXX to my face.
"oh call the police someone !!call the police!!"the priest said,he got shook so he ran out off the church along with everyone else.
"connor stop,stop it connor!"his mum shouted at him.
he turned round to his mum and gave her one dutty box in the face,sheeet,what was i doing with this guy in the first place?! i got up on my legs and gave this mofo one kickkkk in his dick with my high heels he bent down cryin,no one hits aunty tatiana like that !(even though she was connors mum we got bare close and i called her aunty tatiana).
i helped her get up as connor was screaming in pain on the floor HAHA.
their were taxis parked outside the church,i ran with aunty tatiana in one taxi.
"were ya off to ma'am?"he said.
"49 hillsberry road,please,quickly"tatiana was out off breath,so was i.
it was in the middle off the quite journey where she said something.
"shaniqua,ive known from the begginging that you was connor's sister,i didnt want to tell him or tell you,i thought it was too late,i thought our family would get messed up if i told anyone and more stress would be caused"she said nervously.
i understood her "yeah i understand why you didnt tell me but you could have atleast told our family where my dad had been dissapeard with you,i was so worried,i needed my dad at points and i didnt have him"i said with a tear down my cheek.
she kissed my forehead and hugged me,i looked up and our eyes met,she leaned over to lips me,i didnt stop her,but WOAH WOAH WAIT.
i cant try things with my 'boyfriends' mum.
i leaned back away from here,she got the point,i caught the fat taxi driver looking at us in his mirror.
"shows finished now" i said dwhile kissing my teeth.
he quickly turned his head back and carried on driving,after the longggggggg journey we stopped at connors yard.
we went inside and got fresh and tings and tatiana gave me some new clothes to wear,some skinny jeans,tight strap top (my tits had gonE BIGGER SOMEHOW :O ) and some pimposloes.
my posh dress was all creased and i felt so disgusting in it,my head was still hurting like mad from the box connor gave me,hmmm i know how to deal with this dumb yute.
she gave me some money and i took a cab home.
i stepped inside my yard with the key under the mat and i was shocked,davontae was on the floor like a little child injecting cocaine into himself.
"jchaaaaaaazeeee!!check my gyal doe come fuck me baby i want your pussy" he said.
he was DEFOOOOO high,that bastard,i started crying for him,i loved my brother but at the same time i hated him,i bent down to take off the needle off him but he drew a shank out off his boxers.
i didnt care what he said i had to take the needle off him,i hated seeing him like this,i tried snatching the knife off him but when i held the end to take it off it was facing his chest,we was both gripping onto it,he let go,and with my force it stuck into his chest.
i screamed so loud.
i knelt down to see him on the floor dying.
""he stopped talking.
i was in tears screaming and holding is head.
"noo davontae baby wake up,wake up daovontae i cant live my life without you!DAVONTAEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"i slapped him.
he didnt wake up.
i was bawling on the floor,i didnt know what to do,i got freaked out and ran out the house,i was standing outside my door bawling on the pavement,i didnt wana go back in,i hated my life,WHY did i have to meet connor,its all cuz off him my lifes fucked.fucked.fucked.
i couldnt take it anymore i wanted connor dead,everything that happened i always blamed him i didnt care,its always his fault if anything happens to me.
i got my phone and callled up smurkz,he was my brothers mandem,hes backed me since dayy,hes like a dad to me but in more off the brother way,i avent talked to him for time!

"SMURKZZZZZ!its me shaniqua"
"woiiiiiiiiiii shaniqua my babysis you ok,mans avent spoken to my daughter in timee likee!whats popping baby?"
"yeaaa?wahs happened to my guy"
"LOOOOOL low them talks but real now,whats happened to him"
"smurkz i aint fucking joking,hes dead"
it was silent over the phone.
"who the FUCK killed him,drop his name NOWWWW and thier fucking DEAD"
"no one killed him smurkz,he killed himself,with drugs"
i lied,i was the one who killed him,it was by accident,ididnt fucking mean to.
"shaniqua,im coming down your ends now,you still live at the same adress?"
"yeah i do,and theirs one more things smurkz,can you take care off some guy called connor,he raped me"
i lied.
"woahh that dickheads dead bruv dw babysis im always here for you,infact text me a picture off him right now and ima send my mans onto him TODAY."
we said our bye's and tings and i locked off,i was still crying,i went over my iphone4 to find a picture off connor,and then it came to one picture,a tear drop dropped onto the screen,it was off connor in his suit,the one he wore where we went out to dinner.
i kissed my screen,i loved him but i hated him.
i sent that picture to smurkz,straight away i got a text saying hes on the job NOWW.
i smiled,im evil.


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