Friday, 11 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 21

i started letting go off chris and backed myself away,i got this guy in trouble,hes been through so much shit because off me,what if hes here to fuck me up and kill me nah nah  nah nah.
i started backing away towards the wall.
"CO-CO-CONNORR move yourslef connor please im sorry,pp-ple-please dont hurt-t-t m-me" i said while looking in his eyes,he was just staring back,saying noting with is hands in his pocket,his eyes looked tired,llike he hasnt had any sleep,his face looked so different,it wasnt the connor i knew,he looked lke he'd been on drugs.
"woahhh shaniqua chill man,connors my guy hes jus come out off hospital,how do u know him"marko said as he started coming up towards me with the towel and wrapped it around my body,coveering my breasts and pussy.
"na its kl marko jus get her in the car and take her homme"connor said while rubbing his eyes.
he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek and whispred in my ear"you look sexy una".
i was still looking at connor from the back off marko's shoulder
he had his hood on and was kinds smiling,i was shitting myself.
marko was STILL hugging me,ite ite calm down.
i backed myself away and smiled at him just as monisha came in.
"ite thats them sorted out init,come we go back to my bruddas yard,im feeling for some CSI una" she turned around and headed for the door,connor walked out with her,and a coupl off mandem holding chris,my baby was still unconcious.
i started crying and put my hands in my head.
marko took his hoodie off and put it on me and kissed my forehead and rubbed the tears off my cheek and held my hand,"dont worry b everyfings kl now".
i smiled back and gripped onto his hand tightly i didnt feel no love for marko but he was sweet, i could tell he liked me.
we walked out the block and i felt the the cold getting to me,i was in nothing but a hoodie,marko hugged me from the side and lead me into the car,it was his car,monisha and all them mandem were standing outside their whips smoking.
ew i could smlel smoke everywhere,marko was gonna get out a ciggarette form his inside jacket pocket.
"marko can you please un lock yur car i wanna get in,its too cold"
ahh yeye im sorry bout dat b,sure" he took out his keys from his pocket and unlocked his Mercedes S500.
he pecked me on the cheek and i jumped into the passenger seat,i started rubbing my hands together,it was still kinda cold but ohwell,better than being outside,i saw marko going up to monisha and all them lots,i looked to the window on my left and i saw connor asleep in the other car.
i just didnt know what to do man,i looked like he wouldnt harm me but true say if someone done all the shit i did to connor to me then i would wanna kill them them asap,i was scared about connor,ahh ffs i just didnt know what to do.
i opened the dashboard and i took out some magazines,they were all porn magazines off chi chi bre's.
eurghhhhhhhhhhhhh bruv!marko was gay?that couldnt be,he asked me to fuck him and do tings wid him?naaaaaa bruh i aint having no chi chi boy asking me to do tings wit him kmt,i opened the magazine and this page off two guys fucking eachother up the ass,eurgh bruvvv with their wrinkly dicks aswell.
eurghhhhhhhhhhhh,they looked about 50.
i started getting kinda horny and starting fingering myself,i was getting into it, just then marko stepped into the car,he didnt clock me until he saw the magazines on his gear box.
"shaniqua what the fu- ohh shit looool your fingering yourself" markooo said while laughing.
i opened my eyes and saw him looking down at my pussy fingering myself.
i stopped and started laughing i closed my legs and wiped my pussy with the towel.
"your on it bruv" he said while starting the car up.
"shhh where are we going"back to chris's yard y?hes in hospital,doctors are checking him out to see if hes fine" he said while driving.
"oh ite kl" i said tying my hair up.
"marko is it true your a chi chi bre"
he started laughing sooooooooooooooooo hardd!"LOOOOL bruv are yu dumb?man aint no chi chi bre,u musta seen dem magazins den,its my guys whip,hes gay"he said while laughing.
he looked so sexy.
we came to a traffic light, he looked at me,"shaniqua can i ask you suttin"
"ye go on" i said getting abit nervous"
"why was u shook wen u saw connor"
"how do u kno him"
"hes my cousin"
i got scared,what the fuck  bruv,his cousin,obv i couldnt tell him what i done to connor,marko would fuck me up.
"nuffin i just had some panick attack"
"dont gas to man shaniqua"
"i aint gassing marko,for real,i had a panick attack"
"ite yh kl say nuttin"
i kissed my teeth under my breath ,he was still driving,20 minutes later we got to chris's yard.
he opened the door for me and kissed my cheek.
"their you go shan,i aint gonna be here till 11 gotta do some shotting" i smiled.
"thanks for today marko,i appreciate it una" he smiled and gave me a peck and left.
i walked in and walked up the stairs,i didnt know if anyone was home,i walked into my room (monisha's room, we shared cuz it was fun having girly talks late at night and doing tings late at night to,ya get me;) lool)
termaine was sitting down on my bed with his phone.
"termaine what you doing here,get out please"
"noo remmeber you promised every friday we would do a ting otherwise,you know"
i sighed,i was really in the mood to fuck right now,i might aswell just do it.
i started taking off my clothes.
"oh wait shaniqua ive brought some gyal too so she cud do a ting wiv us init, a 3some would so man a nice day"
this mxied race gyal walked through the door,omg she looked familiar?hmm swear ive seen her round these ends before?
he had light brown curly hair tied into some high bun,big tits and an alright batty,she was really sexy,she looked abit like jessica alba but a mixedrace version.
she started wlaking up to him and started lipsing him"my gyal init" he said.
she looked back and smiled at me,i smiled at her too,she was so nang.
i walked up to him and then he lipsed me so hard,the girl started touching my pussy form behind,while he licked my tits.
 she started putting 2 fingers in me and fingering me like their was no tommorow,i was moaning like a bitch,termaine looked up "your sexy whenu moan una"he laughed,i smiled.
he grabbed me and put me onto the bed,"finger yourself" i did as i was told and started fingering myself,while the other girl was giving him head,he looks so sexy,like he'd been going gym now.
he buss on the girls face and turned to me,he spread my legs apart, i werent wearin no underwear.
he started kissing my thighs and teasing me,i wanted his tongue on my clit.then finnaly i gave in "PUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH IN TERMAINE".
he luaghed.
his lips were wrapped around my pussy,cucking on it like some lolipop..
my legs over his bare shoulders as i was cryin in pleasure.
the girl was standing on top off me,her pussy was so cheung,i started eating it out while she was moaning my name "mmm shaniqua,justt like tha baby"
huh how did she know my name?termaine must have told her or suttin.
"you like that alie" he said.
i nodded.
 he licked the clit so fast that my heart was beating too fast, i had to ask him to stop and just as i was about to squirt, he- oh shit.

he started fucking me.
the feeling of my own orgasm being trapped inside of me by his dick was mental.
"fuck me termaine," was all i could say as my legs were wrapped around his neck and he wocked me out.
then he pushed me on the floor so i was lying on my stomach then he put his dick in me from behind and started doin press ups as he fucked me.

"im gonna squirt," i said.
he laufed and started bangin me even harder, "dont stop!", i cried.
he pulled out of me and as he came all over my ass, i squirted.
he cleaned the cum off his dick was my ass and then licked my cum off my pussy and then spat into a tissue.
i tried to stand up but i couldnt my legs were too weak.
i just clocked that the other girl wernt doing anything,some shit 3some.
i sat up and he sat up aswell and the girl came and sat down with us.
termaine laughed, "say hi to your sister shaniqua,your blood sister" wtf?what was he saying? i looked at the girl.
"wagwun sis" she said while smiling at me "im tula your sister" she said while smiling.

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