Friday, 11 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 11

"connor,no please its not what it looks like,i was-".
he threw the table over and grabbed onto my dads throat,he started punching him in his face,in his head,all over his body,why wouldnt my dad fight back-.-?it was all happenigng in the middle off the resturant,everyone had probably fled by now.
"CONNOR PLEASE STOP!!"i shouted.
he wouldnt stop, he was fucking the shit out off my dad,my dad was left on the floor bleeding everywhere while connor was kicking him in his dick,he took a knife from the table and stuck it in my dads chest.
i was standing their,horrified,i didnt know what to do,i didnt feel no emotions,i didnt have any expressions to show,just a blank face with tears falling out,connor was jsut looking at him on the floor,my dad was dying,he killed his OWN dad.
he looked at me slowly turning his head,he looked like he wanted to kill me, he started walking up towards me,with the knife,i wanted to run my legs owuldnt let me,i was too scared,he had tears down his eyes,"connor,im sorry baby, i didnt want to:'( " he said nothing,he had more tears down his eyes,then BOOM one box to my face i was blacked out....

i woke up hours later,i slowly opened my eyes,their were people surrounding me,i heard sirens.
"shes awake now"i heard a ladys voice.
i slowly got up back to my feet,i held my hands to my head, i had a massive head ache.
"oi bruv moveee,i gotta go to my wifey" i heard someones voice from behind off the crowd,it wasnt connors.
i checked to see if my dad was still on the floor,and nope he wasnt,their wasnt even blood on the floor,what had happpened:|.
i saw a hand coming out off the crowd,pushign everyone away,OMFGGGGGG it must have been the pengest / beutifulest boy i have ever seen in my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFEEEEE ! mixed race,hazel eyes,fresh shape up,full adidas clothing,and an era hat with air force 1's,looked about 18.
he saw me looking at him he came running towards me"ayy you orite".
he held my hand and took me to somewhere less crowded with poeple,he took me outside near his car,i just followed him,what was wrong with me man?
"ayy im termaine,you must be?"
"oh im shaniqua,and not tryna be rude or nuffin but do i knoe you?"
"na i was tryna help you out cuh i thought you needed help but its kool if you want me to leave you alone"
"nana its cool i just wanted to see if i knew you,and erm thanks i guess"
"its cool,the police came a couple off hours ago to take a body away fro investigation off some crime,they would be back any minute to come and interview you"
"that was my dad,ahh allow that,i dont wanna get into shit,i just wanna go home"
"oh im sorry to hear that shaniqua you want me to drive you home then?"
omy,he was gorgoues.
"erm yea please if you dont mind,but first could we go somewhere to eat im kinda hungry?"
"lool ok hop in"
he was so sweeti know it was rude to ask that,but i was hungry!,we was driving to mcdonalds i got 5 cheese burgers and a milkshake LOOOL ive got a thing for cheeseburgers,we parked in the car park and i eat my food,he was watching me eat every crumb,i finished eating "yaknoe you just watched me eat in silence" i said.
"loool yeah,your beautiful :)"
"aww thank you,so are you:)"
"ayy your making man look like an idiot,about beautiful!mans cheungggg.;)"
"lool ok honey dont flatter yourself"!
we was laughing through out the whole journey,he lived on his own,i asked him if i could go round his yard seeing as i forgot the keys to my yard.
the journey finished,his car stopped outside his yard and we came out,RAAAAAAAAA HIS YARD LOOKED LIKE MANTION!
"come in shaniqua" he lead me in,shittttt his house was big,he was richh boy!
he took my coat and hung it on the peg and lead me to his living room.
i sat down while he went to his kitchen and was gonna make hot choco for both off us,i took my heels off,gosh they were killing me,i sat down onhis bigg sofa and turned on the tv,csi was on,i have a thing when im watching csi i have to have nutella with it,LOOOl yes i know its weird but oh well.
"termaine,have you got nutella?"i shouted to him,he was in the kitchen.
"LOOOOL yeah why,you want some?"
"lol yes please"
he came over with 2 mugs off hot choco and a nuttela tub,he sat down with me,next to me getting close, i liked it,gosh this guy was acc beautiful,i automatically took the nutella off him and starting digging my nails in it and sucking it off.
"LOOOOOOOOL shaniqua,your funny man,bre digging your nails in likee!"
"lol shhh i like it"
"wait theirs abit off nutella on your bottom lip"he got up and kissed me.
yes,he kissed me.
i got shyy and just giggled,he came and sat next to me and wrapped his arms around me while we watched csi together,i didnt mind,i liked it acctually.
when we finished watching csi together it was starting to get lare,he lead me upstairs to a bigg room,it was decorated with accessoried and everything"you can sleep here tonight bub,ima be in the other room if you need me".
i nodded and gave him a hug,he walked out off the room,i started taking my dress off,and then my knickers off and my bra,it was too hot,i had to sleep naked, i was walking up to the door to turn the lights off when termaine saw me as he was ocming out off the bathroom,he was standing their speechless for like 5 mins just looking at my sexyy self,he then bit his lip,and i started walking up towards him giggling.

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