Friday, 11 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 9

he was just about to open the door wen i said....
"connor is that you?baby wait a sec im on my reds,im changing my pad tingy".
"lool ok ok ok i'll just be downstairs,cheeeeeze you and your girl tings man,grim"
"shut up lool and ok baby ill be down in 10 mins" i said putting on a normal voice.
i heard connors footsteps going downstairs.
gosh man,that was TOOOOOOOO close,shit,how could i do that?i fucked my own DAD,i betrayed my baby,nooo i deserve to be killed,my life was gonna be ruined in 10 seconds but god saved me.
"but shaniqua i just wanted to-"
i walked to the bathroom putting on my trackies and top and fixed my hair into a bun with no mkaeup,i looked a mess!but i had to go downstairs cuh my baby was waiting for me,i walked out off the bathroom and peeking into my room seeing my dad opening the window and trying to get his leg through LOOOOOOOOOOL cunt.
kmt,trying it on your own daughter?
i went downstairs to see davontae sitting down on the sofa getting comfy with a hot choco.
he looked so peng,just got his shape up done,both ears pierced,nike puffy jacket,and armanni jeans.
"haha check you getting all comfy in MY house" i said while laughing and walking up to him.
"looooool shut up blad,your my wifey,this house is OURS,and come here blud,mans needs to go and give my wifey a welcoming" :)
i walked up to him and gave him one biggggggg hug,and we just stood their lipsing for like 5 mins,until i pulled away "dont get tooo comfy you spaz ahha" i said while walking towards the door and opening it.
he slapped my bum and laughed.
we was in his whip,some pengggggggg mercedez ting, i aint very good with cars so i cant state what model it is and blah blah blah buh it was tha new wun i think.
we drove all the way to brent cross,he parked his car and went inside, we was walking into next when he said "oh yeah and shaniqua my dads gonna be coming to dinner, hope you dont mind baby girl, i just wanted him to see my beautiful wifey if thats okay with you?"
"aww yeah course thats okay baby" it really wasnt,but i couldnt say no,would be kinda rude.
we went into next and he got me this dress:
it looked waaaaaaaaaaaay better on me than that skinny model,mans got double d breats and a batyy!wahaaaaaaaaaay;).
we walked out off next,and went into KFC,eat and ting,it was about 7pm. and then we went back to my yard with connor,he had his suit ironed out on the sofa.
"connor,wtf,whats your suit doing here and how did it even get here LOOOL?"
he winked at me,"dont watch that init;)"
i was confused but i didnt really care,i just wanted to look forward to tonight,i went upstairs and done my ting,put my natural make up on and put my new dress on,gosh i looked boom,straightnede my silky hair and had it down,sprayed some beyonce-heat perfume,mm beyonce was the sex.
i slowly walked downstairs to see connor,he was in front off the mirror saying "shaniqua will you take this ri-".
"woaaaaaah shaniqua! my baby girl looks BEAAAAUTIFULL!"he said in the bruce almighty way:) aww i loved him.
"you dont look to bad yourself;)"he looked toooooooooo boom,wiht his suit and ting,looking kinda like trey songz but a better light skinned version with a chain on:') awwwww.
i kissed him and we walked to his whip,"here shan,where this"he reavelead a blindford.
"connor,you being serious?" i said with a confused look on my face.
"looool ye man jus take it,its a surprise".
i sighed and put it on,i kept on asking connor where we were going but he kept on saying wait and see! i gave up and feel aslepp,the journey was about an hour i swear.
"oi fathead,wake up where here!"he shok me awake.
"kmt man,im awake can i take this stinking ting off?!"
"nanana illl tell you when to take it off"
he walked out off the car and opened my door for me,he held my hand and led me outside,we walked for about 2 mins,i felt air conditioning hitting me as i walked in to a resturant?
he took off the blindfold to reveal the most beautifulest resturant i had ever seen.!
it was this resturarnt:

but imagine it in the night time with the lights off and candles on and violins playing,yep thats how it was.
omy i hugged him and he clicked his fingers to make the waitor come and give us our table.
the waitore came and lead us to our table,it said "Mr and Mrs Grant".
connors last name was Grant,aww that was so sweet.
we sat down.
"aww connor baby this is amazing" i said while looking around.
"he smiled and said "aha wodnering if youd like it"he said while putting his hand on mine.
"ye ov course i like it, its wonder-"
connors phone rang.KMTTTTTT.
"hello,yeah were here,mmhm,yep,ok,your outside,yeah come now were here,ok,bye"- he said on the phone.
"sorry bout that babygirl,that was my dad,hes coming now"
arghhh,his DAD had to come and ruin this frickingnight!
"oh yeah course babes"i said as my smile went.
he smiled and shotued across the room,"dad were over here!"
i turned round to see his dad.


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