Saturday, 26 March 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 26

I froze dropped the phone back on the desk,”shaniquaaa is that you baby” he called out from the bathroom; I fell to the floor and started bawling hard, I banged my head onto the floor and pulled my hair, I whispered Connor to myself as I was bawling so hard, my boo, my baby, the one I would die for, the one I would worship, my love, has texted this prick saying he’s bringing people round to rape me? I screamed so hard, “woah shaniquaaa get up and get yourself together, what’s wrong now? get up man” he touched my elbow, I shaked him off, ”get the fuck off me termaine, don’t touch me ”,I wiped my tears, he backed away and started walking out, ”ite kl be like dat den, man wants to help and your shaking man off” he kissed his teeth, he didn’t really care, he was pretending.
He came back into the room and checked his phone, I looked up at him, he smirked while looking at the screen, and he’d seen the text.
“Get ready init, I’ve got my bredrins coming round” he laughed and walked out the room.
I felt so cold, I felt so lonely, everyone I had trusted had betrayed me, like termaine, first time I met him he was so nice, he wouldn’t have turned out like dis, I wiped all off my tears and got up the floor and took a deep breath, I felt so dirty, I had to duss out off this place asap.
I walked in the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror, I looked so fucked up, I gripped onto my hair and bits fell out, I started crying, my eyes looked so sore, and my eyebrows had grown back, I took termaines razor and fixed my hairline, not like a bre, but just to make it neat.
I turned the hot tap on and let the water run through my fingers, I sighed.
I took soap and scrubbed my face so hard, the marks had been going slowly, it wasn’t hurting anymore, I took the warm water and rinsed the soap off, I looked at myself in the mirror again, I looked so natural, I thought it was about time I stopped wearing makeup, my green eyes were shining, I looked so beautiful.

Fucking prick I hope he dies didn’t even have a chance to get my revenge on him, but there was no time I had to leave this place.
I walked to the shower and took my clothes off, I turned the shower on cold water, and curled myself up into a ball and sat down and let the cold water sprinkle over me, I felt so lonely and started crying silently and put my head in my hands, then I started talking to myself , I think I’ve gone crazy, ”hmmm shaniqua you need to fix yourself up man, just look at you, you need to leave this country ,yeah but I don’t want to leave this country, I’ll leave so many memories behind, years off friendship, and so much more, I don’t think I can, but shaniqua you can start a new life, you can-“,woah hold up why am I talking to myself? I got up and turned the shower off and realised it was about time I got myself together, I walked out and dried myself with my vest top and took something out off my suitcase to wear, I had to be quick, I took out a jumpsuit I had from a long time ago, I smiled when I took it out because it was one Davontae brought me because I got good grades in maths last year, it was this one :
With these heels I took out:
I had my hair in wet curls and just towel dried it abit to make it damp, then put my sun glasses on, and zipped up my suitcase end then looked in the mirror, I looked so nang, I was actually the prettiest girl in England, so nang.
I farted in the house because I felt like it and left-wait, I forgot to do something, I walked back inside, and got some paper from his desk and a bright pink highlighter, I wrote in capitals.


Lots of love Shanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’

Then I kissed the page and put it on his bed and smiled walked to his desk and opened it and saw a stack of P’s, I took it all, it was about 6 bills got my iphone4 out and went on t-mobile settings and toped up my phone using his credit card I found in his desk, I topped up £100, and then called a cab, I let out a few farts in the room just as the cab honked outside, I left the flat and walked down the stairs, the lift wasn’t working, I was so pissed off I had to carry this suitcase all the way down the stairs, I kissed my teeth as some African lady was walking out her door, she gave me a dirty look cuz she thought I was kissing my teeth at her, stupid woman.
I got to the cab and opened the door, “you alright maa’me” it was some fat Australian man.
“Yeah thanks”
“Were would you like to go maa’me “he looked at his mirror to see me.
I sat and thought long and hard, then it came to my mind, the place thousands of memories had been made, the place I grew up in,”26 coremstell road please” I smiled.
“Alright maa’me” he turned the car on.
This man was pissing me off, he kept on looking at me on the sly throughout the whole car journey, when we finally got there, he stopped the car, and “here we go miss”.
I took my sun glasses off and rolled down the window, then all the memories started popping back to my head, I saw my room, it was the window on the left, a tear rolled down my cheek, I smiled thought about how Davontae used to chase me for his favourite cupcakes around the house, then my thoughts got interrupted-“maa’me hello? That £29 pleases” I turned around at the fat man and threw 3 £10 notes at him, one went behind his seat, I didn’t care, i walked out the car and slammed the door, “keep the change fatty”.
He drove off, cussing me; fat man needs jam his hype, ediat.
I stood there in front of my house, just looking at it, a few somalian kids were walking past, there were about 8 year6’s,”eh eh, look at da hottie”,they started laughing, ”worriaaa worriaaa sobaaaa”, I shouted “abaa haa wosss” it meant fuck your dad,abbie taught me, they started running off.
Idiots with their fat foreheads, and big ass bellies.
 I walked up to the door then I clocked the most disgustingest thing, Davontae........he’s still in their i was gonna be sick, i ran to the door and took the key out from under the mat, bait place, i know
I put it in the lock and took a deep breath and opened the door, I was surprised at what I saw, Davontae wasn’t there I looked around the corridor, everything was spotless, it was so clean, the floor was glistening, but then I heard cries, like a little girl crying, it came from the living room, I ran and opened the door, then I saw her, i screamed.

“SHANIQUAAAAAAAA” she screamed with tears down her cheeks “LOOK AT HIMMM” she screamed, I fell to the floor,”LOOOKKKK” she started bawling even harder, I couldn’t look at him, I couldn’t look at Davontae, my dead brother in her arms, he looked so pale, he was almost white, the room stank off dead bodies, she was hugging him, I looked up talking as I was bawling, “TULAA WHATT ARE YOU DOINGG” I coughed.
“I’m so sorry shaniquaaa,” she bawled harder, “I just found out”.
I got onto my knees “Tula take him away” I cried.
She came up to me and held my hand and walked me upstairs and into my mum’s room, everything was so clean,” shaniqua I’m sorry, I didn’t even know you were my sister” she cried, I cried , “I only found out a week ago, termaine told me to tell you I’m your sister that day just to surprise you, but then I found out I had a brother, uncle martin told me, I went and found out Davontae was my brother, I came here because he lived here, then I saw him on the floor,” she cried harder, “saw all your pictures together, I didn’t even know you as my sister” she hugged me.
I wiped my tears, i hugged her back “it’s alright Tula calm down” I kissed her forehead and held her to my chest.
“Shan, what shall we do with him” it looked like she was gonna cry again.
“Don’t worry, ill call Uncle Rupert to come and take car off all this” I rubbed her cheeks, I was going to be sick,
“Ah Tula, im gonna be sick”.
She ran and brought a bin,i looked inside it, it had rotten banana peels which stank so bad,like smoked poo,i automatically became sick and threw up, she rubbed my back, i got up and ran to my room,i knew i had a few pregnancy tests under my bed,abbie brought them all for me for future refrences, nuff off that next machinery fake ting tattiana had,where the fuck did she even get that from,i actually missed abbie so much,but she was the biggest bitch i knew.
I took one off the pregnancy tests out and didn’t even bother reading all the instructions,i took all my clothes off and pissed on the stick in my room,my piss went all over the carpet,i couldn’t give two shits.
“shaniquaaa” she ran into the room,she saw me naked,she didn’t say anything,i just looked at her,i was on the floor squatting like an idiot,i got up and put the preganancy test on the bed,i had to wait 3 minutes.
I didn’t even wipe my pussy,i put the jumpsuit back on hile she was looking at me,i turned around when i finished and looked at her again,it was so awkward,i was shocked i had a little sister,she was so beautiful,she looked exactly like me,a twin version off me,the curly hair,the skin,the nose and the eyes,she was so chueng,
She was wearing this:
“erm any news” she said while playin with her fingers.
I took the pregnancy test off the bed and looked at it, ‘--‘ was staring back at me,i let a sigh off relief and grinned “naaa”.
She smiled to say ‘im happy for you’.
I smiled back.
“tula can we go gp please, i feel so ill”
“yh yh course,come”
I walked out the room with her and threw the pregnancy test in the bin,we was at the top off the stairs,she was about to walk downstairs.
She looked at me.
“i cant do this, i cant walk past the room”.
She looked like she was going to cry.
She held my hand and whispered “its ok shan, we’ll just go down slowly, everything’s going to be sorted soon” she held my hand tightly and i gripped on back.
She went first and I went on from behind, I couldn’t walk down slowly, it was just all too much for me, I pushed her to the side and ran down the stairs, and flung open the door and walked out, I started breathing in fresh air, it felt so much better, I didn’t like being trapped in that house, I couldn’t stand the thought of being in a house with a dead person in it, that person was my brother as well, even worse.
I felt a hand behind me, it was Tula, I turned around and smiled, and she held my hands and said “I’m proud off you Shan”.
I smiled back and we was just taking on the way about all the boys shes been with, it was kind of disgusting hearing your sister talk about dicks but she told me everyone labelled her a skeet as well, I wasn’t shocked, the things shes told me boy.
“Ohh yh and you know dis one time, dis boy cummed in a cup and I mixed my period blood in it and drank it up, it turns me on” she smiled.
I was going to become sick, that’s DISGUSTINGGGGGGGGG.

“Eurgh Tula, that’s frass”
“Just like you”
“Easy your mums frass”
“So’s your toes”
We started cracking up den we got to the gp.
We walked in and bare sick people were coughing, me and Tula looked at each other and screwed, i hated sick people, even though I was sick myself.
“Hello, how can I help you?”
“Shaniqua coremstell, January 25th, I would like to book an appointment now please”
“Lemme just check miss....yes in fact we have a patient coming out now, you may take a seat while the doctors busy and he’ll call you up as soon as possible”
“Thank you” I smiled and me and Tula sat in the waiting room.
I started singing ‘what’s my name’ in the waiting room, bare heads were looking but I didn’t care, i could sing boy. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.
Pon de floor starting playing, it was Tula’s ringtone, she picked up her phone.
“Hello......ohh hi you alright....yh I’m kl...I’m at gp........ite ill come now.....bye” she put the phone down and smiled, I started getting worried.
“Tula who was that?” I gave her that confused look.
“Erm my man” she was playing around with her phone.
Raaaa, my likkle sister on big man tings now?
“How old are you”
She didnt answer, she was playing on her bb on purpose, she started acting bookie.
She looked up “14” then she ran out.
I kissed my teeth, watch when I see her; i have to have chats with this girl, a 14 year old? Don’t piss me off.

-BEEEP- shaniqua coremstell to room 5 please.

It was my go, my phone went off straightaway, I was gonna answer it den go, i looked at the screen, it was from Marko.
My face automatically lit up, I answered it with a smile “heyy”
“Yoo Shan”
“You alright”
“Yh him bless, u kl yh”
“Yh I’m all good”
“Kl kl, where are you Shan”
“I’m at gp in new barnet, the one near the park”
“Ah swear down, I’m at the park you know I beg you come meet me, I haven’t seen my brudda, and it’s been time” he said exaggerating on the e.
I thought for about 5 seconds and walked out the gp, I missed this guy man, I had to see him, the African lady at the reception kissed her teeth as I went out, please shut the fuck up, go buy a treadmill and sort out her weave, swear everyone’s on some fat wave nowadays.
The gp was in front of the park, i just had to cross the road, and then I saw him on the bench listening to music,
He looked so beautiful, he had a purple nike jacket on with nike trousers and an purple era hat, he looked so sexy, he looked like he had been going gym, he had a fresh haircut, with some zig zag pattern on the side, he was on his iphone, I wanted to go from behind, so I had to take the long way which made me walk for quite a bit to get to the back off the bench without him seeing, but then at last I got their i crept up from behind.
BOOM, - I grabbed onto his neck, he turned around quick!
“OH SHIT” he sighed when he saw me, “you fucking scared me man, don’t do that again,” he looked pissed off, i started laughing so much, and from behind the bench, i jumped onto his lap.
“Awww I’m sorry” i twiddled his cheeks, he didn’t look at me, he had a screw face on, I knew what to do.
I took my hand and put it in his trackies, i felt his dick, and it was so BIG.
Oh my god, it was bigger than Connors, Chris’s and termaines, shit.
He looked at me and started laughing.
“Your on this yeahh” he started tickling me, he was so sweet.
I fell to the floor, then he came on top, he had a smile on his face, one of them sexy smiled were your lips are to one side, then we just looked into each other’s eyes, he had light brown eyes with a green outline, so nang.
He leaned over to kiss me, i didn’t stop him
We liipsed for about 5 mins on the floor, some next kids ran past “ewwww” then they ran.
He pulled away, “come we go my yard Shan”
I smiled and got up, he held my hand, his house was just in front of the park, I was so shocked he lived that close, he lived so close to me and I never knew.
He opened the door, “ladies first” I laughed and walked in
He slapped my bum as I ran up the stairs, “YOUR SO FUCKING CHEUNG” he shouted
I laughed and jumped onto the bed.
He took his jacket off,” shaniqua are you sure yh”, I nodded.
“Your gonna be dealing wid big man tings una” he whipped out his dick, it was so thick and long, ive been waiting for this my whole life, the dream dick una.
“Come here” I said.
He came over and I started sucking the crown slowly, he groaned, then I started kissing it while he took off his hoodie, i massaged his balls, he was giggling like a bitch, then I put all off it in my mouth, sucking on it as hard as I can.
“Ahh”, he was in bare pleasure
He took his dick out my mouth, “stand up”.
I stood up, he started lipsing me bare rough, while taking off my cardi, when he took it off, he started kissing my neck, while undoing my jumpsuit from behind, he got me naked then lied me down on the bed, I was on my stomach, he came from behind and put two fingers in me, he was finger fucking me hard, I started groaning bare, he was pressed u against me kissing my back, he was so good.
He took his fingers out and turned me around.
“Fuck me Marko”.
“You sure yh,” I nodded whilst biting my lip.
He put his left hand on my pelvis, and positioned himself, and then it went in me, all 10 inches off it

He laughed, and started going BAREEEEEEEEEEEEE fast, I was going light headed, blood was rushing to my head, my face was bare hot, you see when your face gets bare hot and you start getting this little headache.
He stopped then turned me around; he was pressed up against me, while going in slow.
His rhythm was “slow, slow BANG,slow,slow,BANG,slow,slow,BANG” every time he went hard-for the ‘bang’ I got the nicest jolt off pleasure, he was kissing up my neck, while grabbing my tits from underneath.
“You like that Shan”
“I fucking love it” I sighed.
He turned me around and put me on the bed.
He took his dick out, and fingered me using three fingers,”im gonna make you squirt”.
I giggled, he was doing that ‘come here’ motion with his fingers, so it hit my sot everytime, then I felt it, ”omfg marko,omfg,omfg” he shook his hand fast in me then took his fingers out.


He laughed, i looked up, i had squirted everywhere, and I couldn’t even open my eyes due to how much pleasure I was in.
He lay beside me, both of us was out off breath, he turned around and stroked my hair, i turned around and smiled
“I love you Shan” he kissed my cheek.
I smiled back,” i love you two Marko, I love you two”.

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