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Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 28

I didnt scream, i didnt say anything, i didnt move, i just looked at him.
Both his eyes were bruised and his face left cheek had bare little scrathces on it.
He looked back,he didnt do anything and put the gun away.
“shaniq-“ i moved away before he could touch my face,i still loved him.
I turned around,and stepped back,why is he acting all nice now? He was acting like he was gonna kill me a minute ago.
“I beg you go away Chris den everyfing will be fine and no more trouble will be made, I’m starting fresh wid my life, starting fresh wid Marko, I don’t ever want to see you again,” I turned around to face him, “go away”.
He put both hands on his head “Shan why you being like dis? I’m sorry, I was crazy, I was mad, when I found out you beat termaine I got so fucking pissed off you don’t understand”
I looked at the que and saw Chris ordering food at the till.i saw marko looking at him too.
“so your wiv marko nuh,i love you shan,stop being like dis,i faught WE was gonna start fresh,remember we used to plan everything,our children,our house,and so much more” he was moving his hands about as he talked.
I saw marko getting the food and giving in the money, “FUCKING GO AWAY” i raised my voice, “ive told you now chris for the SECOND time, i dont wann-“
Someone tapped my shoulder i turned around.
“you fatty,ive got yo- woah marko what are you doing here” he pushed the tray into me and came up to marko.
Chris looked down while marko was giving him dem ‘mandem hugs’, “who the fuck done dis to my guy”.
“nuffin g , dont worry ini-“
I felt so humiliated,the whole off brent cross was looking at us.
“marko,stop please,talk about this when we sit down,allow it,everyones watching” i said.
He looked around and saw everyone was watching,chris’s head was still down low.
“ite say nuffin” he got the bags and we walked to a table.
We sat down and i un-wrapped my first cheese burger out off the 5 , i didnt want chris to leave i loved him so much, i didnt even know if i loved marko or not.
“you want anyfin g” marko said to chris.
“erm a mayo chicken g “ he got  out a pound and gave it to marko.
Marko got up to get chris’s burger,he was so sweet.
i took a bite off my cheese burger.
“shaniqua your still beautiful you know”, i looked up at him he was smiling,i wanted to just hug him,but a part off me didnt,i couldnt forget what he done to me,it came popping up into my head,it made me more angry.
I didnt say anything and kept on eating.
He leant in onto the table,”shan,low it,man made a mistake,i’ll do anything to prove to you i love you”.
I didnt say anything, i looked back at the que,marko was second in line,why was he talking so long,argh.
3 minutes had probably gone,he was still silent,so was i.
“i swear to god chris,if you tell marko about ANYTHING that happened,about connor who fucked you up, i wil neve-“
“na dont worry, i wont,ill just say i got mugged or somefing” he sctracthed his head.
It got silent for a bit.
“chris was it you who came behind me and told me to meet you at the park at 7”
“yh, i wanted to see you but you didnt come, i was outside your house behind a bush spyin on you for time,you didnt come so i followed you init”
I kissed my teeth loudly.
marko came and gave chris his mayo chicken brought him an extra coke and sat down,he turned to me and started laughing,”you fat shit” he kissed my forehead,i pushed him away playfully and started laughing, i looked at chris,he looked so sad seeing em and marko together,he was looking at me straight in the eye,his eyes were watering up.
“ite chris back to the ting,explain”
“ite well i got  mugged”
“huh by who”
“ some guys i dont even know”  chris sctracthed his head.i swear theirs something wrong,he always keeps scratching his head.
“erm marko when we gonna be going home” i said.
“why whats wrong b,we’ve just started eating”
“oh, i jus feel sleepy”
“ite come then,chris you wanna lift or suttin”
“erm yh g if u dont mind”
“na na course not,come” we all walked out off mcdonalds and went downstairs on the escalators and into marko’s whip.
They both sat at the front and i sat in the back seats,i felt sick,i needed some sleep.
The journey was silent until i heard chris shout “ FUCK man,i forgot my keys” he punched the dashboard.
“calm da fuck down bruv,ite come stay wid us den you’ll go in da morning”
“if thats cool with shan” chris looked in the mirror to see me,i looked at him and gave him a dirty screw.
“yh thats cool nah” marko said.
I kissed my teeth under my breath,i was shitting myself,what if he done something to me while i was sleeping,what if he kills me? I need to stop getting  these stupid thoughts into my head.
We reached at markos yard and we all went inside the house,it looked bare messy,”marko has anyone been here” i said.
He turned around and said “ na why”
I got confused but thought fuck it.
Chris went into the living room and took off his hoody, i was watching him on the sly in his vest top,he looked bare muscular,more muscaler than before i saw him, i wanted to cry,i loved him so much,but i didn’t want him to know,makro stepped in.
“shan i gotta go,im doing some shottin for my man ill be back late,u kl wiv chris here nuh”
I took a sip off my water,i wanted some time with chris alone.
“yeah its cool,he’ll sleep on the sofa tonight”.
He came over and lipsed me “ i love you”
I smiled,i think he got the messege,he looked bare upset,he went over to chris and they done their goodbyes and ting.
I was doing the dishes,hoping chris would come and talk to me and he did.
He stepped in the kitchen and held my back from behind, “shan i still love you” he kissed my neck and hugged me tight.
I shook him off.

“WHY THEN” i turned around to face him, “WHY CHRIS,WHY did you do that”.
“im sorry shaniqua,i never ment to hurt you ,do you know how it fucking feels” he threw my glass off water on the floor and smashed the glass, “i loed you shaniqua,i loved you like mad,how could you go beat another man like that” i got bare upset.
“but chris,he forced me to,every fucking Friday he made me beat him”.
“but..but he said you offered to beat”
“wtf he was lying! Chris i loved you like mad too,i wouldn’t do that” i got so angry,why would termaine say suttin like that,fucking bastard.
He hugged me and i hugged him back,he felt so warm,i missed this man.
He came over and lipsed me, i didn’t stop him,he held my waist and took me to markos bedroom.
I pushed him on the bed and stood over him taking off m clothes and throwing them on the floor.
i wanted his dick so badly,i missed it so much.
he grabbed my waist and help me take off my knickers nuh.
“condom?” he said.
"na i like it bare back."
i jumped onto him – he was naked by now, i started twisting on his dick,round and round he tilted his head back still holding onto my waist.
my pussy was so hot and wet, it ate his dick.
"aahahah," i was pantin so hard. he was nibblin at my nipples.
i kissed his mouth, lickin his tongue, his dick wasnt that big-  it wasn’t bigger than markos but it done the trick.
"lemme suck” i sed.
I got down on my knees
i took the top of his dick and sucked it bare slow and then let the dick dissapear in my mouth- i let my tongue stroke underneath his dick.
i opened my mouth and the saliva ran down my mouth and onto my tits.
“jheeeez” he said.
his piece was all in my mouth,.
and he was lovin it.
“ahhh shit shaniqua im gonna cum” i clenched my mouth tight on the dick so when he bussed it would just fill my mouth up.
“ahh shitt,shitt,”... then he cummed.
All in my mouth,like a coca cola bottle being filled up.
i got up and ate it.
He laughed “ahhh ive missed you man” he hugged me tight and we threw our selves on the bed.
I got a tissue from the side off the bed and wiped my pussy,i looked at the tissue,it was soaking,my pussy was so wet,im surprised the tissue didn’t drown in.
“i dare you stuff it in your mouth for 30 seconds” he laughed, “we’ll do round two” he came in and kissed me,i was feeling for his dick again.
I took the tissue and stuffed it in my mouth, i didn’t really mind tasting my pussy juices,ive tasted them nuff times.
He started laughing bare hard “ oh shit  you look like dem puffa fish una” he started cracking up i threw the tissue out my mouth.
“are you mad” i got on top off him and started tickling him,he was giggiling like a bitch i bent down and whispered in his ear “round two yeah” then i bit the top off his ear softly.
He kissed my left tit “yeah”.
I laughed and jumped on the bed,he got on top.
his dick was massaging my pussy.
I got a text “ahh wait one sec”
I got my phone from the desk next to the bed,it was reachable.
“hurry up” he kissed my neck.
“Wait one sek you retarded”.
He tickled me,”stop mann” i gigiled and looked at my iphone4.

-One Message From Abbie Sterling-

What the fuck does this girl want?cant she leave me alone.

My heart stopped beating for a minute.
“shan whats wrong” he asked.
I pushed him off and jumped off the bed and picked up my clothes and put them on.

-          ‘Sket,iNever Knew Connor Was Your Half Brother So I’ve Got Him + That Bitch Monisha Who Tried Killing Me And Your Slut Off A Sister Tula, With Me Now, You Want Them To Live Nuh ? Come To Parkroad Lane In Exactly 10 Minutes To Do Line Ups For My Boys, Or iSwear On My Mums Life Im Ending Their Lives Slowly + Painfully And Im Gonna Video It + Show You If You Dont Believe Me,Come Now Just Alone + We Wont Kill Them,Dont Come+ They’re D.E.A.D; Dont Reply To The Text,Just Come Nuh’.

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