Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 34

“WHAT?! “ i jumped up ,”no no no , he cant be..but...hes dead”.
He was at the door when he turned around ,”on the real, don’t come wit dem talks shaniqua , he aint “ he kissed his teeth and walked out.
I was biting my nails and pacing up all down the room , no it cant be , but hes dead.
Tattiana killed him , what about that old man that came up to me today telling me someone called connor is after me , i wanted to piss myself; i heard talking from downstairs.

Connors voice.

“yooo u kl bredda” it was connor , i was sure.
“yea im good still , man gotta go to Brixton to meet some pussyole who forgot to shot for me”
“ite is anyone in”
“shaniqua , shes upstairs just look after her for me until i come back“
“shaniq-oh ite kl kl”.

Im alone with connor in the house , just me and him , i got into chris’s wardrobe to hide, i was all cramped up in his Ralph polos , Armani jeans , all his trainers at the bottom , his clothes smelt like lynx Africa , i pressed my nose against one off his polos.
I suddenly heard footsteps , shit.
“shan” he opened the door , i heard the creak.
“shan i know your in here , low it mans missed you” he said in some soft voice.
The way he said that made my knees go weak and realised how much i actually did love him , just now i realised i loved him more than chris, i was scared to walk out , what if he was gonna hurt me.
I slowly opened the wardrobe door,”connor” i said in some soft voice.
“shan” he came and hugged me tight i hugged him back then pushed him away.
He looked back at me and gave me a look as if to say ‘why?’
His eyes had become more hazel and his shapeup was fresh , he looked so beautiful,he was in a boss status hoodie with nike trackies and airforce 1s.
I turned around and walked over to the bed and sat down.
I looked at him , he was so nang , my pussy started getting wet, i missed his dick , i really did.
“connor , i cant do this , ive got chris now “ i looked down.
He didn’t give no impression or say anything he just came and sat next to me and put my frindge to the side.
“its kl , i understand” he kissed my cheek “i still love you shan”.
I looked at him,he gave me a weak smile.
“connor why was i hearind your dead”
“what u talkin about?”
“tattiana..she sa-“
“my mum?”
“yeah she said she killed you”.
“what the fuck ? don’t gas”
“yeah for real”
He stood up and sctracthed his head he got his phone out and was gonna dial a number, i stood up , i fuckin loved him.
I grabbed onto his neck and whispered , “don’t leave please”.
He turned around and threw his phone on the bed and held onto my waist , he came in and we kissed, had some passionate kiss for about 10 minutes , he pulled away ,” i fuckin love u” he kissed my forhead.
I went in and lipsed him again , this time undoing his belt , he starting un-doing my coat buttons.
He pushed me slowly onto the bed; he took his hoodie off , he’d been rockin gym , he had an 8 pack , shit.
I got naked, so did he , we was gonna fuck in my mans bed,his dick throbbing pointing in my direction.
he took his hoodie and started rummaging around in the pockets,”what you lookin for?” i asked.
“dom” he was astill searching.
“i like it bareback”.
He looked up and smiled.
he spread my legs apart and said, "are you sure you wanna do dis shan , what about chris”
“connor,fuck me”.
he grabbed onto my waist as he put his dick in me
He was beatin the shit out of me.
i laughed as i he started suckin on my tits, i wrapped my legs around his waist as he banged me.
he was so experienced- all them times we used to fuck i knew he was worth the time.
His fat long mixed race dick all in my pussy, pumping me up.
“SHIT-your pussys so tight shaniqua” he kissed my neck.
“aiiii” i called out.
he hit my spot.
BANG.he hit it again.
BANG.and again.
BANG.BANG.BANG. he kept hitting it.
“oh fuck , ahh connor , FUCKKKK MEEEE”
“u sure yh”
I nodded while my eyes were tilted back into my head.
Then thats when he put his hand on my pelvis and other grabbing my waist from underneath,he laughed,”shaniqua,don’t complain after”.
“IM FUCKIN ITTT” he shouted back.
“SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT” i screamed.
I started singing in my head ‘I bet the neighbors know my name ,way you screamin', scratchin', yellin',bet the neighbors know my name,they be stressin' while we sexin'

He started grunting ,he was so sexy,i could see his sweat on his chest,i wanted to lick it off.
If only this moment could be filmed.
He started slowing down-we collapsed onto the bed i looked voer at him , he was breathing , he looked so beautiful,i turned around and so did he so we was both loking at eachother,he started playing with my pussy.
We both smiled.
“you liked dat yh”he smiled.
“yeah” i bit my lip.
He came and held my closer and sucked on my tits i let out a small moan.
He started finger fucking me harder,”aaaaaiiii”.
Then he stopped and put both hands on my waist and we lipsed for bare long.
Then my phone started going off ‘me ah tell u seh me ah beg u ah fuck’.
I looked over and got up and picked up my phone from the floor  it was tula.

“hey your alright now” i said.
“yeah im good,shaniqua im with uncle Rupert, where are you , were sorting out davontae’s buissness with the funeral”
“oh shit i forgot , um im gonna come now , are you at yard?”
I beg her say yes if she does its only a 5 minute walk away.
“yeah im at yard ,come now im with your friend aswell”
I got puzzled , “what friend? And wait a sec” i put the phone on the floor and put my bra and knickers on and un buttoned my coat , connor ccame up to me,he was fully dressed, im amazed.
“where u goin?”
“im gonna go and sort out buissness with Davontae”
“oh yeah , i forgot me u and him are related and whos the other girl ?”
“tula?” i said while buttoning up the last button on my coat.
“yeah her,its surpsing still , man fuckin her own step sister” he laughed i punched him, he laughed harder.
I kissed my teeth,”don’t fink off it that way your makin me feel sick” i hugged him.
“SHANIQUAAAA” i heard a voice on my phone , i kissed connor on the cheek and got out the house.
I had to turn around a cornor and find number 55 then its my house.
“anyway what did u say , your wiv my friend?” we was still talking on the phone.
“yeah hes in the toilet i don’t know his name , he said hes supposed to be meating you today”
“what the fuck? I aint supposed to be meeting no one today,who is it” i said worried.
“i don’t know he’s in the toilet ill ask him when he comes out”
“is uncle Rupert wiv u” i asked, i was nearly at the door.
“hes gone out to get some milk , you know how he is , like uncle mary , a spliff and milk” she started cracking up so did i,
“don’t lie! Last time uncle mary told him she nah want him smoking pon ah spliff” i burst out laughing.
“yeah yeah an-oh hes come out the shower” i heard her distant voice as she was talking to him on the phone.
“he said his names marko”.
“WHAT” i screamed and stopped in front off my door.
The door opened.

“wagwun shaniqua,long time no see”.

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