Sunday, 10 April 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 31

“Shaniqua what are you doing here?” she looked bare confused.
“no what are YOU doing here? And what the fuck did you just say?” i got off smurkz and just sat on the bed and held my clothes to my breasts and pum.
“she said nuffink” smurkz said while looking at tattiana.
Termaine started laughing and got off the bed and walked out the room.
I looked at smurkz, “what the fuck is going on and did she just say she fucking killed connor?”.
He looked at tattiana,”she said NUTHING”.
Tattiana looked scared,smurkz turned around and put his combats back on while i started doing up my bra and putting my jeans on, i must have heard something else.
Then i heard,”oh please STOP trying to hide it , YOU told me to go and kill connor for 9 bills,shaniqua he told me to kill connor”
I turned around, “WHAT?”
I looked at smurkz,”nah shaniqua don’t listen to her , man didn’t tell her to go kill no one” he kissed his teeth.
I walked up to him, “ fucking murderer” i spat on his face with disgust,he didn’t do anything.
I looked over at tattiana,”and fuckin bit-“ i grabbed her hair by the time i could finish my sentence.
I grabbed her hair and gave her a punch in the belly,she clinched down and held her stomach tight while i kicked her in the head.
“YOU FUCKING MAKE ME SICK” i screamed with tears down my cheeks.
I looked over at smurkz,he was putting on his vest,he didn’t do anything or care.
I stopped kicking her in the face and fell to the floor and started bawling,”connorr..i fucking loved him” i looked up at tattiana,”and you killed him”.
She was un concourse, i got so vexed up and got myself up and started giving her blows to the head,then someone thumped me on the back off my head and i fell back onto the floor.
“FUCKING CALM DOWN BRUV , THE GUY WAS A BATTY BOY” smurkz said, “he deserved to get killed” .
I looked up with tears down my cheeks “ NO YOUR WRONG, HE DIDNT DESERVE TO GET KILLED, IF ANYONE DESERVED TO GET KILLED IT WOULD BE YOU” i started coughing up and put my head on the floor.
“shut up u fuckin sket “ he walked out off the room.
I thought he was different and he was always gonna be their for me.
I got up and ran out the room to find smurkz,he was sitting down on the sofa watching tv , i ran and grabbed his vest from behind,he turned around and grabbed both my arms and pushed me onto the sofa next to him.
I stopped and froze.
He got out a white bag from underneath the sofa,he opened it and shook some onto the glass table.
He got a credit card from his pocket and lined up the white powder into 3 short lines.
I looked at it,cocaine.

“here sniff some” he said while putting the credit card away.
“but,i don’t want to”.
I bent my head down onto the table and held my left nostril with my finger and sniffed the first line with my right nostril.
I started coughing and flew myself back onto the sofa.
He started laughing.
I felt so dizzy, i felt like i was floating.
“you like that yh” he said while putting his hand on my left tit and massaging it.
I nodded.
I bent down for the second line,and i sniffed that up to and flew myself back on the sofa.
I was gonna go for the third line but he stopped me,”nah thats enough , too much isn’t good for you just wanted you to calm down”.
I started laughing bare,for no reason.
Then i jumped onto his lap facing him and spread my legs.
“what you want?” he said.
 I started giggiling.
He started laughing too then put his hand on my pussy from underneath, he started pushed my g-string to the left and started stroking my clit,my cunt was soaking wet.
I went in to lips him,our tongues connecting.
He pushed me away onto the sofa, “nah i cant do this”.
I didn’t do anything,i was too high.
I just lay my head down onto the sofa, then i saw tattiana coming out the room with an ice pack on her head.
“fuckin bitch” she said.
She sat opposite us on the other sofa,i sat upright even though i was still high.
Smurkz had gone to the bathroom.
“tattiana, why the fuck would you kill your own son” i screwed in a confused way.
“simples init”
“what do u mean?”
“who the fuck gave you money”
“smurkz init”
“why should i tell u”

I screwed and sat back on the sofa,i was still high.
Then i clocked,monisha and tula and my handbag.
He came out the bathroom zipping his jeans.
“what?” he said,his voice sounded bare sexy when i was high.
“monisha and tula are still der and my handbags der too and what if-“ i tried standing up and fell to the ground,this cocaine was fucking me up.
He lifted me up and i slapped myself so i could become awake.
“yh anyway what if the feds cou-“ i fell to the floor again.
“DONT PISS ME OFF” he went into his room and came out with a needle and poked it into me and let some fluid into my system.
I screamed,then i clocked i became for familiar wit my surroundings and got up.
“what was that?”
“don’t watch dat init” he said.
“anyway yh what if the feds cud come their,were fucked,we need to get dem now”
“oh yh shit man forgot,come den” he got his keys and headed for the door.
“oi what about me” tattiana called out.
Smurkz turned around, “just wait here init,don’t let anyone in if dey come knocking,just wait until i get back or go home”
She tried kissing her teeth but it failed,instead she clicked her teeth and got her coat , it looked like she was gonna go home.
Me and smurkz got in the car, i wasn’t feeling high anymore.
We got to abbies yard again,it was around 8 pm by now.
The door had been kicked down and their was no door,we walked in,”smurkz” i whispered from behind.
“yh” he turned around.
“what if someones in der”
Some Chinese people were talking from inside the kitchen.
“ching cha li lu, hayo komofieimed “

“BRUV WHO DA FUCKS IN DER” smurkz called out.
Some two Chinese men dressed in ninja suits came out with their hands up, they were probably trying to steal somethings.
“get out bruv” smurkz said.
“ay master,please don’t hurt us,ching and lu is out” they ran outside.
Me and smurkz lookd at eachother and laughed.
But i got pissed off cuz i remembered he was the one who told tattiana to kill connor, i forgot to ask smurkz why he wanted to kill connor,i had so many questions but i would ask them later, i didn’t know why i didn’t care about connor being dead right at this moment,after the text he sent to termaine i didn’t think i cared anymore.
We was walking through the corridor,”aye smurkz,wheres abbie?”
“i got my boys to go bury her somewhere so feds don’t catch”.
“isn’t it abit obvious though,door kicked down,corridor full off blood,visible to everyone,don’t you think someone mustve called the feds already?”
“nah , this areas full off deaf old people”
“so that means they aint bothered”

We walked into the living room then i saw tula and monisha in the cornor i staretd getting happy and ran up to them,they were still tied up and un conscious, i kissed theri forheds and hugged them.
“get your bag init and hurry up and bring these two”
I looked around and saw my clutch bag on the sofa, i went and got it.
“jheeez the one on the left is a pengitng”
“thats my sister” i screwed him
“oh i see i see its that one,so how shall we take these two in the car?” he asked while scratching his head.
“erm you hold tula in your arms and ill take monisha”
He came and un tied both off them and put tula in his arms and i held monisha in my arms,i was wuite strong still but monisha was fucking heavy.
We walked out the house and put them both in the car at the back seats.
Me and smurkz sat at the front, i sighed.
Me and smurkz looked at eachother.
“long day alie” he said.
“yeah, very long” i said , i was looking down onto my lap,i could tell he was looking at me.
He started up the car,”your actually beautifull”
I giggled, “thank you”,it was weird,your cousin telling you that your beautiful,and in that way,yeah that way.
we was on the motor way when i turned my phone on,it had a crack on it,stupid iphones.
I had 4 missed calls from uncle Rupert.
I called him back.

Uncle Rupert : hello shaniqua, been such a long time love
Me : yeah i know , are you still coming to sort out Davontae uncle?
I tried holding back my tears.
Uncle Rupert : yes i am dear, tula told me the bad news your aunt mary has been sobbing here for days.
Me : oh
Uncle Rupert : anyway ive just arrived in London,im here with  Barbra a friend , when should i be coming to see you?
Me : erm how about Tuesday.
2 days away.
Uncle Rupert : that would be splendid
Me : alright bye


“who was that?” smurkz asked.
“my uncle,remember uncle Rupert”
He started laughing,”aye don’t lie, the one aunty mary married”
“yeah “ i started laughing.
“if only he knew she was linking my dad” he said.
“don’t lie” i got shocked
He started laughing, “i swer down”.
We was bussing bare jokes about how smurkz dad was linking aunty mary , my uncles wife , she’d been linking him for like 2 years now , his dads like 40 and aunty mary’s like 60.

We stopped at a traffic light , then suddenly someone grabbed onto my shoulder from behind.
“SHANIQUAAA SHANIQUAAA LOOK ON YOUR PHONE” it was monisha,she was gasping for breath.
I un did my seat belt and turned around.
“what ?”
“look on your phone shaniqua,your videos , its connor , killing...” she gasped for breath,she was bare coughing.
Tula was still un conscious.
“wait , connor isn’t dead?” i asked.
“what you mean he isn’t dead,yes he is dead” smurkz interrupted.
“no shaniqua,just look on the phone” she was still coughing, “ i recorded the-“ , thats what she managed to say then she fell back on the sofa.
“shaniqua,it looks like they’ve given her tyronifim she wont be awake for another 2 days”
I sighed then went on videos.
Then i saw some video with Connors face  full off blood, i cliked on it.

He was sticking a knife in someones head, then i saw the person who he was killing.
I screamed and threw my phone at the dashboard.
“shaniqua what the fuck ? whats going on”

I started breathing for air.

“ its connor...” i started coughing.
“WHAT? HES ALIVE”he asked.
“hes killed...”
“WHO?” he asked violently.

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