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Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 30

Thousands off thoughts came into my head,how did he find me? Why is he here? Am i going to get hurt again?
Or maybe,just maybe he was going to help me escape?
I ran towards the front door with just a bra on and my jeans,then their he was,i saw him.

“shaniqua”,he just stared.
“smurkz”,i didn’t even get scared,i felt excited for some reason.

He had a scar on his left cheek,like someone had carved it into his skin,he looked so bad,his hair was out off his cainrows and looked like a big bush tied into a pony tail,he had a purple ralphy with a huge white horse to the left and was wearing combats with vans,i thought he was dead.
Abbie looked at me then looked at smurkz.
“Excuse me,what fukery is this? I beg you just talk now cuz me and shaniqua got buissness to sort out” she looked at me then licked her lips,this itch was pissing me off.
She stood at the door,me and smurkz both looked at her with her arms folded,she looked at both off us back,”WHAT?” she kissed her teeth, “fine then ill put headphones in if you wanna talk in private,hurry the fuck up” she took her ipod out off her pj pocket and put the head phones in.
You could hear the tune she was playing, ”vyba kartel-like a jockey’.
Smrukz just looked at me,he looked tired,he walked up to abbie and took her left headphone out,and whispered something in her ear,she smiled at me as he kept on whispering,then she kissed him on the cheek and smirked at me and walked into the living room while smurkz closed the door behind him,he walked into the house.
What the fuck is going on?
I heard the tv go off in the living room,abbie was watching t.v,what the fuck is dis?
I stepped back to the wall as smurkz walked up to me,he got me up against the wall and got upclose,he ran his finger across my left tit as he looked at me in the eye,he didn’t look that bad,his hair just wasn’t doing it,the scar made him look sexy.he came closer and put his mouth on mine and bit my top lip,he done it softly.
I pushed him away.
“smurkz what the fuck is going on?” i whispered and used my hands to cover my tits.
He grapped onto my waist and came closer to my ear and violently said,”get yourself in the bathroom,NOW.”
“noo easy i aint going in the bathroom leave me alone smurkz” i pushed him away.
 He pushed himself onto me hard this time, “do you want to fucking get out off this place?” i nodded.
Why was he helping me after everything i put him through?
“get yourself in the bathroom then” he whispered in my ear then pushed me from the wall towards a little door behind him,it was the bathroom im guessing,i looked back and he raised his eyebrows,i turned around and walked into the small space,it was so small and cramped up,like a cardboard box,it was just a toilet,not even a bathroom.
He came in behind me and shut the door.

“listen don’t forget man hasn’t forgot what you done to me you fucking snake” he kissed his teeth and looked away.

“im sorry man i was an ediat then , i didn’t know what i was doing , ive fixed up now smurkz,trust” i said.
He was looking down at my tits,he clocked i wasn’t speaking no more and looked up.

“huh, yh whatever but listen, i was outside dis skets house since 7 in-“

“abbies?” i interrupted.

“yes man,just listen, i was outside her house, on her road wit my mandem ,since 7 in the morning, i was here cuz i wanted to get revenge on dis sket,you know what dis sket done, she killed andrea cuz she wouldn’t give her money”.
I got so shocked,then i clocked who chris was talking about in the morning to me,the little girl abbie killed was andrea,smurkz’s little sister.


“yea,but listen, then i clocked you walked into her yard,then i faught what are you doing here,shaniqua what are you doing here anyway” he said while having some confused look on his face.

“ here cuz shes got monisha and tula wit her,she said if i don’t do line ups for her boys then shes gonna kill them”
“what the fuck,nah this sket is gonna get it but who the fuck are they?”
“monisha is chris’s sister and-“
He kissed his teeth,its cuz i mentioned chris i think.
“and tula is my sister”
“don’t lie youve got a sister”
“ite kl just start screaming init,i told her im gonna kill you because ive wanted revenge on you sicne day”
“you want me to scream?”
He nodded.
I did as he said,”SMURKZZZ NOOO....STOP..AYEE”
He got on the phone,i could here him slightly while i was screaming,i heard him on the phone telling someone to kick down the door,i got happy.
“aye shaniqua” he said while putting his phone in his pocket.
I was stil doing screams.
“SHANIQUA BRUV” he whispered hard.
I stopped, ”yeah”.
“im here for you init” he done a weak smile.
I smiled too,i cant believe he was being like this,i wanted to hug him but i didn’t wanna show him i was getting happy, i felt like a prick for real,after what i done to him hes still on my side.
He turned back to open the bathroom door.

He turned around,”yh”
“davontaes still at my yard” i tried holding back my tears.
“what?!” he came up to me and hugged me,by now i was in tears,”what the fuck bruv,ite we’ll go yours tomorrow to sort him out,why the fuck is he still their?”

I shrugged my shoulders while i was still in tears then someone banged on the door.
“yo smurkz,what the fucks happening?”
He let go off me and burst the door open, abbie was just their standing,he came up to her and grabbed her by the throat and pushed her to the wall,she tried pushing him off he was too strong,”YOU” he started getting vex.
“YOU FUCKING KILLED HER” he punched her round the face so hard,i could hear the connection so well.
She was breathing for her life.
That boy who lead me to her house came down the stairs in his boxers,followed by some ugly white girl whow as naked wrapped around in curtains.
“what the fuck bruv,get off her” he came dashing down the stairs,he was so skinny,he grabbed onto Smurkz from behind pushing him away from abbie,Smurkz turnt around and gave him one blow to the face and he fell onto the floor,the white chick screamed and ran upstairs.
I started crying.
He got back to abbie,she was on the floor breathing bare hard and choking.
He grabbed onto her neck and started putting pressure,she screamed.
“YOU FUCKING KILLED HER,YOU FUCKING KILLED MY SISTER” he gave her a box to the head and she banged her head down onto the floor.
“SHE WAS A LITTLE GIRL FOR FUCKS SAKE,COMING HOME FROM SCHOOL WITH HER FRIENDS” he kicked her in the stomach, she started choking harder, “HER FRIENDS HAD TO GO SO SHE SAID BYE AND STARTED WALKING BACK ON HER WAY HOME,THEN SHE GOT STOPPED BY A GROUP OFF GIRLS” he kicked her harder in the face,i heard her nose crack,blood started pouring out off her nostrils “AND THEY ASKED HER IF SHE HAD MONEY,SHE SAID NO BECAUSE SHE DIDNT WANT TO GIVE ANYONE THE 5 POUND NOTE HER GRANDMA GAVE HER FOR HER BIRTHDAY,BUT THEN THEY PULLED  KNIFE OUT AND SAID IF THEY DONT GIVE HER MONEY THEN SHES GONNA DIE” he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head up to reveal her bloody face and spat in both her eyes.
i covered my eyes.
I could hear abbie crying.
The front door got kicked down,it was a group off boys,”you kl yh smurkz”
“yh yh im ite”,he turned back to abbie,she was half dead by now, “AND THEN” he started bawling harder,”AND THEN THEY FUCKING SHANKED HER,OVER 10 FUCKING TIMES” he banged her head on the floor about 6 times and jumped on her face.
“JUST LIKE WHAT IM GONNA DO TO YOU” he took a shank out off his pocket.
“fucking rott in hell” he stuck it in her belly.
She screamed and looked up,her eyes were gonna pop out,
Thats it then,abbies dead for good.

I started bawling harder,he looked at me,”take her in the car”.

I looked at the group off boys,i was still in my bra and jeans,”you wanna come” some boy said,i nodded,and walked out the little bathroom,i walked past abbie,i was gonna be sick,i ran out the front door,some guy came from behind and held my waist,”yo b, jus hop in dat whip der” he pointed to a blackrange roer with tinted windows.
i thanked him and walked overto the range rover and opened the door.

“shaniqua” he looked at my tits.
“what are you doing here?”
“im here helping my boy out,what are you doing here?”
“who smurkz? And long story,ill just tell you later” i got in the seat and closed the door.
“yh smurkz,how do you know him”
“he’s my cousin”
 why was i being nice,i swear this prick was with connor,planning on getting me raped,i couldn’t give two shits now, now he knows if he does anything to me smurkz will kill him.
He started laughing.
“why the fuck are you laughing?” i scrweed him.
“na cuz your in your bra init,your tits have gone bigger,since last time” he leant back and got a hoodie out from the back seat and gave it to me,it was a purple star in the hood one.
I didn’t thank him, i just put it on.
“that was like 4 days ago” i said.
I looked through the window and saw smurkz and everyone else coming out the house,they all spudded eachother then got into their cars and drove off,smurkz was the last one to get in a car,he opened the door and got into the back seats.
“come we go my yard” he said.
I didn’t bother saying anything,i didn’t wanna go back to my yard,i was gonna be safe with smurkz.
Half way through the journey smurkz was tryna make a convo.
“shaniqua, do you know my guy termaine”
I looked at termaine,he looked back and nodded,so it was alright to tell smurkz.
“yh we used to go out” i said while looking straight ahead.
“hmmm how come i never knew about this”  smurkz said.
“duno” i said.

We got to smurkz yard,it was in some next place i don’t even know,a council estate,we got to the 6th flor and number 25 was his.
He opened the door and i was surprised,i thought it was gonna be smelling off weed with pizza boxes all around the house and trampy.
But it was bare clean i could smell febreeze that spray,his carpet was soft and their wasn’t a single mess anywhere.
We all walked into the living room,termaine and smurkz sat down onto the sofa and turned on the xbox.

“im gonna go sleep in your room yeah smurkz” i told him.
“ite kl” his eyes were still on the tv.
I clocked i left my phone at abbies,”shit,Smurkz i left my bad at abbies”
“wtf bruv,feds could cum their and we could get clocked,ahh fuck this” he threw his controller on the floor,”ite kl say nuttin we’ll get your bag tomorrow.

I walked into his room,it had ‘Smurksz Room Do Not Disturb’ poster on his door so it was bait it was his room,i walked in and it was the most driest ugliest room i had ever seen,the walls were plain white and a black wardrobe in a corner and just a double bed in the middle and a dark green carpet,but his room was very clean.
I took off the hoodie so i was just in my bra,Smurkz came through the door, “shaniqua- oh shit” he closed the door behind him.
“what you doing?”

“i just wanted to talk to you init” he came over to the bed ,” come sit nuh”.
I sat next to him.
He looked at me,i looked back.
“shaniqua your so sexy”.
“smurkz,your like my cousin , davontae wouldn’t want this” i looked down.
“ah yeah true say low dat shan your like my baby sis” he got up and started walking to the door.
I didn’t want him to go,i needed loving.

“Smurkz”. I still didn’t know his real name,he wouldn’t tell anyone.

He looked back.

“fuck me” i lay myself down on the bed.
He smiled and came over to me, he pulled his trousers down as i took my knickers off,i was just in my bra,i couldn’t be bothered to take it off,i cant believe im doing this.
He took out his dick,i was looking at my cousins dick,it was big,thats all i could say,about 12 inches but still not as big as marko’s.
He put all off it in me.

I grabbed onto his neck as he started beating me slowly, he started kissing my neck slowly going down.
“shit shaniqua,your pussys so tight” he closed his eyes.
I bit my lip.
“smurkz go faster”
“faster yeah” he turned me around into doggy style.
“keep your seat belt on” he put his hand on my shoulder and the other one on my hip.
Then ,”AHH FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK AHHHHHHHHH SMURKZZZZZZZZZZZZ AHHH FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME” he was on a mad one,he was going so fast, i started to get light headed,he wouldn’t stop.
It was alright because i didn’t want im too, “SHIT” he moaned.
He started going normal pace now,it still felt good.
The door opened,we both stopped and turned around,termaine.

Smurkz didn’t say anything and turned around and starting beating me again in doggy style,termaine came from underneath and starting sucking my tits,it felt so good i let out a moan,he took his dick out and put it in my mouth while Smurkz was still fucking me,i started sucking hard while he was massaging his balls,
”ahh yes” termaine called out.

Then the door opened again, i recognised her voice without even looking at her.

“oi smurkz , i done it, i killed connor , hes finished “ everyone turnt around.

“SHANIQUA?!” she said surprised.


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