Sunday, 10 April 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 32

Monisha got up and started laughing bare with me.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS DIS BRUV” Smurkz stopped the car on a street.
We started laughing bare, “we was only jok-“she didn’t manage to say it because she was laughing so much, i was shitting myself, i was laughing so hard.
He kissed his teeth and started the car up.
Monisha sat upright, Tula was still un conscious.
“When you took Tula in your arms, me and shaniqua stayed in the corridor for abit and planned on scaring you", i started cracking up hitting my thighs as I laughed.
Out off the blue he started laughing too, “You retards”.
Throughout the whole journey Monisha was talking about how abbie drugged them both and fingered them both.
Smurkz wasn’t listening, he had his earphones in and was bopping to sneabo, i could hear it.
“Shaniqua, you know as abbie was fingering Tula, she was doing small moans” she said.
“Tula?” I screwed.
“Yeah, I caught dem lipsing and everyting in the corner, I wasn’t fully drugged, and I knew what was happening."
I kissed my teeth, my sister needs to get taught a lesson when she wakes up, watch what I’m going to do to her.
When we got to his yard, tattiana was still their, smurkz brought Tula in and rested him on her bed.
Me and Monisha made ourselves a cup of hot chocolate, his kitchen was bare small like a cardboard box, only two people could fit in at the same time.
I was waiting for the kettle to boil when i saw smurkz making movements to monisha,bare touching her up on her legs and she was giggiling , they was talking about something,i was eager to find out, i over heard dem abit.

“basically you know how my man was bare tryna try it wit me and ting, i let him ,we done everyfing, you know he wifeyed me before he even asked my name,but i told ihm my name was shaniqua, then next ting you know , i was walking past his estate den all the mans der was shouting , ‘errr its dat sket shaniqua hide your dicks’ , i got bare offended like , but it wernt even my name so i feel sorry for herr” they looked at me.
“what did you just say?” i answered back putting the mug down.
Smurkz interrupted,”she was talking about some girl in her old primary school , man used to link that sket shaniqua still “
He smiled at monisha thinking i wouldn’t see,she giggled back,it was bait they were talking about me but i didn’t do anything, im shook off monisha,the things she’d done to some people i don’t even wanna explain.
I made my hot chocolate and went into smurkz room to sit down with tula , i came and sat next to her and stroked her hair,she was beautiful i don’t even know how to explain,beautifuler than me hard to believe,her eyeliner was messed up , it looked like she’d been crying.
I kissed her forhead and drank my hot chocolate and walked out.
I went into the living room , life was so dead ,this place was overly dead, theirs no abbie , Connors died but to be honest i don’t even care after what he texted termaine and im just known as a sket now.
I sat across monisha and smurkz and turned on Disney channel , Hannah mountana.
“you still watch that shit” monisha said while sitting on smurkz lap , they were lipsing,i wanted to be sick.
I didn’t answer and they went back to lipsing , why was monisha an idiot , i though she had standards.
I wasn’t even feeling this episode , all Hannah was doing was tlaking to her dad about some prom show , so boring.
I went back into smurkz room and looked through my phone,i scrolled down , i didn’t have many contacts then i decided to phone prince the worker i met at mcdonalds, i had his number because he gave me a missed call to see if it was my number,i kinda missed him, i needed his dick.


Prince : hello whos dis?
“its shaniqua the one you met at mcdonalds”
Prince: oh you alright babe , nice to hear your voice still , sound even sexier on the phone
I started giggling,”thank you, im bare bored you wanna jam with me”
Prince : yeah man has a free yard still
“ite text me your address then im coming”
Prince : ite cool babes but ive got a couple off girl round wit my guys if dats cool
“yeah yeah its ite the more the merrier” i laughed.
He laughed too.
Prince: ite bless b ill see you soon yh


Hmmm time to see what his dick is like. But i had to look nice.
I didn’t have much money to buy something to wear , only 200 with me for my life , i didn’t wanna ask smurkz for money incase he says anything,i got tulas Vaseline from her pocket and put it in my jeans pocket and brushed my hair with smurkz brush,it was dead straight,my face was bare natural no make up , i decided im gonna stay  like this.

I got to the front door,”oi im gone shops yeah and wont come back till late”
No one answered so i just went , their was a shop down the road called ‘gypsy queen’ , it had nice things , but they catted some things from littlewoods , i shop at littlewood alot so i know.
I walked in and some gay man came up to me with skinny jeans and emo hair his badge said ‘Derrick’ on it , so it was his name.
“ello love”he rubbed his hands and grinned.
“erm hi” i walked past him looking around in the shop.
“is their anything you need help with love” he came in front off me.
“nah thank you im alright” i walked another direction.
“are you sure love”he came in front off me again.
I looked up at him and walked straight in his face,”CAN YOU FUCKING STOP CALLING ME LOVE , YOU EMO MAN , DONT COME NEAR ME YOU SMELL OFF SHIT , I DONT NEED HELP WITH ANYTHING , IF I DID THEN I WOULDVE ASKED SOMEONE” i kissed my teeth and turned back around,i looked back, he looked paralyzed.
I walked up to his face again,”PUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSYYYYYYYYOLEEEE” i exaggerated on the s.
He ran out the shop, i started laughing , i looked around and some grannys were screw facing me,”have you got a problem?” i asked them , they turned around and walked out off the shop.
Some blik girl was staring at me at the counter , i could see her tracks from here , some poor weave, she had some gorrialls nose , i didn’t take no notice off her.
Then i picked out a sort off mid- coat , it was this one,i told you they catted littlewoods :

 i decided not to wear naything but underwear underneath it , it was bare nice,and would be easier for prince to take off when we fuck, i smiled to myself and checked the lable,£66 and thought i shouldn’t even pay for this, why waste my money.i looked around the shop to see if their were any security camaras and their wernt, i looked at the girl at the till and she was busy at the back sorting out a rack off clothes,i looked around and no one was here,i dussed out the shop nicely, i didn’t look back,the coat was in my hand with the hanger,i heard her shout “oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii come back” in some next accent.
I laughed and got into an allyway,it was bare narrow,i took off my spongebob t-shirt  ,it had little ketchup stains at the back and my jeans,i needed to shower but i culdnt be asked to go all the way back,i was in my underwear and felt put the coat on , it smelt new , iw as wearing my pumps with it buti didn’t care.
I needed to shave my armpits again , i could feel little hairs under but i thought fuck it.
I walked out the allway and scrunched my hair , it was dry but when i scrunched my hair even if it was dry it would come out bare curly.
I checked my phone and i clocked I got 3 texts.

“162 parkgraham road near the shopping centre b”

From : Princexx

“shaniqua man where are you? Xx “

From : Chriss

“shaniqua u aint at home where da fuck are you ? Are you missing ? call me back as soon as you get this”

From: My Babyy Markoxxx

I didn’t give 2 shits about the last 2 texts to be honest , i didn’t miss chris or marko , i put my phone back in my pocket , i needed prince’s dick,thats all i was thinkin,i might call marko later and chris.
I dialled a cab and it took me to his address , it was in some posh place with dark red blocks for his little house, it was only one floor,i heard vybz kartel-wine fi me nuh playing out his house, i paid the driver 20.
I was standing outside his house and i decided i didn’t wanna knock.


Prince : yo
“open your door, im outside”
Prince: oh yh yh ite

He opened his door , he looked so fuckin sexy.
His hair was in canerows and he was wearing a Ralph polo with boxers on , i heard moaning coming from his house.
“shit your fuckin sexy” he stood aside to let me in
I giggled and thanked him.
“youve got company den” i directed to the living room where some moaning came from, i thought he had a free yard.
He laughed, “don’t watch dat , my mans getting some pussy still” he examined me from head to toe.
I walked up to him and whispered in his ear , “you want some pussy too” i bit his neck.
We lisped in the corridor , pushed me against the wall as i went into his boxers.
I wanted it in my mouth.he un buttoned my coat he was on the third button wheni ppulled him away, “can we do this up stairs?” i said.
He nodded.
As i ran up the stars he smacked my ass.
There was 3 rooms upstairs and they all had moaning coming from them.
He laughed when i screwed him.
He took my hand and opened the middle door, some white couple was beating, i couldn’t see the womans face but the man was around 50 years old.
“come we join dem” he looked at me.
I nodded , iwanted to have some white dick up my mixedrace pussy.
He un buttoned my coat from behind and took my bra off as he massaged my tits from behind, i took my g-string off then turned around, he looked down at my body.
“fuckin sexy” he kissed my neck as he pushed me on the bed with the white couple next to us, the woman was on the floor panting hard.
“whos this prince?” the white man said in an irish accent , i was supposed to ask that, who the fuck where they?
“my girl init” he put his finger in my pussy, i done a moan.
He sucked on my right nipple.
He seemed very different when i met him at mcdonald.
“give her to me” he said.
I didn’t wanna let go off prince but he kissed my neck and that fat irish guy put me on his hairy chest , time to see what white dick is like ,his dick looked small, , i sat on his dick , omfg.
So small i couldn’t even feel anything , felt like a pencil up my pussy.
I turned around and prince was gone , tried getting off and he gripped onto my hands,he was bare moaning like abitch , i wasn’t even doing anything , just sitting on his dick , the woman got up and took her blonde hair out off her face , she looked at me.



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