Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 35

i turned around to dash with no second thoughts but he came dashing from behind and grabbed onto my hair and pulled me back into the house.
He closed the door behind him, i started cryin on the floor curled up in a ball.he grabbed my neck and slammed my head into the door i felt splinters in my cheek. i tried to run but he punched the back of my neck and den he kicked me in the stomach,twice.
i felt on the floor and started bleeding,i could feel blood coming out off my pussy,he started kicking my face but my hands were covering my facei was bruised and batterd, i grabbed his foot and tried to push him on the floor but he garbbed my neck and slammed me onto the floor so hard i think i couldn’t feel my arms.
He locked the door and ran upstairs , i got up still cryin and tried ipening the door , their was no use , he locked it.

“u FUCKIN PRICK get off me” tula screamed while being dragged down the stairs by her hair.
I turned around,”get the fuck off her” i jumped on marko from behind tula fell to the floor.
He turned around and grabbed onto my neck and pushed me against the wall,he looked so cold,he’s not the same marko i knew,his eyes looked like he’d not been getting enough sleep,he was just in a white t-shirt and combats,his breath smelt off beer.
“u fink u can go beat man-when i fuckin cared for u-fuckin gave u a place to live in” he punched me in the face,it hurt so much.
I started cryin,”marko please-please stop it hurts”.
He took a strap out and pulled me up by my coat , he put the strap by my neck.
“whats da ova girls name” he put the strap closer to my neck,i could feel my nose bleeding.
I heard weaping coming from the kitchen as she slowly came out,her bun was all messy and her eyeliner had ran down her face,she was in shorts and a vest top,she looked sexy still.
“come here” he said.
“She came over”
He pushed me onto the floor and gripped onto Tula by her waist and started lipsing her, she was struggling to get off but every time she struggled he held her tighter.
He let go off her and started laughing and looked at me,”shes got sexy lips shaniqua” he went in to lips her again but she turned around.
“fuckin sket” he banged the strap on her head, she fell to the floor, i started cryin,he took her to the kitchen and put her in their and shut the door.
“STOPPP” i screamed,”im sorry-im sorry,please just don’t hurt her,hurt me but not her” i wiped my tears.
He looked at me,for a second i thought he looked like jay from adulthood but a mixedrace version.
He came and sat down next to me,”why shaniqua” he put the strap down.
“i-i-idont know” i wiped my tears all off.
“shaniqua-i loved u”i could see a tear.
“i-i loved u two marko.”
He grabbed onto my neck and pushed my head down onto the floor,”DEN FUCKIN WHY GO BEAT ANUVA MAN” he punched my stomach,it hurt so much,i clenched my stomach,he came and kicked my face,right on my nose,i felt a bone crack,i screamed.
I was cryin,he came and grabbed me by my cat and took me to the living room and put me on the sofa.
He started un-doing my coat buttons,i started thinking about life,about how ive been living my life-about the lives that have been lost because off me-davontae, if Davontae was still here i swear to you,my life wouldn’t have been like this,i looked up at the ceiling as he took my knickers off – i looked up and let a tear run down my cheek and thought fuck life – lifes better when u don’t give a fuck about anything.
I didn’t stop him from taking off my clothes,my soul was lifeless,iwas like a still statue.
I clocked uncle Rupert was supposed to come back,why isn’t he here?
“im sorry shaniqua i didn’t mean to hurt u” he kissed  my left breast.
I didn’t say anything or do anything,iwas just lying down on the sofa as he put his tongue in my pussy.
I started crryin.
“stop cryin bruv” he started licking me out faster ,i felt jolts off pleasure but didn’t want to show it.
He took his dick out and started rubbing it on my pussy.
“im gonna make u feel better shaniqua” he sucked on my tits,my stomach hurt so much,and then he did it.
“marko please-stop-its hurting me”
He put his dick in me.
“MARKOO-STOPPP” i started cryin.
“nah it feels nice see”
“marko stop please ur hurting me” i started cryin more and used my hands to cover my breasts.
“nah don’t do dat” he used his hands to take my hands off and sucked on my right breast.
His dick was still going in and out off me,my pussy was dry,i wasn’t wet,it hurt so much,i didn’t feel anything but pain.
His eyes were closed as his head was leaning on my legs were hurting so much,my body was shaking,and my face-my face was fucked up,i could see bits off dry blood near my nose and it hurt so much wheni touched it.
I knew what to do,i lifted my leg up and kicked him in his balls so hard from underneath he fell back onto the floor backwards and banged his head,i ran to the corridor and got the strap and ran back in ,  he was still cryin in pain , he was actually cryin,i started laughing and bent down next to him,he was clutching onto his balls,”fuckin prick,come touch my sister next time nuh and see what ill do to you-“ i looked at the gun,i couldn’t kill him,i just couldn’t.
“you tink your a badman for carryin dis gun-suck pon my left toe” i smashed the gun against his forhead i felt his skull open and crack from the inside,i looked at him,blood was pouring out.
I started panicking,i put my coat on,i looked at him,he opened his eyes,”sh-shaniqua, i love u” he started coughing bare,i dropped on my knees,”NO-NO-NO” i held his head,and started cryin,he cant die, i hate him too much,but he cant die,not another person dead because off me.
I took my phone out the pocket and called 999.
“hello this is lo-“
“alright calm down hunnie we’ll be here in tw-“
I put the phone down and started kissing his forhead,no matter how much hes put me through i still love him.
“no marko wait,they’re coming” i kissed his forhead.
He was naked,i put his shirt on and his boxers,his dick was flopping everywhere,my body was aching everytime i moved,my face was full off blood and my arms were about to fall off because off the amount off times hes bruised me.
I heard sirens outside my door,shit they were quick.
I limped to the door to open them,it was around 7pm.
They came rushing through.
Paramedics went to marko and a man came towards me,he was fat and was pale with a blad head.
“may i ask who you are miss” he took out his notebook then looked at my face,”cindy bring an ice pack” he turned around to a nurse whow as really skinny and had a mole on her nose,he gave the icepack to me and i put it on my nose,it hurt so much..
“erm yes,im his girlfriend,shaniqua coremstell,girlfriend off marko hues”.i started biting my nails.
“interesting,your last name is the same as your road”.
I wasn’t paying attention to him , i was looking at were marko was going,they put him in the ambulance.
The man looked at the ambulance,”sorry ms coremstell this is my card,i have to be going now,may i have your number to contact you”.
I gave him my number and they went off,i closed the door behind them.
I started cryin as the sirens became quieter as the ambulance drove off.
I limped wiping my tears walking to tula,i opened the door and she was still unconscious on the floor.
I fell on my knees and threw the ice pack across the kitchen and started bawling hard,”tula im so sorry” i kissed her forhead and held her close to my chest,my body was battered and bruised and it hurt so much,it hurt so much seeing my little sisters life fucked up.
I heard the door open.
I wiped my tears and brushed my hair down with my fingers,i went to the sink and washed my face with water,i wanted to break down,everytime i touched my face,100 million different kind off pains would hit my body.
I walked through the kitchen into the corridor.
“ah hello their sweetheart” it was uncle Rupert,with milk in his hand”ah what happened to you!”he said.
 i ran towards him and hugged him tight,i started cryin.
I was pressed up against his beard,he was fully Scottish,he was wearing a kilt and was kind off fat,he looked down onto the floor,their was blood along the corridors.
“wheres tula?” he asked.
I didn’t reply,i was just cryin.
“oh come with me” we walked upstairs and into my room.
We sat down on the bed,”whats heppend?” he asked.
And i told him everything-everything from the start,from my mum,from how to Davontae died,from connor,from marko and from chris and from tula.
“well...what can i say” he turned away,i think he was ashamed off me.
“and this is the exact reason why i know that my decision was a good thing”
I got baffled,”what d’ya mean?” I asked.
He took out three tickets,”tickets to Barbados” he smiled.
“one for me,one for you,and one for tula,coming and living wit us and your aunty mary in barbadosssssss!”  he exagaratted on the s.

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