Monday, 11 April 2011

Shaniqua The Sket Chapter 33

“MUM?!” I screamed and quickly got off the fat Irish mans dick and hid under the sheets, it was embarrassing looking at your mum watching you naked, what the fuck was she doing here? I thought dad killed her.
She got up, she didn’t care if she was naked, her tits were so wrinkly and sloppy and her pum was wrinkled up, her face was bruised and her hair had cum bits inside, I wanted to be sick.
“Shaniqua, what the fuck are you doing here? “She looked over to the fat guy, “what did you do to her?”
“I...I didn’t do anything, she just came and sat on my dick i didn’t want her to, the bitch “he said.
OH NO NO NO, I AINT having that.
I got up the and stood on the bed, hands on my hips.
“are u fuckin dumb or summing , you belled me up telling me if I don’t sit on your 0 inch ting and beat u , ull go and kill my sister, stop fuckin lying and-“
“WHAT” my mum screamed, i looked her at her so did the fat Irish man.
“Since when did you know about...about her” she looked away.
I didn’t say anything.
She came up to me and slapped me, “ANSWER ME”.
I pushed her away, “don’t fuckin come grabbing me like you’re my mum, why didn’t you tell me about Tula, WHY, shes my sister for fucks sake, I could have helped her out from the beginning, and you know what shes doin now?” I said.
She shook her head.
“shes fuckin man on road for money,shes selling her body,shes got 18 year olds bellin up her line for sex, shes FOURTEEN ,why the fuck couldn’t you have helped her out instead off leavin her like that, what are you ? you never was a  mum , if you were you wouldn’t be fuckin fat irish men for money” i looked her at the desk to indicate the stack off p’s.
“hey I’m not fat” the man held his tummy.
She got up,”shaniqua im sorry i didn’t me-“.
I pushed her out the way , and picked up my cat and quickly put it on while she puther clothes on, the fat irish guy was asleep.
I walked over to the door while she was putting her top on.
“shaniqua , wait we could sort this out , we cou-“
I turned around , she got silent.
“don’t fuckin call me shaniqua like i know you , its ms coremstell to you”
I banged the door behind me and ran downstairs, i was out the door when i heard prince calling my name , i didn’t look back and pretended i never heard.
I called for a cab near prince’s house.
I was sitting on a long bench in the park waiting for the cab to come , ive had enough off everything.
An old trampy man came running up to me,he was about 60 , in robes and smelt off smoked poo”myy lovely lady hes after u”
“who?”i tried blocking my nose.
“connorr” he laughed and ran off.
What the fuck is this tramp on about , what the fuck?
I was thinking hard,what is this old man on about?
“SHANIQUAAAAA” i heard my name i turned around,no one was their, i looked around no one was their,what is this fuckery.
I sat on the bench again with my head in my hands when a pretty irainian looking girl came and sat down across the bench with what looked like her little sister , they was talking , i overheard them.
“rafiyah do you really want people to be calling you a sket ? do you like it ?” the older one asked the younger one.
I looked over and saw the 12 year old younger one shaking her head.
 “ i know you havnt done anything , but the way you act gives an impression off people , i have a reputation in 6th form and i have people coming to me saying have you seen your younger cousins facebook look at the pictures she puts on their , i know your not a sket but the way you present yourself rafiyah , its not good your a muslim girl” the older one said.
“but you know im not a sket sheebah , i haven’t done anything with a boy” the little one said.
I became ashamed.
“i know you havnt rafiyah but look at your facebook , look at the kind off pictures you put on der , is it good sticking your breasts and bum out in pictures and wearing push up bra’s , your fuckin 13 man , youve got 4 more years to wait till your boobs grow ders no need for push up bra’s , you need to respect yourself so others respect you , think about it , on a tree the best beautifulest ripest apple is at the top and the not so good ones are at the bottom where everyone can reach them , which one would you go for?”
The younger one said,”i would go for the bottom one because its the easiest”
“exactly , thats what boys do and th-“
The cab honked,i kissed my teeth , i was really getting into the conversation.
I got up and they both looked at me i walkedover to the cab,if only someone could preech to me about those kind off things,it don’t matter now my lifes fucked up anyway.when i got in i looked through the window , the younger one waved at me , i waved back at her,it felt so good listening to someone preech about how to- my thoughts got inturupted by the driver.
“where you vant to go?” Indian.
“lantel street please” i said.
Chris’s address.
I wanted to see him, its been quite a while.
We was half way through the journey when i got a phone call from marko.
“heyy you alright” i picked up.
“shut the fuck up you fuckin sket after i found out you beat chris , after man cared for u , gave u a home and told u i fuckin loved u but yet once a sket always a sket , ur pussys an automatic door , soon as someone walks past it opens , watch your back u bosh im gonna get you and your sister , the fuckin sket is gonna link me soon , watch”
He cut the phone.
I was gonna have a panic attack
I didn’t say anything or do anything expect look for ‘tulaxx’ under my contact list.
I called her.

‘im sorry your call has been forwarded to the t-mobile voicemail service,the person you are calling is not available , please leave a messege after the tone,BEEP.’


I cut the phone and started biting my nails , what the fuck , this was like a week ago and how did marko find out ? i should have just told ihm i didn’t love him , the prick thinks it was an official ting , nah im sorry.
Within  20 minsutes the driver stopped outside chris’s yard.
He asked for 30 but i gave him 25.
I knocked on chris’s door.
He ope-SHIT.
Fresh shape-up; adidas trackies; topless.
Man had an 8 pack.
He hugged me tightly ,”fank god man , where the fuck have u been”.
I held him back tightly then we lipsed,bare long, we lipsed for like 5 minutes.
“and what happened wiv abbie , the line up ting ? are u alright “
“yeah im cool , and nah i didn’t do it , Smurkz sorted her out , the little girl you was talking about,she was Smurkz sister,so yh , he had unfinished buissness to do wiv her” i said,unbuttoning my coat theni realised i had nothing but underwear on so i did the top 2 buttons up again.
He looked into my eyes,”i know dem eyes..youv- don’t matter, you want anyfing to eat or drink”
“nah its cool can we go upstairs please i need to talk to you”
He nodded and we walked upstairs into his room , i clocked he had 5 xbox’s on his bed so we went and sat on his sofa in his room.
“shaniqua you look different”he said.
“how?”i said while taking off my pumps.
“your hairs grown” he ran his fingers through my hair.
I smiled , he came closer , then he stoppd and sat back.
“what did you want to talk to me about?”
“what about him?”he asked getting comfy on the sofa,our legs were linking.
“hes dead”
He jumped up,”WHAT”
He got a phone call , he looked at me for a hot sec then picked it up.

He let out a sigh off relief when he heard the person on the phone.
“yeah man was gonna say.......sheesshhh...ite im coming down now” he smiled and put his phone back.
“who was that?” i asked.

“how could you say that my man was dead,hes downstairs at the door now silly”.

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